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10 Secrets of the Happiest People In the World

It is no coincidence that the happiest people in the world have many things in common. There are certain things they do, ways they behave and things they believe in that all work together to create the perfect foundation for an amazing and fulfilled life.

Perhaps we know these type of people or maybe we are one of these happy people. It is interesting to take a closer look at people who are just pleasant and happy and notice what they have in common.

The greatest thing is that we can emulate the things they do and their approach to life. We can take a look at what is working for them and perhaps identify areas where we may want to improve in our own lives. It is not that we try to be someone or something that we are not, but rather we are open to learning and understand there may be some adjustments we can make that will really allow us to live in the best way.

10 Secrets of the Happiest People In The World

1. They Have A Natural Zest for Life. There is a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for both the little things and the big things in life. They take every opportunity they can to notice what is great about every moment. They admire and appreciate sunsets, a beautiful sunny day, the calming sound of rain, and anything and everything else that goes on in the world around them. Although they may not notice every single beautiful event, it is part of their daily routine to notice and appreciate many of the great things going on around them throughout the day and they have an underlying sense of appreciation as they move through their day.

2. They Love and Appreciate The People Around Them. They love the people in their lives and experience great joy and pleasure from having them in their life. They appreciate all people, even the ones they may not know. They appreciate the stranger who offers a smile or who opens a door and they reciprocate with their own acts of kindness. They love their family and cherish their friendships. They even appreciate the challenging people because they know there are important lessons to be learned from the people who can and do push our buttons. They forgive everyone very easily, including themselves. They are free of guilt because they know life is about living and learning and even if they make mistakes from time to time, ultimately their heart is in the right place.

3. They Enjoy What they Do. They enjoy everything they do, even those things that may annoy other people. They have found a way to notice what is great about what they do and they are continually able to pour all of their passion and energy into whatever is right in front of them. They rarely have any resentment or any other negative feelings when they need to do something. They know how to maintain a positive perspective and transfer that positivity into everything.

4. They Know Who They Are. They have a deep sense of who they are even though they know they don’t have all the answers and there will always be things to learn. They are comfortable not knowing everything. Deep down they just know and can feel who they are and they trust in that underlying sense. They either have discovered their purpose in life or they have committed to learning more and more until they discover what it is.

5. They Continually Live at a High and Positive Energy Level. They always have a positive and peaceful wave of energy flowing through them. It is not that they are always excited, but there is an underlying sense of peace and positivity and they know how to maintain their positive energy. They have figured out how to live a friction free life and never get caught up in needless debates or arguments with other people. They have mastered how to deal with challenging people and know that nothing is more important than maintaining their great peace of mind.

6. They Unplug and Unwind. They know when it is time to unplug from the world and tune into their great peace of mind. They have integrated things into their daily routine that allow them to unplug and unwind (i.e. yoga, jogging, meditation, watching movies, writing, blogging, enjoying silence etc.). They continually tune out from the craziness of the world and tap into their sense of peace.

7. They Have Confidence And Know Their Potential. They know they have amazing potential and can accomplish their goals and the things they desire. They are confident in their abilities and understand that if they set goals, clear away all limiting beliefs, and tap into their passion, they can do just about anything they want. They are not arrogant because they realize this amazing potential is within everyone, but they have unwavering confidence that they can achieve whatever they go after.

8. They Love to Give. Whether it is giving their time, money or kindness, they freely give what they can to other people and really enjoy being able to do so. They feel a deep sense of pleasure every time they are able to help anyone and they are constantly on the lookout for ways to give and to be generous.

9. They Know They are Deserving of The Great Things Life Offers. They know it is okay to have desires, goals and dreams and that there is nothing wrong with having great things in your life. Their desires and dreams come from deep within and serve as continual motivation to always do whatever they need to in order to accomplish their dreams.

10. They Let Go and Let Things Unfold. They are open and allow life to unfold just as it should. They have infinite patience when it comes to accomplishing things and know that everything proceeds by an orderly sequence of growth. They know life will have its ups and downs and they don’t second guess or question whatever comes their way because they have a deep sense of trust that everything happens just as it should. They are open to seeing things differently and realize there is usually much more going on than what we see on the surface.

… that is the alternaview.

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  1. 1

    Secrets exposed!

    The 10 secrets were great! I believe that it gain positive results from adapting the positive aspects of people that we aspire to be. We all want to be the happiest people in the world. Your list is a great foundation based ideal that hopefully springs into something bigger than a blog article (a book)? You already have the blueprint to get started!!!

    Great stuff Sibyl – thank you!

    • 2

      JK: Thank you so much for the comment. You are so kind and I am so glad that you liked the list. I definitely agree with you that we all want to be the happiest people in the world :) and I am also hoping that this post springs into something bigger :) Your comment really means a lot to me so thank you again for it. I really appreciate it.

  2. 3

    This is one swizz post and now the truth is out. I love the feel of it Sibyl especially when you say that they have a “deep sense of who they are”. Precisely! A period of self-enquiry always bear fruit. I was once lost and very depressed because I didn’t know where the world stopped and I started. Pain led me to ask myself about that and the results have led to big smiles on my face so it’s a big up for knowing who you are. Delightful post that is filled with oodles of positivity infused within it. Great vibe, thank you Sibyl.

    • 4

      John: Thanks so much for the comment and I am glad that you thought it had a lot of great information in it. I think you are so right that it is so important to have that foundation and know who you are and when it is missing, you definitely notice its absence. It makes me smile as well to know that the results of your searching created a smile on your face :) Thanks so much for the feedback and dropping by. As always, much appreciated.

  3. 5

    Great list here, and you’re right about the forgiving part. When you hold regret or bitterness, it’s very easy detectable by others, and just puts a heavy burden on life. But if you just accept things as they are (which is hard, I admit) life feels light, serene, and you feel grateful for every moment in life

    • 6

      Henway: Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I agree with you that forgiveness is one of those big ones. You really do need to be come an expert at forgiveness if you are ever going to be able to easily move on and open yourself up to all the positive energy that is out there for us to absorb. When we are upset and angry, it really is so heavy as you said. Thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciate it.

  4. 7

    Hi Sibyl,

    Great post and great list! Knowing ourselves is really crucial. If we don’t know ourselves, then we are missing a big part of who we really are and can’t be fully happy. Living at a high level energy is for sure a sign of the happy and positive people. I love to be around those kinds of people, don’t you? :) Thanks for sharing my friend

    • 8

      Hey Dia: Thanks for the comment. Yes, I definitely agree with you that it is great to be around happy people. They just bring a great type of energy to the situation and it is always so easy to be around them. It is not that you have to always be doing something exciting or fun, but just being in their presence is peaceful and rewarding. I do think what you said is to true … knowing ourselves is crucial. It really does serve as the solid foundation we need in life and sets everything else up in our life the way it was meant to be. Thanks for the comment and stopping by. I really appreciate it.

  5. 9

    Love the list Sibyl!
    I now know why I’m happy
    and why I’m not the happiest! lol
    I have yet to do #10
    let go, let go let go!

    • 10

      Hey. Thanks for the comment. If you are happy, then you are well on your way to being the happiest :) I do agree with you that it is important to learn to let go. That is definitely one of the more challenging lessons to learn, but it adds so much to your life as you get better and better at it. It just allows you to trust anything and everything that happens around you and that always comes with a deep sense of peace. Thanks again for the comment and stopping by.

  6. 11


    What a great read with great morsels of wisdom for readers. I agree with all the points—#3 and #10 for sure!

    • 12

      Jennifer: Thanks for the comment and stopping by. I am so glad that you appreciated the post and liked the list. Enjoying what you do is definitely key and I can see how much you enjoy your writing in your posts. You definitely are able to pour your passion into what you are writing and that is so important. That really is when the magic happens :) Thanks again for the comment. It is always great to have your feedback on the alternaview.

  7. 13

    Hey Sibyl,

    These secrets are similar to what the people in the area of positive psychology would say. They do research on this stuff.

    What I find interesting is that the things that really create happiness are often not the ones we would expect. Generally, we are pretty bad predictors of what will make us happy, which explains a lot.

    • 14

      Eduard: Thanks for the comment. I am glad to know that this post and this list is consistent with the research :) It is always good to know that what just feels right is backed up and supported by evidence. I totally agree with you that what often really leads to happiness can easily be mistaken and we attribute it to things that really have nothing to do with our happiness. I think it is all about really looking within and taking notice of what just really feels right. Thanks so much for the comment again and the information on the research. I really appreciate it.

  8. 15

    Well done Sibyl. Thankyou for these genuine, meaningful thoughts. As I was finishing with no. 10 I ws reminded of my father and how he liked to say, “it will emerge,” when voices in his own head or someone else’s head got to be a bother. Trusting that life actually does know what it’s doing and it’s okay to defer sometimes to that larger wisdom in us is a big key to happiness for sure. Interested in sharing a bit of friendship once in awhile?

    • 16

      Hey Chris: Thanks so much for the comment and welcome to the alternaview. I am always interested in friendship :) Thank you for the insight you shared. I really liked that term your father liked to say, “it will emerge”. That is definitely a powerful statement and it is so true that you have to trust in the larger wisdom in yourself and allow things to unfold as they should. That is such a great statement. Thanks for sharing it here and for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

  9. 17

    I didn’t even have to look past the 1st paragraph. Having a zest for life is what it’s all about. Enthusiasm for your world, thoughts, actions, and objectivities is what it all comes down to. Like Bob Marley said, ” Don’t worry, Be happy, because every little thing, gonna be alright,” P.S Sibly, i did read the whole post…=) xxxxx

    • 18

      Jonathan: Thanks for the comment and for putting that Bob Marley song into my head :) It really was a good one and points to one of the most important truths in life … everything is always going to be okay and unfold just as it should. I had never really thought of how much that song is filled with wisdom until I read your comment so thank you for that. Thanks again for the comment. As always … much appreciated.

  10. 19

    Unplug and unwind. I still working on this part. I find it really hard to do it especially that I’m considering myself as a workaholic! Lately, I’ve already found some time for myself to at least relax a bit to avoid few stress on my work.

    • 20

      Cole Stan: Thanks for the comment and stopping by. Isn’t it easy to become a workaholic? You go through your day completing one thing after another and then you look up and the day is gone and has been filled really with nothing but work. I think that is something a lot of us have experienced. It is important though to make yourself stop and unplug and focusing on trying to do it like you mentioned in your comment is so important. I do think it is a great first step and then once we successfully unplug time and time again, we will just get addicted to it and become an unplugaholic :) Thanks again for the comment.

  11. 21

    Great article! If I could add one thing it would be that happy people create happiness. I meditate each morning and part of my meditation is to bring happiness to my day. It’s important not to wait for happiness to happen, but to make it happen by choosing to be happy. =)

    • 22

      Cybil: Welcome to the alternaview. You are my first Cybil to stop by … I really do like your name :) I do think what you said is so important because we really do get to choose happiness and our consciousness. I think once we realize that we get to choose this mindset and live at this level of consciousness we really empower ourselves to really live in the best way. Once we know that it is within our control, then it really just becomes a matter of choosing to do so. Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by. It is nice to meet you.

  12. 23

    I like the way you connected beliefs and actions. So many of our results are by-products from where we start from, and we start from our mental models (rooted in our beliefs.)

    I used to underestimate the power of confidence (I’ve been lucky, for whatever reason Disney and my Mom and working out gave me confidence early on), but now I appreciate just how much confidence bleeds into so many things, even if it’s as simple as knowing you can handle whatever life throws at you, or trying out a new thing.

    • 24

      J.D. Thanks for the comment and what you said was loaded with such wisdom. The results we see in our life are definitely by-products of our thoughts and beliefs. I think that is why it is key to make certain you have a solid foundation and if you notice holes or if you are not getting the results that you desire … sometimes you have to go and correct some issues you may have in your foundation. Also, you are so right about confidence. It really does impact absolutely everything in our lives. Thanks again for the comment and stopping by. I really appreciate it.

  13. 25

    Good post Sibyl !
    Ironically, I found this post because of my friend Cybil : )

    I wanted to post for the person having trouble letting go.
    On one of my sites we sell a bracelet
    to help people remember to let go.
    The idea behind “let go or get dragged” is a simile to water skiing.
    When you are water skiing and you fall, you have to let go
    you will get dragged – lol very painfully behind the boat.

    After years of fighting problems and resisting certain changes, I was able to learn to let go.
    Primarily, because the wall kept getting harder and my head kept getting softer.
    Additionally, through great teachers number one was J.C. the bigggg J.C. and later through
    other great teachers but most recently using lessons taught by Hale Dwoskin and the sedona method.
    Now there is a cool process.

    Keep up the good posts!

    • 26

      Jeffrey: Welcome to the alternaview. I am so glad that you found your way here and I really do like the name of the person who pointed you in this direction :) I like that idea of the bracelets. I do think it is so important to keep things top of mind that will allow you to really live with a free and great peace of mind. Many times that does mean that we need physical reminders to actually make that happen so I think your bracelet concept is a great approach. I will definitely have to stop by and check them out. I think your analogy to water skiing is really a powerful one. We really do have to learn to let things go. No one wants to be continually dragged and held down by things if they can just let them go and feel so much better. Thank you so much for the comment and stopping by the alternaview. I really appreciate it.

  14. 27

    Hi Sybil,
    these are all great points that we should all seek to make a part of our lives. # 3 is particularly critical in my opinion for without this, you really have little more than another job on your hands. Keeping that passion in life is a must.

    Thanks for the post, I enjoyed reading this.

    • 28

      Jimi: Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by the alternaview. Thank you also for the link and recommendation on your blog. I really appreciate it. I am glad that you enjoyed the 10 secrets and I agree with you that keeping that passion and motivation top of mind is so important when it comes to anything and everything you want to accomplish. Thanks again for everything.

  15. 29

    Really well wrtitten Sybil. Helpful for intention and focus today. Thanks much.

    • 30

      Callahan: Welcome to the alternaview and thanks for the comment. I am so glad that you enjoyed the post and found it helpful. Thank you also for taking the time to leave a comment and drop by the alternaview. I appreciate it.

  16. 31

    Hi there, Sibyl! Wonderful breakdown of things we must learn, live by and love about ourselves. It’s easy to declare we want to be happy, but often, difficult to act on this aspiration. Many are stuck in the mire of inner contradiction; many more are haunted by the vast chasm between their beliefs and the realities they have to live by; and most have their lives anchored on material possessions or fleeting social status. But very, very few aspire for happiness and have appropriate actions that follow. That’s why they’re happy. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful work if we could share this information to many more, Sibyl! But before that, THANKS for this post.

    • 32

      Arina: Thanks so much for dropping by the alternaview and sharing your wisdom. I really thought what you said was so important that everyone wants happiness, but it is often difficult to understand what truly is required and turn our attention to where it really should be. As you mentioned, it is so important that we have the appropriate actions to follow and understand exactly what we should be doing. Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by. I really appreciate it.

  17. 33

    Thanks for sharing these great tips on happiness Sibyl. I think most of them comes from the first point, “having a natural zest for life” there isn’t really much anyone can do to make you happy if you don’t consider life worth living in the first place. You’ve got to love life and all that comes with it, both good and evil, life is a pack of both and you’ve got to accept this fact no matter how brutal it might seem a times. Happiness, I have learnt is not a function of just having only the best things of life, it means getting anything from life and still be happy doing your best to make the most of what you have been given.

    • 34

      Tito: Thanks for the for the comment and I totally agree with you that having a zest for life is one of the most important things to have. There is so much that just naturally flows from that. I also agree with you that you have to love everything that comes with life and understand that it is really all there for a reason. Thanks again for the comment and stopping by. I really appreciate it.

  18. 35


    thanks for telling us the ways of living happy life.

    All of the 10 qualities are really very appreciative, I also try to have all these qualities to live happy but due to other things (circumstances), I don’t have all these, but I’m trying to do my best for this.

    • 36

      Mike: Thanks for the comment and stopping by the alternaview. I think as long as we have the passion and desire to work on developing and strengthening these traits, we are moving in the right direction. That is really such an important part and as long as you have that, you are on the way. Thanks again for the comment.

  19. 37

    I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Excellent work!

    • 38

      Kelsey: Thanks so much for the comment and kind words about the blog. I actually did hire a designer and I highly recommend him. His name is Jesse Petersen and he is known for creating some of the best designs and websites in the blogosphere.

      thanks so much for stopping by.

  20. 39

    thats nice to know good article very helpful :)

    • 40

      Hey Annette: Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I am so glad that you liked the article and found it helpful. Thanks again.

  21. 41
    Mell Aganon says:

    Words are not enough to capture what’s in
    My heart. This 10 secrets are so awesome
    Add to what my husband says to me….all these
    secrets is all in you because I am always
    happy What more can I say? Your website is
    fantastic. Thanks so much

  22. 42
    EFE TAIYE EFE says:

    i’ve seen a site dat says nigerians are the happiest people in the world

  23. 44
    Mell Aganon says:

    They are Awesome. Some of them I know is in me so I know I am always happy always. Thanks so much

  24. 46
    dodo ahmed says:

    hey! i like that words ,be happy at peace and joyful and don’t be sad
    Nest life of simplicity, and beware of luxury and extravagance and opulence, entertained the more complicated body spirit
    Remember: Happiness will not come from reading articles on the internet. Happiness will come when you do the things research recommends.

    Good luck!

    • 47

      Thanks so much for the comment and for dropping by. I also like the words be happy, and be at peace:) Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here. I appreciate it.

  25. 48

    well i definitely agree with this things because if you are positive in life things work out all you have to do is be kind to everyone and always respect them