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The One Thing You Should Make Certain is a Part of Your Daily Routine

“Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul.” Wayne Dyer

Have you found the passion that stirs your soul? Have you come across that thing you can do for hours on end and not even realize how much time has gone by? Is there anything you do and when you do it you just come alive?

You are your most creative. You are inspired. You feel amazing and are able to pour all of your passion and positive energy into what you are doing.

Maybe it is drawing, painting or something else artistic? Perhaps it is cooking, singing, writing, or dancing? It could be something creative or even something more business or technical oriented … maybe you love coding, programming or discovering new formulas. There really is no right answer. All that matters is that it is right for you and allows you to tap into a very special part of yourself.

If you have discovered anything that does all of this for you then you are one of those fortunate people that has found your passion.

You have discovered that one thing you were meant to do and that is no small feat and is definitely not anything we should take for granted. However, oftentimes, that is exactly what we do.

We discount the importance of finding our passion because we are focused on so many other things. We are taking care of all of our responsibilities and managing through our ever growing “to do” list and the last thing we make room for in our day is the one thing we actually should prioritize.

For some strange reason, we minimize the importance of doing things we enjoy and love.

We write them off as hobbies or just things we get to do when we have some spare time. But, the reality is that we rarely have enough spare time and we end up putting our passions and true interests on the back burner.

And, that is one of the biggest mistakes we can ever make.

If you have found that one thing that makes you feel great and come alive, then you should do anything and everything you can to do it as frequently as possible.


Because those are the activities that connect us to the positive energy and feelings that stimulate us. They are the things that allow us to tap into our amazing potential. And, those are the activities that recharge us and all the positive energy they generate spills over and positively impacts everything else we do.

Today is the day to reprioritize and put that activity you are passionate about at the top of your list.

It doesn’t mean that you will not take care of your responsibilities and handle all the other things you need to, but rather that you will make certain to always make time for that one passion that stirs your soul.

how to do it?

1. If you haven’t already, figure out your passion? What do you just love doing? What allows you to express your creativity? What do you do really well? Ask questions and patiently wait for the answers. Everyone has a passion … figure out yours.

2. Schedule the time. Set aside time to do the activity. If you don’t, you will just slip back into the pattern of doing everything else first. Make sure to prioritize doing the activity and make it a part of your weekly routine.

3. Remind yourself of the benefit of doing something you enjoy so much and all the positive impacts it will have on everything else you do. When you recognize how great it makes you feel and how it allows you to reconnect and recharge, you will make sure to make the room for it in your day.

4. Never feel guilty about doing it and prioritizing it over other things because it really does have so much value. You are absolutely supposed to do things you are passionate about. It is how life is meant to be lived.

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