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What You Really Must Understand About The Path To Success

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” – Christopher Reeve

What a great quote right? And, it is so true, even though it is often easy to forget when we are in the midst of pursuing something we really want.

If we could just keep this top of mind and understand the different parts of the journey we are experiencing as we climb to success, we would be less likely to give up too soon or to become frustrated because we think we aren’t moving quickly enough or seeing enough signs of progress.

We would realize that each day, each step and every single lesson are all a crucial part of the journey.

They are all a part of the experience we must have to successfully accomplish what we want.

When we recognize the value of each phase of the journey …

it gives us the patience we need to wait for the payoff from all of our hard work;

the persistence we need to continue to push forward even when we can’t see the road to success; and

the ability to rely on our hopes and passion when the chances of our success seem remote and unlikely.

However, we oftentimes forget about the different phases of the journey to success and end up giving up or buying into our doubts and limiting beliefs.

That is where all the damage is done.

We must really understand that what begins as impossible will absolutely become inevitable if we just believe in our ability, push through our doubts and fears, and pour all of our passion and positive energy into the pursuit.

But, we must find a way to push through each part of the journey and keep going.

There really is a process to success and three of the main lessons we are meant to learn are persistence, faith and confidence.

If we abandon our mission too early or get too frustrated, we have made things harder for ourselves than they really need to be. We have personally added our own mental speed bumps that are just going to slow us down and work against us.

I know I have personally fallen into this trap way too many times, but TODAY is the day to learn this lesson once and for all.

If there is something deep down you really believe in and want to pursue, never let yourself get psyched out of continuing to go for what you want.

know that …

  1. You can have doubts and fears and when you push forward day after they will fall to the wayside one by one.
  2. You don’t have to be able to see the path, you just have to believe it is there and always push forward.
  3. You can have those days where you question yourself and everything you are doing, but as long as you remain resolute, you will still be amazingly successful.
  4. You must have enough passion for what you want so that you can rely on it to help you keep going when your doubts suggest otherwise.
  5. What you learn along the way is just as important, if not more, than reaching your destination.
  6. Be patient, confident, and determined. There is always a road to success.
Live Today Better than Yesterday.

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