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What You Must Have To Accomplish Your Goals

I am a big fan of setting and accomplishing goals. Who isn’t?

It is such a rewarding feeling to set a goal, work really hard and achieve what you desired.

When it comes to goals, there is usually a lot of doing that is required.

We have to devote a lot of time and effort to each step of our plan and what we do everyday. We have to be disciplined and make sure we are accomplishing the things we need to do. We have to be charged up and ready to do anything and everything necessary to propel us forward and set ourselves up to successfully achieve our goal.

There is just a lot of doing that goes on until we reach our goal.

And, there is by no means nothing wrong with “doing”.  It really does pay off to be a hard worker and have enough discipline to work each and every day toward your goals.

However, when it comes to goals, we should make certain that our days are not only about doing things and crossing task after task off of our “to do” list. There is something more we need to pay attention to.

The possibility of Today”

If we really want to accomplish our goals and be as successful as possible, we need to turn some of our focus and attention to what is going on inside us.

We need to compliment everything we are doing externally with some attention internally and making certain we have the right mindset that will allow us to really create what we want.

So, what does that mean practically?

One of the first things we usually do when we want to accomplish a goal is focus on creating the plan to get from A to B. What are the specific things we need to do in order to achieve what we desire? What do we need to make sure we get done each day? We usually are very motivated and jump right in and start doing things right away.

But, if this is all we do, we have overlooked something really important.

It is great to be super motivated and to start moving and doing things, but we do ourselves a disservice if we also haven’t developed a plan and identified what we need to do internally to accompany our plan externally. How can we prepare our mind for success?

Are there limiting beliefs we have or is there a lack of confidence that is subtly working against us? Do we need to strengthen our self-discipline? There will always be things we can strengthen about our internal mindset that will really set us up for the success we are looking for.

Our internal plan is just as important, if not more important, than our external plan, but oftentimes it is overlooked. We are so focused on all that we need to do externally that it may not even occur to us that we also need a plan for strengthening our internal mindset.

Whenever we set out to accomplish anything, we need to always be cognizant of the fact that we need a dual prong plan. We need an external plan that we can work against everyday and we also need an internal plan that will strengthen our minds and set us up for success.

How to use this possibility:

1.     Do an internal survey. Think about what may be weighing on your mind and possibly working against you. What do you need to change or improve about your mindset? Are you confident that you will be successful? Are you aware of all the potential you have? Do you have any doubts? Is your mind completely clear?

2.     Think about past experiences. What has worked against you in the past? What are possible barriers you have hit before that you need to make certain you breakdown from the beginning this time? We are meant to learn from past experiences, especially those that didn’t go as we had hoped so make certain you are aware of what has caused you issues before so you can avoid falling into the same mental traps.

3.     Develop an internal plan. What do you need to do to strengthen your internal mindset? Are there certain things you need to focus on each day? Do you need to remind yourself of your goals and your ability? Do you need to recharge and motivate yourself every morning? Do you need to make certain you are unplugging and clearing your mind everyday? Figure out a daily plan to create the best mindset possible.

4. Devote time to both prongs of your plan. Don’t become so obsessed with what you have to get done each day that you overlook what you need to do daily to strengthen your mindset. Always make certain you are prioritizing and making time to work on your internal plan. Set aside whatever time is necessary and don’t allow anything to interfere with that period of time, even if it means you accomplish less off of your “to do” list. There is really nothing more important than your internal mindset and you have to make certain you are doing those things that are necessary each day to cultivate it.

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  1. 1

    Hi Sibyl,

    You have nailed it on the head. Goals take massive action to become a reality. Not only do we have to plan for success, we also have to make sure internally, we are also aligned for success. As you say, if there are limiting beliefs within us, we can easily sabotage ourselves and not achieve our goals. We need to manage our outsides and insides.

    I love the ideas you have mentioned to manage our internal plan. I firmly believe that it is important to do an internal survey from time to time. If we are not aware of what is happening to us inside, we can easily sabotage our goals without knowing it. Doubts and fears are usually the things we have to look out for. They may not be readily apparent, but if we find ourselves procrastinating about doing something necessary, then the root cause may be our doubts and fears.

    Thank you for sharing this alternaview! :)

    Irving the Vizier

    • 2

      Irving: Thanks for the comment. I think what you mentioned is important that we should do the self audits regularly. I do think we need to be constantly on the lookout for limiting beliefs and other doubts that may creep in. If we are constantly managing them and making certain we have the best mindset, we really are setting ourselves up to be successful. Thanks so much for the comment again. Much appreciated.

  2. 3

    Hi Sibyl,
    This is a very smart and practical plan. I’m glad you mentioned develop an internal plan. When we ask ourselves what we need to succeed we are listening to that internal voice. Our mindest can be the one thing that makes or breaks us. First we have to believe we deserve to hear good things about ourselves from ourselves. To have a daily reminder of all our wonderful qualites will set us on the right path. Great work Sibyl.

    • 4

      Dandy: Thanks for the comment and I totally agree … our mindset can either make us or brake us. It is easy to overlook its importance, but if we want to continually experience success, we will make certain we are always preparing our minds for success. Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by the alternaview. Much appreciated.

  3. 5

    Hi Sibyl!

    This is such a great point you make. Without internal AND external alignment things will literally get out of sync. Ultimately, that only leads to frustration and typically that results in goals not being met.

    I’d also add that your process is a great strategy towards improving goal achievement because it’s only until you are willing to analyze and reflect on what you believe about what you seek to do that you can 1. identify an limiting beliefs you might hold, and 2. get rid of them.

    Thanks for laying out such a clean process.

    • 6

      Marlee: Thanks for the comment and stopping by again. I totally agree with what you said about being willing to analyze and reflect on what you believe in order to really be able to identify limiting beliefs. It really is so important and definitely a prerequisite to eliminating them. Thanks for pointing that out and thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated.

  4. 7

    This is really good stuff Sibyl…because, as I know only too well from personal experience, we can make all the plans and set all the goals we like, but it means absolutely nothing if we haven’t checked in with the inner world of the mindset. For instance, my own mindset can often default to self sabotage if I don’t keep an eye on it. And the reason for that I think, is sometimes fear of failure and sometimes fear of success. It should be so simple for us to always be diligent and alert to the workings of our own inner world, but in reality we are quite complex beings with so much going on at so many different levels that we often ‘accidentally on purpose’ hit that darned self-destruct button, and then we can go back to Mr or Mrs Mediocre, snoozing our lives away in our safe little world. Thanks for a brilliant alternaview Sibyl :)

    • 8

      Rosemary: Thanks for the comment and sharing your personal experience. I liked how you put it … keep an eye on it. I really think it is so important to always be aware of your mindset and what is running through your mind. Once we are aware, we can really choose to do remove any beliefs that are working against us.

  5. 9

    This is something that’s pretty relevant to me right now. I have a goal of starting a side business that will make me residual income. I got a plan, and a blueprint. I know the steps. But the internal mindset is not there yet. I dunno WHY I wanna make so much money. I dunno what larger purpose it accomplishes. And part of me wants to remain content with the status quo.

    • 10

      Henway: Thanks so much for the comment and sharing your story. I think it really drives to the heart of this post and I do think it is already to your advantage that you have identified you need an internal plan. That really is such an important piece and if you already recognize it, you can do something about it right away. A lot of times it just means thinking through things and identifying the issues and things you definitely need to include in your internal plan. I wish you all the best and would love to be updated on how it is going.

  6. 11

    I wholeheartedly agree with what you’re saying here, Sybil. When the inside isn’t in alignment with what we want to create, we struggle unnecessarily and oftentimes find that we never get where we’re trying to go. It’s so much easier to pre-pave the path.

    • 12

      Nea: Thanks for the comment and dropping by. It really is just as you said … all about pre-paving the path. There is no need to make things anymore challenging than they have to be. If we can just make certain that we have things aligned, we really can achieve the most success. Thanks again for the comment.

  7. 13

    I’m not a goal fan per se so I like this Sibyl. I love the internal focus of it as a goal is only as much use as the person who knows what they want to aim for. I’ve always said that the most valuable work you can ever undertake in this life is that of self-enquiry. Armed with that knowledge you are already 100% aware of yourself and so signsposts (goals) will be much easier to spot and move towards.

    • 14

      John: Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comment. I do agree with you that the most valuable work you can do is one of looking within. It really is amazing what we can learn about ourselves, the world and how we can really live in the best way when we turn our attention to our mind and what is within. Great point. Thanks for sharing it and thanks again for stopping by. Much appreciated.

  8. 15

    I like the way you teased out the mindset as a key to success.

    I agree. It’s basically your operational model. It sets the stage in so many ways from framing the challenges, seeing things how they are, seeing things how they could be, inspiring your actions, limiting or enabling yourself, etc.

    • 16

      J.D. I totally agree with you that our mindset basically is our operational model and sets the stage for so much in our life. I think once we realize that and always choose to have the best one, we will be amazed at the results we continually get. Thanks for the comment and dropping by. Much appreciated.

  9. 17

    Here is the thing that stuck out to me with this Sibyl— Many of us are so busy trying to check off every ‘to-do’ on our daily list that we forget to step back and take a deep look within. Personally, it’s when I step back that I receive my greatest inspiration and ideas, not from the stuff I do while ‘in the grind’.

    Well done Sibyl :-)


  10. 18

    This is so on point. I make sure that I’m first priority in the morning. I like how Robin Sharma states that if you do your 1% a day, taking care of me, internally and externally then the rest of my day will flow smoothly. Thank you for reconfirming more and more of what I do and think is so important. They go hand in hand.

  11. 19

    Hey Sibly

    Great work, but i have a question.

    Have you always had a plan for your life or did things just fall into play?

    • 20

      Hey Jonathan: I am a planner and a goal setter. Now, with that said … things haven’t always gone exactly and perfectly as I planned, but I have always leaned in the direction of my desires and been open to how things naturally unfold.

  12. 21

    Hey Sibyl!

    Great post! I do agree with reviewing the past briefly, but I believe the least amount of time you spend in your “past” memories and experiences the better, as I believe you create your future in this moment, and merely re-live your past if you focus solely on it.

    Besides that, you have an absolutely inspired perspective of proper goal setting! Keep up the great work!


    • 22

      Thanks Mike for stopping by and thanks for the comment. I totally agree with you … nothing is more important than the current moment and how much passion, energy and attention you are devoting to it. There is nothing better than living in the present moment and it is where we should spend as much time as possible :) Thanks for clarifying that and thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated.

  13. 23

    Goals are very important indicators of our progress. They serve as pointers letting us know how well or how bad we are doing in relation to our desires. Without goals, time can fly past us without our knowing it. When we think about the past, it is the goals we either accomplished or failed to accomplish that we remember. Besides these, time gone are hardly remembered.

    Your tips in this post are good elements to weave into how quest to accomplish our goals. Another important element which I would like to add is this: Set your goals in alignment with your strengths as a person. Goals can only be achieved when it is about the things you have a strong passion for, without passion, pursuing a goal just for the sake of it could lead to frustration. So set goals based on what you love and enjoy doing, only then will it inspire you to stretch and do the impossible!

    • 24

      Tito: Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by. I think you make a really good point about making sure you line up your goals with your passion. It is so important and will make the pursuit of your goals all that much easier if you are genuinely and truly passionate about them. It really is the only way. Great point. Thanks for adding it.

  14. 25

    Wonderful article. I really like what you mentioned about the internal plan. Often we set up stepping stones on our path to success, but never truly set up how we are going to stay on these stepping stones. Without an internal plan, how can we ensure that we will follow our external plan?

    Again, great article, I will be looking back in the future for more!

    • 26

      Jason: Thanks for the kind words and I hope that you definitely drop back by to check out more posts in teh future :) I am all about having an internal plan. I really do think it can literally just increase our success and make certain we are making the progress we should. There is just something to be said about having the right mindset and chipping away at any limiting beliefs that may be working against you. Thanks so much again for the comment and stopping by. Much appreciated.