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The False Belief You Probably Have That is Really Holding You Back

Do you have the mistaken belief that you need good luck in your life? Do you believe you need to be at the right place at the right time or that you need some sort of good fortune in order to accomplish your goals and have things go your way? Well, if you do, today is the day to dispel that myth because even if you don’t realize it, it is working against you.

It is holding you back.

When you look at things on the surface, it can seem they are randomly happening and that there is a good deal of luck involved in getting things to go your way. You see other people that have accomplished things and although you may know they are talented, you also credit some of their success to luck and being in the right place at the right time.

For example, your colleague gets a random promotion instead of you or you notice many people successfully doing what you dream of doing one day as a career. Did they just get a lucky break?

No, not at all because there is no such thing as luck.

Their success may be able to be attributed to many things, such as discipline, confidence, hard work, perseverance, and the fact that they genuinely are a good person.

However, luck and good fortune is just not a part of the picture.

This is not to say that things didn’t go their way or that they weren’t actually in the right place to take advantage of an opportunity. However, it was not a matter of luck. They helped to create the necessary momentum and conditions in their life to produce their success.

Many people misunderstand the real factors of success, but you can take notice of them and be guaranteed great results. You can create the conditions in your own life that will set the stage for your success.

However, you can no longer believe in luck or feeling that certain things you want to accomplish are beyond your control.

If you believe in luck, even if you have all the confidence in the world, in the back of your mind there will always be thoughts that you also need a little bit of luck to compliment your talent, your sincerity in purpose, and your hard work.

There is nothing that could be farther from the truth.

Thinking you have to beat the odds or be the beneficiary of random good fortune if you are ever going to really succeed can be discouraging. It also allows you to overlook important lessons you really need to be successful because you write off your lack of success as a lack of luck or good fortune, when that really is not the case.

So, today is the day to get rid of any and all misconceptions about luck.

What to do differently today (if you aren’t already):

Recognize there is no such thing as luck by understanding the true aspects of success.

The best way to do that is to take a closer look at other people who are successful and the things they have experienced. You will also need to go through many of the same things and you will also need to have similar positive outlooks and perspectives.  Once you realize all of these things, you will know how to navigate through your own journey to success and realize that luck has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Ten Important Realizations About Truly Successful People:

1.     Along the way, they had successes and failures. Although they loved the successes, they also appreciated the failures because they recognized both were a part of their success.

2.     They learned to have unwavering confidence in their potential and ability to accomplish what they wanted.

3.     They realized it wasn’t just about reaching their destination and accomplishing goals. They remained focused on their destination, but they enjoyed every step of the journey and all they learned along the way.

4.    They were disciplined.

5.    They continually poured all of their passion and positive energy into the step that was immediately in front of them. They didn’t worry about tomorrow and instead focused on doing whatever they were doing today with the utmost quality.

6.     They prioritized accomplishing their goals and were willing to make appropriate sacrifices.

7.     They put forth an amazing amount of effort.

8.     They overcame challenges and obstacles. They never allowed any challenge to discourage them too much or cause them to quit. They always persevered.

9.     They kept the positive energy continually flowing and had a great mindset day after day.

10. Generosity, sincerity and kindness were and still are some of their best traits.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

Do you agree? What are some things you have noticed about successful people? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.