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Are You Having “One of Those Days”? You’ve Got to Change the Channel

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change, rather than allowing it to master you.”  Sri Ram

Do you ever change your mindset channel and tune into a much happier, positive and peaceful channel?

You know those times when you have something weighing on your mind, OR someone has said something to push your buttons, OR you just have way too much to do and feel overwhelmed  … how do you respond?

Are you able to not feel dragged down by whatever is going on and instead change your channel to a better frequency?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of getting too sucked in and just reacting to whatever is going on. We’re unhappy with the situation and can end up getting all worked up.

The negative energy starts flowing and before we realize it we are in a downward cycle and at the mercy of our emotions that are running wild.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you know exactly what I am talking about and trust me, we are not the only ones. This is such a common issue.

In fact, I was talking to my friend the other day and she was telling me about how she recently had to make herself flip to another channel because she noticed she was about to slip into the downward cycle.

And, that is really what it is all about.

When we find ourselves in this situation, we are being given the opportunity to strengthen our ability to change from a lower frequency channel to a higher frequency channel.

We are supposed to be doing our mindset “situps” and “pushups” and come out stronger on the other end.

But, let’s be honest, it can be easy to lose sight of that reality.

Our minds are focused on all that has gone “wrong” and the last thing we want to hear is that we are going to be better and stronger because of what we have gone through.

I know exactly how heavy the moment and what you are going through can feel, but just because we may not be a fan of doing mindset “situps” and “pushups” doesn’t mean we don’t need them.

We have the opportunity to learn something from every experience that comes our way.

But, (and this is a big BUT), in order to be able to do that, we’ve got to recognize what’s going on and choose to do our part in the process.

We really do have amazing potential and can accomplish so much, but we have to understand how to continually stay on the higher channels. Those are the channels where all the “magic happens” and our talents come more and more alive.

We are going to have challenges that come our way and times when we feel “blah”.

That’s why we must have the tools in our toolkit to work through those times and tune into a channel that is more positive, upbeat, peaceful, and makes us feel a million times better. We really do get to choose how we respond, how we feel and how we manage through any situation that comes our way.

Why on earth would we choose to stay on a channel that is doing nothing good for us?

the steps to take to tune into a better channel:

STEP 1: Realize there are different channels and that you need to change to a higher channel.

STEP 2: Commit to do everything you need to in order to tune in. It isn’t always easy to just flip the channel.

STEP 3: Take 5 minutes (at most) to think about whatever is weighing on your mind. Put it into perspective and realize that your mind has a way of making things seem way worse than they actually are. Remind yourself this situation will pass and that as hard as it may be to believe, everything will unfold just as it should.

STEP 4: Move on. Change your focus from what has happened to your desire to change the channel. Don’t allow your mind to re-run negative thoughts you already had about the situation. That’s a waste of time and will not set you up to change the channel. It’s time to move on.


STEP 5: Give yourself some extra “ME” time. Read your favorite inspirational or motivational book or do anything else that allows you to just relax and center yourself (Check this out. It’s what I use).

STEP 6: Move on with your day. Do only one task at a time and pour your attention and energy into whatever task you are currently doing. When you do things with the utmost quality, it requires all of your attention and this means your mind can’t wander (which is a great thing).

Stay on those higher channels TODAY. You will feel so much better and get great results.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.