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Why You Must Stop Worrying About Tomorrow and Focus on Today

I sure hope things work out the way I want them to. It could be really bad and I will be disappointed if they don’t. I really need things to fall into place. I am hoping for the best, but I definitely have some concerns in the back of my mind. Things just have to work out.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Many of us spend way too much time either focused on tomorrow or worrying about tomorrow because we want things to work out a certain way.

I can think of way too many occasions when I have definitely been guilty of this.

I want things to work out as I have planned and I envision all the different steps and exactly what will have to happen in order for things to fall into place just as I want. I come up with the play by play of what will be required …

First this has to happen … and then I need for this to happen … and then …

It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing or worrying way too much about tomorrow and what we have decided must happen for things to work out as we want.

We have somehow reached the conclusion that it is our job to predict and plan each step and then try to line things up to play out just right.

We become a major micro manager … or so we think, because that is actually not our role.

Yes, we are supposed to follow our truth, decide what we want, believe that we can get it and then pour our passion and energy into it and really go for it.

But, it is not in our job description to decide step by step how things will happen, when they will happen and how specifically they need to play out in order for us to move in the right direction.

Sometimes, we just have to let go a little and trust that if we do everything we can and should TODAY things will work out just as they should tomorrow.

There really is no need to worry about tomorrow or to focus too much on tomorrow. Our attention, and efforts are much better spent focusing on TODAY.

it’s all about today

What we have absolute control over is how we perform today.

What effort we put into whatever we are doing. What we learn today. How we apply our knowledge and the lessons we have learned.  And, the energy and attention we direct to the task that is right in front of us.

There is so much possibility in our hands TODAY to really push things in the right direction, but we totally can miss out on it if we are overly concerned or focusing way too much on tomorrow.

Tomorrow will come and it will be whatever it is.

Today is here right now staring you in the face. There are so many things you can and should be taking advantage of:

  • Do whatever you can do TODAY that will really move you in the direction you want to go
  • Pour all of your passion and positive energy into whatever is right in front of you TODAY
  • Do everything TODAY with the utmost attention to detail and give it all you have
  • Let go of any fears and know that you can do whatever is right in front of you TODAY in the best way

The most interesting thing is that when we we turn all of our attention and focus on doing all we can TODAY in an amazing way, everything falls into place tomorrow just as it should.

Living Today in the best way we humanly can always sets us up to have a better tomorrow. There really is no need to worry about tomorrow when you are living today the right way.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.