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Break Free From Having Anymore Blah or Terrible Conversations

There are not many things worse than being trapped in an uncomfortable or blah conversation where your primary objective is to look for your quickest and safest escape route. Well, you never have to search for a way out again, because I have a solution for you.

It all starts with the beginning of conversations.

How do you start off conversations? Do you sound happy when you answer your phone or do people feel you are glad to see them when they enter a room or walk into your office?

Now, this is something a lot of people do not really choose to focus on. They are polite and have good phone etiquette, but focusing on how they start off conversations and how people feel seems like yet another thing to worry about. And, that’s understandable because we all really do have so many other things going on. In fact, that definitely used to be my perspective, until I discovered this technique and saw how it improved all of my conversations tenfold, even the difficult ones.

It makes an enormous difference if you are able to positively influence how people feel when a conversation or interaction begins. You get the positive energy flowing and people respond much better.

There is nothing worse than calling someone and having them answer the phone with very little enthusiasm or walking into a room and not feeling like the people in the room care or want you there. People are very good at noticing and can feel your lack of enthusiasm or if you are annoyed to be speaking to them.

You really can improve every single one of your conversations simply by focusing on how you begin them.

Let’s be honest, there are probably going to be those instances that you do have to speak to certain people you would rather not to (the annoying telemarketer, the challenging colleague or other people you would prefer to avoid), and if you can keep the energy level high and positive, you really can improve your interactions and conversations with those people too.

Regardless of who you are speaking to, you should sound pleased when you answer the phone. When your friends or other people call, they should be able to hear it in your voice that you are in a good mood and not bothered by their phone call. When a colleague walks into your office or a conference room, they should feel that you are glad they walked into the room.

So, as you move through your day today, be aware of how you are starting off conversations and interactions and make sure you are beginning them in a great way. You will be amazed at how doing this small thing will improve all of your interactions and how much other people will immediately warm up to you. You also will automatically earn the reputation of being a kind and pleasant person because people will compare you to so many other people that just don’t know how to have good conversations and interactions.

What You Should Do Differently Today (if you aren’t already):

1. When you answer the phone, make sure you sound upbeat and happy (there is no need to overdo it and sound too “Pollyanna”, but people should be able to hear some good positive energy in your voice).

2. Smile, make eye contact, and say hello when someone walks into a room.

3. If you can tell from your caller ID who is calling, start the conversation off with a friendly personal greeting and say the person’s name. “Hey Ali! What’s going on? I am so glad you called.”

4. Smile when you answer the phone. It will automatically improve your tone and how you sound.

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