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Why You Should Take Chances to Make Things Happen

Are you someone that believes in taking chances?

Have you ever thought about something you really wanted to try and accomplish, but then you changed your mind for one reason or another? You somehow managed to talk yourself out of it or thought to yourself that now just was not the ideal time.

Life is filled with opportunities and potential. That is one of the greatest things it offers to each and every one of us.

Everything is ours for the taking. However, in order for us to really take advantage of all we are capable of and all that life has to offer, we have to take some chances. We have to take some risks.

We can get so caught up with trying to organize and arrange the details of our life perfectly before we are willing to take any real chances.

We want things to be certain and the timing to be just right in our minds before we make any changes to our life. It feels safer to be risk averse and we feel more responsible if we don’t take chances on things until we have 100% assurance they will work out the way we desire.

Is that how we really should be living?

The possibility of Today:

It is possible to be too cautious and as a result you end up holding yourself back from what you really can accomplish.

You can overdo it by being too risk averse and end up missing out on some really good opportunities that would have worked out to your advantage, if only you had just allowed them to take form and evolve.

Of course it is important to think things through and make certain you are as prepared as possible. By all means, you have to give things an adequate amount of thought and set things up in your life appropriately.

But … you can’t buy into the belief that unless and until everything is perfectly planned out, the timing is impeccable, and things are falling into place just as you would like, that you shouldn’t move forward and pursue what you want.

There are never any real good reasons to put your dreams on hold.

It doesn’t mean you have to immediately change everything in your life and run blindly after your dreams. Perhaps your next best step is to research what you want and really figure out your best course of action or maybe you have reached a point where it is time to take the next step and make some changes.

Whatever the case may be, the most important thing is that in one way or another you are moving forward and in the direction of pursuing what you really want.

And, everything doesn’t have to be certain before you do that.

In the majority of instances when we really are able to create the best opportunities, many things are uncertain. We may mistakenly think we are supposed to live our life according to a detailed plan where everything is known and there are very few surprises. But, it really is okay to not know.

In fact, it is ideal because once you let go a little of trying to control everything and you take some chances, that is when your wisdom and creativity can really take over and guide your life.

The good old truism should always be top of mind … “There is wisdom in uncertainty”.

I think one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to open our heart and our mind to the absolute reality that we can have what we want. We can pursue our dreams and they will come to fruition. It is time to resign any notions of fear or any other limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

A very wise friend told me the other day that as she looks back on life, she has never regretted any of the chances she has taken, but she has regretted not taking some of the chances she had.

Live life the way it was meant to be lived. Be open to any and all the possibilities that come your way. Take some chances.

Always know that life has the potential to unfold in the most amazing ways … all you have to do is allow it to happen Live Today Better than Yesterday.

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  1. 1

    It’s funny how many things are good things when they are done in balance.

    That’s part of the game of life.

    Finding those trade-offs, dialing up or dialing down, and playing with the slider scale of possibility.

    > There are never any real good reasons to put your dreams on hold.
    Too true. I find that the little steps toward your dreams and ambitions add up.

  2. 2

    Hi Sibyl,

    Very nice :) Taking chances is crucial for our growth. Many people are afraid to take chances or get out of their comfort zone, hence they don’t achieve great results. Successful people became successful because they took action and took advantage of the many chances that they get in life. We have to always watch for those chances and act on the inspired action. Thanks for sharing :)

    • 3

      Dia: I couldn’t agree more with what you said … taking chances really is crucial for our growth. We do have to get out of our comfort zones if we are ever going to do anything extraordinary. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is not something that happens overnight, but if we stay committed to doing things outside of our comfort zone, we can get better and better at it. Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by. Much appreciated.

  3. 4

    Hi Sibyl,
    It’s true that sometimes we are just trying to keep an even keel on our lives that when an opportunity comes along we find ourselves not wanting to be bothered. We mustn’t be so rigid in the organization of our lives. Uncertainty is ok as long as we remain positive! Thanks Sibyl.

    • 5

      Ok…two in a row spelled your name the same way so I copied and pasted the last one:

      Hi Sibyl,

      Man my problem has been that I have lived on the edge to much…just ask my former wife!

      Helen Fisher’s ‘Personality Test’ has me as a “Negoiator ” / “Explorer”… with being a strong amount of the later…being a lot of ‘norepinephrine’ in the old bod.

      The “Negoiator” of me has a bit more ‘estrogen’ which tends to make me a more “creative” person.

      “Builder’s have higher levels of ‘serotonin’…not your “risk takers”.

      “Directors” have higher levels of ‘testosterone’…need to be in control and would rationalize why not to take a risk.

      “In fact, it is ideal because once you let go a little of trying to control everything and you take some chances, that is when your wisdom and creativity can really take over and guide your life. The good old truism should always be top of mind … “There is wisdom in uncertainty”.

      Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

      Control of everything can have even more anxiety then being on the edge…I have known my share of controling people…they sure can make me feel anxious and I don’t even have to be in view of them!

      I like how your post matches up similar to Dandy’s.

      Here’s a quote for you:

      TWO ALTERNATIVES____ “We shall meanly lose or nobly save the last hope of earth.”
      ___Abraham Lincoln

      Thanks much!

      • 6

        Rand: Thanks for the comment and I hear you that we have to strike the perfect balance and not just take unnecessary risks that are not really in line with our purpose and things we really desire deep down. I will definitely have to drop by Dandy’s blog and hear her thoughts. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • 7

      Dandy: I have actually been sent your way and to your blog. I was told that you wrote a good post about this as well so I will definitely have to check it out :) I do believe that uncertainty is okay and something we need to get used to. That really is how we open our lives up to so many great experiences. Thanks for the comment and stopping by. Much appreciated.

  4. 8

    Hi Sibyl!

    It seems the most of the time the regrets are for the things we DIDN’T do or try! Far more often than for things we DID do.

    I love what you said here: There are never any real good reasons to put your dreams on hold. This is such a powerful reminder to go full out for what we really want and not let anything hold us back. :)

  5. 9

    What a great thought is that! Take chances. Take risks. You won’t get anywhere without them. Fear, as we call the differential line, ruins our possibilities of possibilities.

    • 10

      Jaky: Thanks for the comment and stopping by. I really liked what you said about fear ruining the possibility of our possibilities. Very powerful statement. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. 11

    Hi Sybil,

    I agree with you that life is filled with opportunities and potential. I also believe in taking chances to seize the opportunities that lie before us. I used to be too cautious when I was younger. I was always afraid of this and that. But things changed when I learned to foresee the outcomes of my actions. I would lay all the necessary plans and then align my actions with the rest of the events in motion. In this manner, I take calculated risks to achieve my goals. Even so, there will always be an element of uncertainty, but it is at completely manageable levels for me. In the end, fortune favours the bold. This is a fact of life.

    Thank you for sharing this alteraview! :)

    Irving the Vizier

    • 12

      Irving: Thanks for dropping by. You are fortunate that you learned how to take chances early on in life. I am sure this is a skill that you have been able to put to great use and see the dramatic benefits it has on your life. I appreciated what you said about foreseeing the outcomes of your actions. That is a great and important point. Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by.

  7. 13

    “A very wise friend told me the other day that as she looks back on life, she has never regretted any of the chances she has taken, but she has regretted not taking some of the chances she had.” – That’s a splendid quote by your friend and I for one feel exactly the same way! I’ve taken many chances, very few I’ve regretted but regretted nearly single one I didn’t take.

    • 14

      Amit: Yeah. She is definitely one of the wisest people I know and I appreciate every piece of advise she shares. I also appreciate what you said about feeling the exact same way and never regretting any of the chances you have taken. That really is what it is all about. Thanks so much for the comment and dropping by the alternaview. Much appreciated.

  8. 15


    This is such a great perspective to take on living. I used to be totally practical and thought that something outside my “plan” was a setback. Now my bigger vision requires that I try new things, learn from failure, and continually grow as a person. This is truly fulfilling to me, but it took a good paradigm shift for this to be acceptable and empowering. A very important lesson in my life.

    • 16

      Joe: I was exactly the same way and this is such a paradigm shift for me as well. I do think that sometimes you have to let go of a little because you end up confining yourself and holding yourself back. It is amazing what you can accomplish once you take those handcuffs off. Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by. Much appreciated.

  9. 17

    I agree with this. Most of the risks ppl envision don’t ever come true anyway, such as losing a house and being homeless by quitting a job to start a business… you can always join the workforce again if it doesn;’t work out. Ditto about public speaking, asking someone out, getting married etc.. there are always exit strategies but our mind misperceives them to be dangerous things that are irreversible.

    • 18

      Dr. Natura: Thanks for the comment and what you said is so true. There are always exit plans and options that we have, but we can easily fall into the trap of convincing ourselves that is not the case. It is all about having confidence and just going after what we want. Thanks for dropping by the alternaview and thanks again for the comment.

  10. 19

    sometimes you just gotta jump off a cliff and build your wings on the way down. -Ray Bradbury

    great article, Sibyl! Yea sometimes its just much more fun not knowing what’s gonna happen.

    • 20

      Rocky: Hey. How have you been? It is great to hear your comments again :) I totally agree that sometimes you really do just have to jump. I love that quote. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  11. 21

    hello sibyl
    how are you?
    thanks for sharing this article and i loved the way you created a distinction between being too cautious and overdoing things with reference to taking chances.
    in addition to carrying out some research and planning, i think there are times our intuition plays an important role in taking chances.
    it’s necessary to take chances (constructively) because we could get exposed to a world of opportunities which enhance our growth and development
    take care and enjoy the rest of the day

    • 22

      Ayo: Thanks for the comment and sharing your wisdom. I totally agree that intuition plays a very integral role when it comes to taking risks. You have to be tuned in to your intuition and recognize those opportunities and chances you should really be taking. Thanks again for the comment and dropping by. Much appreciated.

  12. 23

    Hi Sybil,

    I really like the term “risk -adverse.” It gives a handle to look at our openness to change. I also really like your emphasis on the “wisdom of uncertainty.” I do shy away from change and appreciate your encouragement to open up and really explore our full potential.

    • 24

      Sandra Lee: Thanks so much for dropping by the alternaview and sharing your thoughts. I think a lot of us shy away from change, myself included, but I have been trying to focus more and more of working outside of my comfort zone. I think we really can get better and better at this and allow ourselves the room for things to happen for us in ways we would have never imagined. Thanks again for dropping by and thanks for the comment.

  13. 25

    Hello Sibyl – I hope you’ve been well and the year is treating you wonderfully.

    One thing you said, that really stuck out to me is this:
    “There are never any real good reasons to put your dreams on hold.”

    I thought about it for a moment…and then a little more. That’s absolutely right. There’s no reason to say “I’ll get to it later.” The quicker we act, the quicker we achieve.

    Thank you for sharing the simple, yet powerful knowledge Sibyl. Take care.

    • 26

      JK: Thanks so much for the New Year wish and I hope you have been having a great one as well. As you mentioned, there really is no reason to say we will go for what we really want later. I think in one way or another, we should always be working toward our goals and accomplishing those things that are important to us. So glad that you liked the post. Thanks for dropping by.

  14. 27

    Hello Sybil,

    It can sometimes be difficult to make the leap and take that chance we know could send out life in a whole new direction. It can be scary and overwhelming but if we don’t do it we miss out on so much. Of course there are risks but I think it is a case of really listening to your intuition and doing what it tells you – despite the fears!

    • 28

      Kate: I think what you said is so right and what it is all about. You have to be a good listener when it comes to your intuition and when you are doing things that are aligned with your deepest and best desires and goals, you should work to feel more and more comfortable taking risks and going beyond your comfort zone. Thanks for the comment and stopping by. Much appreciated.

  15. 29

    Great , inspirational post to start the new year, Sybil.
    I’ll definitely agree to being too “risk-averse”.
    But with limited risk sometimes there is limited reward. Right?
    Thanks for your insight.

    • 30

      Jennifer: Happy New Year to you. I would definitely say that with limited risk there is sometimes limited reward :) I think you have to take the amount of risk you are currently comfortable with and get use to working out of your comfort zone. That will naturally grow as time goes on and you can continue to increase your comfort working outside of your comfort zone. Thanks for the comment and stopping by. Much appreciated.

  16. 31

    Hi again Sibyl,

    Thank you for your comment regards “balance”…yes this is true of me.

    I have done a bit more serious thought on this topic and came up with this question from a “very wise” freind of mine regards to “risk”…she asked:

    “Is what you stand to win far exceed what you stand to lose?”

    Another “very wise” friend of mine stated that when she considered taking a “risk” that she “listened and looked for God’s direction. This lady would astound everyone here with her “Devotion” for the past 24 years to something that I’am sure none of you would concieve of doing…Saint like… and she knows The Scriptures backwards and forwards. When I run with her along the ocean at times I feel like God is beside me.

    This is a quote from another “very wise” person…she said:

    “I kept hearing the words of the Buddha – that an end to all suffering was possible. Somehow I knew in the deepest part of me that that was true. That was the beginning of my quest – to know the end of suffering. Now the seeking has stopped, as I realize that everything is right here, now, in this moment, in unlimited abundance. For me, it was not bits and pieces, but more like all or nothing.”

    Some people are so devoted to a “noble” commitment that “chance” or “risk” is not much of a factor in their lives.

    Also consider whether the “chance” or “risk” that you are condidering is being driven by “fear”

    The “exit strategies” of one family member and several personal friends of mine have been:

    .12 gage shotgun
    .hand grenade
    .carbine monoxide

    Just be “wise”, do your homework, and talk to God.

  17. 33

    Thanks for this inspiring post Sibyl. I find this wisdom you offer here increasingly important in my life. When I first started to explore this way of thinking some years ago at first it was scary and I didn’t really trust myself to just jump into the unknown. But as time goes by it becomes more and more obvious to me that this is in fact the only way I can life anymore. Safely is hardly an option, because safety is a myth in any case.

    This doesn’t mean to live dangerously, indeed I think to live in fear and to shelter our selves with imagined safety is the dangerous path. The danger is in not living life, of going through the motions but not being alive.

    The key to all this is to trust, and to get started right away. Trust that you will make mistakes, and trust that as you keep trying new things your mistakes will lead you on your path to your heart’s desire. Each day brings new decisions and challenges and joys, and each day you live in certainly that you don’t need to be certain. You just need to love and pursue your goals like there is no tomorrow.

  18. 34

    I lean on the ‘risk’ side more than the play it safe fraternity Sibyl. Whilst sitting still and reflecting is wise it is only after effort encouraging things to come about. The world exists on risk as every person who was successful was advised that it may not or will not work. That alone is enough to spur me on. Work, rest, and play are a great mantra for the maker shakers like I love to be. Love the energy with this post Sibyl, you got it going on girl!

  19. 35

    Hi Sibyl .. we must do what we do when we do it! Because if we’d done different – we wouldn’t be here now .. and albeit life is not at all easy .. I’d be missing out on this wonderful set of blogging friends .. and so much else of life that comes around. I’m not in an easy place – but the experiences are worth having .. and I’m still taking chances of getting things to happen .. will always do that – I’ve never been contained ..

    I like what JD says at the beginning .. his comment complements your post .. Great thoughts – thank you .. Hilary

  20. 36

    I like taking chances. Unfortunately in my past I made a mistake taking the wrong ones over and over again. :-) I have learned that in order to advance my career I have to take a chance every once in a while. Even in my personal life the risks I have taken, compared to a lifetime of mistakes, have worked out in my favor. The rewards outweighed the possible consequences. So Sibyl I agree with you. Taking a “calculated” risk makes sense to me.

  21. 37

    Hi Sibyl,
    I absolutely agree! This stands out to me: “Always know that life has the potential to unfold in the most amazing ways … all you have to do is allow it to happen “…because it is how I live. I open my heart to the moment as it is..and the joy, wonder, awe, magnificence is amazing to experience! When I allow for *anything* is truly possible; when I try to control, there is often discouragement and struggle. I may gather the tools and set the intent but it is in allowing for that “more than “I could ask for or imagine is produced!

    • 38

      Joy: Thanks for the comment and serving as a real world example of how this can really work to our advantage. It can be scary to open yourself up to anything, but as you mentioned, that really is when all that is really possible happens. It really helps to hear from other people how putting this principle to work has worked out. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  22. 39

    …Yes! “gather the tools”…that’s a great deal of the fun about taking on something new…doing the “homework” then getting in contact with your inner self and God and “allowing”.

    In the same context of “allowing” I would like to use this same quote used once before here at Alternaview:

    “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” _____Dalai Lama