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Why You Should Take Chances to Make Things Happen

Are you someone that believes in taking chances?

Have you ever thought about something you really wanted to try and accomplish, but then you changed your mind for one reason or another? You somehow managed to talk yourself out of it or thought to yourself that now just was not the ideal time.

Life is filled with opportunities and potential. That is one of the greatest things it offers to each and every one of us.

Everything is ours for the taking. However, in order for us to really take advantage of all we are capable of and all that life has to offer, we have to take some chances. We have to take some risks.

We can get so caught up with trying to organize and arrange the details of our life perfectly before we are willing to take any real chances.

We want things to be certain and the timing to be just right in our minds before we make any changes to our life. It feels safer to be risk averse and we feel more responsible if we don’t take chances on things until we have 100% assurance they will work out the way we desire.

Is that how we really should be living?

The possibility of Today:

It is possible to be too cautious and as a result you end up holding yourself back from what you really can accomplish.

You can overdo it by being too risk averse and end up missing out on some really good opportunities that would have worked out to your advantage, if only you had just allowed them to take form and evolve.

Of course it is important to think things through and make certain you are as prepared as possible. By all means, you have to give things an adequate amount of thought and set things up in your life appropriately.

But … you can’t buy into the belief that unless and until everything is perfectly planned out, the timing is impeccable, and things are falling into place just as you would like, that you shouldn’t move forward and pursue what you want.

There are never any real good reasons to put your dreams on hold.

It doesn’t mean you have to immediately change everything in your life and run blindly after your dreams. Perhaps your next best step is to research what you want and really figure out your best course of action or maybe you have reached a point where it is time to take the next step and make some changes.

Whatever the case may be, the most important thing is that in one way or another you are moving forward and in the direction of pursuing what you really want.

And, everything doesn’t have to be certain before you do that.

In the majority of instances when we really are able to create the best opportunities, many things are uncertain. We may mistakenly think we are supposed to live our life according to a detailed plan where everything is known and there are very few surprises. But, it really is okay to not know.

In fact, it is ideal because once you let go a little of trying to control everything and you take some chances, that is when your wisdom and creativity can really take over and guide your life.

The good old truism should always be top of mind … “There is wisdom in uncertainty”.

I think one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to open our heart and our mind to the absolute reality that we can have what we want. We can pursue our dreams and they will come to fruition. It is time to resign any notions of fear or any other limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

A very wise friend told me the other day that as she looks back on life, she has never regretted any of the chances she has taken, but she has regretted not taking some of the chances she had.

Live life the way it was meant to be lived. Be open to any and all the possibilities that come your way. Take some chances.

Always know that life has the potential to unfold in the most amazing ways … all you have to do is allow it to happen Live Today Better than Yesterday.