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How to Set Yourself Up To Accomplish Your Goals

Do you set yourself up for success? Think about the last time you felt there was something BIG you wanted to accomplish. Perhaps you had a great idea or maybe there was something really great that you wanted to accomplish and make happen.

A lot of times when there is something BIG we are pursuing and really want to bring to fruition, one of the first things we do is think about how successfully accomplishing what we want may be somewhat difficult or a challenge.

We realize there is a lot we will need to learn and there are many steps that we will need to take in the right direction before we can successfully accomplish what we want. We may feel fairly confident that we will eventually be successful, but we resign ourselves to the thinking that what we want is not something that can easily just be accomplished.

We convince ourselves we have to be “realistic” about our expectations and accept that what we are working toward is something that will be difficult and challenging to accomplish.

The possibility of Today:

Whenever we decide we want to accomplish anything, big or small, the last thing we should do is characterize it in our minds as something that will be difficult.

This is really how we set ourselves up to buy into something being more difficult than it really may be. We justify this type of thinking and tell ourselves we are just “being realistic” and not underestimating how challenging whatever it is we want to accomplish will be.

But sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is throw “being realistic” out the window, because it is easy to misuse and we end up discouraging ourselves.

I can’t tell you the number of people I have heard claim they are “being realistic”, when really they are buying into limiting thoughts and subtly discouraging themselves.

It really is irrelevant how difficult we have decided something is going to be to accomplish because the reality is that we really don’t know.

It is not as if we can see in a magic crystal ball, and know exactly what will happen tomorrow, let alone in the future. We don’t know if we will work really hard and things will immediately begin to happen and start falling into place. We don’t know exactly when the right people will start to appear in our lives and the right circumstances will just start coming together.

This is just not anything we can predict or know for sure. So, why on earth would we make an assumption that anything we want to accomplish is going to be difficult? Why would we voluntarily buy into a belief that could potentially discourage us and work against us when we really don’t know what will happen?

We should place our focus and attention somewhere else where it can be beneficial and help move us forward in the right direction.

All we ever need to focus on is taking the step that is right in front of us with all of our attention and doing it in an amazing way. The best thing we can ever do is pour all of our positive passion and energy into what we are doing.

We don’t think about things being tough or difficult to accomplish. We just focus on whatever step we are taking and do it with the utmost quality. We then let everything else take care of itself and trust that things will play out just as they should. If this is the way we go about accomplishing those things we want, we really set ourselves up to be successful.

How to use this possibility:

1.     Take Notice of Your Thoughts. How have you characterized things in your mind? Have you decided that something is going to be difficult? Have you convinced yourself that it will be challenging to really get what you want? Take notice of the stories and things you have programmed into your mind and recognize those that may be limiting and holding you back.

2.     Question any Bad Assumptions You Have Made. Call to question any assumptions you have made. How do you know that something is going to be difficult and take a long time to come to fruition? So what if you know what you are trying to accomplish has been difficult for other people to accomplish? Is that really relevant to your experience? Aren’t you a different person? Question any and all assumptions you have created in your mind until you realize they are nothing more than assumptions.

3.     Reprogram, Reprogram, Reprogram. Replacing the bad assumptions in your mind and replacing them with the right type of thoughts is oftentimes necessary. This means you have to be committed to programming your mind with thoughts that are correct and eliminate all those limiting beliefs and bad assumptions that have been in your mind. Every time you notice a limiting belief or bad assumption creeping up into your mind, think through it and realize it is just a fallacy. Replace that thought with a thought about what is really true.

4.     Always Remind Yourself of Your Potential. As often as you can, make certain you have your potential and all that you are capable of accomplishing top of mind. If you have things right in your mind and are committed to working and pouring all of your positive energy into what you are working to accomplish, you will be successful. The key is that you need the right mindset and you can’t doubt your potential. And, the more you have your absolute potential top of mind, the more difficult it is for limiting beliefs and thoughts to creep in.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.