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What You Really Need to Know to Deal with Difficult People

When you do a google search on “dealing with difficult people”, there are literally over 7.5 million results.

Why is this topic so popular?

Because the reality is there are just a lot of difficult people in the world.

No matter which way you turn, you are bound to find one.

  • The terrible customer service rep that thinks kindness is not a part of her job description
  • The waiter that gives you awful service along with an awful attitude
  • The irrational co-worker that insists on over using CAPS lock and !!! in e-mails
  • The “hater” who tells you they doubt you will succeed
  • The crazy driver that seems to get joy out of cutting you off
  • The family member that believes her role is to offer unsolicited advice and continual criticism

The list goes on and on and the reality is that at some point you are going to have a run-in with a difficult person. I know I have personally had my fair share and they are never any fun.

There is going to be someone that pushes your buttons and makes it necessary for you to choose to take the high road. And, depending on the situation and your mood at the time, let’s be real … this can be somewhat difficult.

You want to be calm.

You want to do the right thing and take the high road …

But, people who are difficult can make it extremely challenging to easily do so.

That’s why TODAY is the day to define your approach and never let another difficult person ever get to you again.

The #1 goal is always to keep your cool and not let them to work you up. You never want to allow people to suck you in and you definitely don’t want to let them interfere with your peace of mind and positive energy.

There are 7 things you should always keep top of mind when dealing with difficult people and as long as you do, it will be much easier to manage a difficult person.

7 Things to Keep Top of Mind When Dealing with A Difficult Person:

  1. Complaining and Venting Gets You Nowhere. It does nothing good for you to complain and vent about difficult people. In fact, it only really works you up more. You think you are clearing your mind and getting things off your chest, but you are actually just allowing the difficult person to take too much of your attention and focus. Resist all urges to complain about difficult people and you will be much better off.
  2. It’s Not You. It’s Them. Difficult People are just that … difficult. They usually have issues with a lot of people and you aren’t the only one having a tough time working with them. Continue to remind yourself that you aren’t the one being difficult, but you do need to be the one that chooses to take the higher road. You are in a better position to actually be able to take the higher road because you are not a difficult person.
  3. Understand they have a lot going on “Behind the Scenes”. All difficult people have some issues going on behind the scenes they really need to work through. If you can try to see them as someone who needs help versus someone that is attacking you, it is much easier to take the higher road. That is not to say that their behavior is to be excused, but just understand there is always more going on than you can see.
  4. There are Benefits to Being Drama Free. You really do benefit when you don’t get entangled in other people’s drama and allow them to suck you in. You don’t allow them to take up any mental space in your mind and you keep your mind free and clear to focus on things that are really important to you.
  5. Choose Your Peace of Mind Over Proving You Are Right. Often times when dealing with difficult people, they are wrong and you are right. But, if you express your point of view and the difficult person continues to disagree, it doesn’t do anything positive for you to try to prove to them that you are right (and the majority of the time you are not going to be able to prove anything to them anyway. That is why they are considered difficult people). Just let it go and move on with your peace of mind.
  6. They aren’t Your Problem to fix. You don’t need to worry about fixing difficult people or teaching them a lesson. They will always get the lessons they need when the time is right, but it is not your responsibility to be their teacher.
  7. 2 Negatives Don’t = A Positive. This is not a situation where out debating, speaking over them or being just as rude as they are will help. When you sink to their level, realize that means they have sucked you in. It does nothing good for you or for your positive mindset.

Make TODAY your last day to ever have a problem with someone that is difficult.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

Many thanks to Srinivas for this post topic idea. I hope this helps and addresses your question. If anyone has any other post ideas or questions, please feel free to send them my way.

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