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30 Things You Really Really Must Know to Succeed in Life

1. It is much better to be kind than it is to be right.

2. If at first you don’t succeed, there is a reason why and it is best to figure it out and not just blindly try again.

3. You have 60,000 thoughts a day and if you control those thoughts so that they are not negative and interfere with your peace of mind, you will really be able to live in an amazing way.

4. Always answer the phone with a great tone that shows how pleasant you are.

5. If you can stop complaining, your life will improve tenfold.

6. You need to take time for yourself everyday and unplug and unwind. Do something you enjoy.

7. Your best tool for success is to be authentic. Just “Do You”.

8. It is not your job to change people. It is your job to change yourself.

9. Challenging and difficult people are often times your best teachers for tolerance and patience.

10. In order to have complete confidence, you have to chip away and eliminate all doubts. It is a process.

11. The #1 thing you should always try to do is focus on whatever is in front of you and pour all of your passion and positive energy into what you are doing.

12. Your actions, thoughts and behaviors really matter and impact your entire life. It is never okay to be a jerk.

13. Life puts in front of you exactly what you need at that precise moment in time.

14. If you don’t see the lesson in a failure or challenge … keep looking.

15. It’s not about always being in control and knowing exactly what will happen next. You need to trust in what comes your way and sometimes it is best to just ride the wave.

16. It is never too late … that is really just another excuse.

17. There is nothing more important than your peace of mind.

18. The stories we buy into about ourselves and our potential should never be limiting or anything that couldĀ  hold us back.

19. We can’t control how other people behave, but we can control how we react and if we allow other people to negatively impact our peace of mind.

20. You don’t have to just do things the way you always have. You really can experience the most growth when you move beyond your comfort zone.

21. Don’t tell yourself that something is going to be difficult to accomplish. Just focus on the step you are taking now and do it with the utmost quality.

22. A lot of our attention and effort should be directed to how we are growing and becoming a better human being day after day.

23. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go … so that something that is better and meant to be can happen.

24. There really is no such thing as a failure. Everything is an opportunity to learn and we get to choose how we see and classify our experiences.

25. You can be too risk averse and end up missing out on some really good opportunities that would have worked to your advantage if only you had allowed them to take form and evolve.

26. Don’t allow your desire for success to overshadow your appreciation for the journey and everything you will learn along the way.

27. Every step you take will not be a quantum leap forward. Appreciate the little steps too because they are just as important.

28. Be flexible and never get rattled when things don’t go exactly as planned. Everything that happens is for your highest good.

29. “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly” Anonymous

30. We should always look for alternaviews and search to see things in the best light that will allow us to live today in a better way than we did yesterday.

There is a different way to live … that is the alternaview.