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Quit Doing This One Thing, And You Will Always Succeed

I am done second guessing myself (and you should be too if you want to accomplish everything you are really capable of and have ever wanted).

No more wondering if I can really accomplish what I am trying to do. No more allowing my confidence to be shaken. No more being concerned by the opinions of skeptics or people who just don’t really understand (I appreciate their concern, but I can’t let their fears work against me). No more over analyzing and questioning decisions I have made.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it that you can overlook some really important things if you don’t think about all the possible scenarios. I understand it sometimes pays to be risk averse and not rash. It makes perfect sense to me that you have to really think things through and be open to changing your mind when things don’t feel right.

However, that is not really ever the situation … is it?

Those are not the issues I have and I doubt you have those issues either.

Let’s be real, when it comes to the big life decisions, we don’t make them on a whim. We don’t just wake up one day and decide to blindly pursue whatever ideas pop into our mind. We always think through things and weigh our options. We don’t really have a history of making rash and irrational decisions.

That is not what we do and it isn’t the reason why we sometimes fall short of accomplishing what we want. What really works against us and holds us back is when we second guess of ourselves.

When we make a decision to follow our gut instinct and all the signs, but then allow a lack of confidence and doubts to creep up. We start second guessing ourselves, our decisions and whether or not we are doing the right thing. We allow a shadow of doubt to be cast over our true potential and what we know deep down we really are capable of.

And, that does nothing good for us at all. That is what is really working against us and causing the most damage.

I get it that the bad habit of second guessing yourself has developed over a lifetime and is hard to break. I get it that other people can really shake your confidence and cause you to call everything into question. I get it that it is natural to have fears.

But, if we are ever going to realize our real potential and accomplish all we are capable of, we have to make the decision to rid ourselves of the bad habit of second guessing ourselves and commit to chipping away at any and all fears.

We have to reprogram ourselves and no longer feed the limiting beliefs and the doubts that are holding us back.

As with so many other things in life, this bad habit is meant to be overcome. We are supposed to get rid of our doubts and have our character strengthened as we transcend any fears. Ahhhh, the beauty of living and learning.

Why let another day go by and allow this bad habit to go unchecked? I won’t and you shouldn’t either.

So, how exactly do you do get rid of the bad habit of second guessing yourself and eliminating all the doubts that come along with it? By seeing and choosing to do things differently.

What To Start Doing Differently Today (if you aren’t already):

Every time you start second guessing yourself —

1. Remind yourself that you thoroughly thought things through and have made the best decision. Have confidence in your decision and remember that you didn’t make this decision lightly.

2. Remember how you got here and think about all the signs that pointed you in this direction. Remind yourself that there is a reason why you were guided in this direction. There is a reason why you made the decision you did and you are meant to follow this path. Don’t take that lightly.

3. Refocus on your goals and all the great things you will accomplish. Think about how great you are going to feel as you make progress day after day. Visualize and see yourself being successful.

4. Think about all you have already accomplished and give yourself credit for every little step you have taken. Think about where you were a year ago and realize how far you have come. You know so much more now, you have had realizations, and you have taken steps in the right direction.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.