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6 Questions You Really Want to Ask Yourself Today

Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will. ~Vernon Howard

Do you ask yourself questions from time to time that really make you see the bigger picture and the lessons that have come your way?

I know that was not something I usually did.

I always had so much going on and it was only on those rare occasions (and I really mean rare) that I would stop, step back and take a look at everything I was actually supposed to be learning from the experiences that came my way.

Who on earth has time to consistently look for the lessons and think through what you are supposed to be learning? I certainly did not.

I needed to use my mind to focus on everything I had going on (or, at least that is what I thought).

I had an ever growing “to do” list; a job that was way more than 9 to 5; a family that needed to be taken care of; goals that I really wanted to accomplish … the list went on and on.

Looking back, I realize there was just so much “doing” and so much thinking about “doing”. I had overlooked something really important.

Life wasn’t really supposed to only be about “doing”.

Of course we are always going to have things to do and take care of, but we are also supposed to be learning from the experiences that come our way.

As we progress through life, we are supposed to understand more, find our own truth and get better and better at living.

We are supposed to Live Today Better than Yesterday and that can only happen if we are really living and learning.

The great thing is that we have the opportunity every single day to learn from the people around us and of course ask ourselves questions.

All we have to do is take a break from all the “doing” and turn our attention to the bigger picture.

So, here are 6 questions to answer that require you to turn your attention to the bigger picture and the lessons that have come your way. Take some time and think through them.

And, as a really amazing bonus, I have also included Amir Zoghi’s responses to the questions. For those of you who may not know Amir, he is an internationally acclaimed speaker from Australia and one of the wisest people I have ever met (as an aside, I found out about some FREE tickets you can get to his event this Saturday in LA, CLICK HERE for the details or see the additional information below).

Take a look at his answers that are filled with so much wisdom. Often times it is those little pearls of wisdom that give us “aha moments” and point us in the direction of our own truth. Thank you Amir for the pearls of wisdom you shared.

6 questions you really want to ask yourself:

1. What is something you may want to do even if other people tell you they are wrong?

Amir Zoghi: Follow your heart.

Follow your heart even if there is no logical reason to do so. One of the greatest mistakes you can make is to not follow your heart. Following your heart is so simple to do, but logic can stop you if you let it. Even if you have logical restrictions trying to hold you back, follow your heart anyway.

2. What is something you wish you would have known earlier in life?

Amir Zoghi: It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to be rejected. It’s okay to fail.

So many of my goals would have changed if I had realized that it is okay to be wrong and to fail. A lot of my goals were designed around a fear of failure, but now that I realize there really is no such things as “failure”, my goals are truly what I want and in line with my own truth.

3. What can you do to break out of the status quo and do something extraordinary?

Amir Zoghi: Stop running.

Stop running and find your center and who you really are. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the faster you run, the better. However, if you can just stop running and be still you will find yourself and that is how you really do something extraordinary.

4. What is something you have learned from failure?

Amir Zoghi: That I have the will to get back up.

If I had not failed, I would have never realized I had the will to get back up regardless of what happened. Failing strengthened my will.

5. What is something you should do today to avoid ever having any regrets?

Amir Zoghi: Let go of any regrets of the past.

Holding on to regrets only brings up more regrets in the future. If you didn’t have any regrets from the past, you would be free to make decisions without the fear of making regrets.

6. On any given day, what is one great thought that should run through your mind?

Amir Zoghi: This is fun.

Being here right now is fun. Even though you may sometimes experience limitations and challenges, living is supposed to be fun. Don’t take things so seriously that you lose sight of that.

“I have a personal commitment to life and that is to give humanity the ability to see the invisible, to experience the incredible and to accomplish what we once thought was the impossible: Freedom and Peace”  – Amir Zoghi –

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