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One Simple Thing You Really Want To Do To Free Yourself From the Daily Hustle and Bustle

It’s a typical Monday. You have way too many things to do. You need to run a dozen errands, have a productive work day, do countless things off your “to do” list and get a good work out in (Let’s be real, you just may skip this one because you have way too many other things to do … something has to give … why is it always the exercise? LOL).

So much to do … so little time.

Our usual approach for getting through a busy day is to jump right in and move as effectively and efficiently as we can from task to task. The day flies by, we get a lot done and at the end of the day, we have literally been through a whirlwind.

There has to be a better way.

Well, there is. And, all that is required is that you choose TODAY to change your routine up a little bit from here and out.

It’s too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day.

We essentially slip into autopilot and move mindlessly from one thing to the next and wonder why we don’t always feel motivated, inspired and have positive energy flowing.

Hmmm, maybe because we have allowed the day and all the things we have to do to suck us in yet once again.

Today is the day to decide that you will never be completely sucked in again.

You will still take care of everything you need to, but you will handle all of it while also maintaining your peace of mind and keeping your positive energy flowing.


By choosing to take a “Time In” as many times as you can remember throughout the day.

A “Time In” literally only takes one minute and you use that minute to just be silent, quiet your mind and unplug from the world.

You let everything go for just this one minute and allow yourself to find your center.

You will be absolutely amazed at how just including this practice into your daily routine will improve all your days tenfold. It allows you to slow your mind down, recharge, and reconnect. It will boost your positive energy and the more and more you do it throughout the day, the better and better you will just feel.

3 Tips for Integrating “Time Ins” Into Your Day:

1. One Minute, Every Hour. Aim for taking one “Time In” for a minute at the beginning of every hour throughout the day. Now, are you really going to be able to always remember to do this every hour on the hour? Probably not, but if you aim for taking a “Time In” every hour, even if you only actually do it half of the time, you will have enormous benefits.

2. Use The Entire Minute. Take the entire 60 seconds to unplug. Find somewhere to go that is quiet and just relax. If you can’t find somewhere quiet, just make sure you take 60 seconds to yourself with no distractions (i.e. no internet, no cell phone, no blackberry … just you and your peace of mind).

3. Take Advantage of All “Time In” Opportunities. If you are sitting in traffic or at a traffic light, take a “Time In”. If you are waiting for the elevator, taking a shower, or you just have 5 minutes to yourself, take a time in. Be creative and use any opportunity you have to take a “Time In”.

4. Remember the More the Better. As time goes on and you focus on integrating “Time Ins” into your daily routine, you will see that you remember to have them more often. The more, the better and you should aim to continually add in more and more to your daily routine.

No more going through the motions.

No more getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day and feeling overwhelmed.

No more moving through your day mindlessly.

Choose Today to do things differently and integrate “Time Ins” into your day. It will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.