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Are You Courageous Enough To Do the Things You Should? Here’s How

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” John Wayne

I realized the other day that there is a misunderstanding of the word “courage” going around. The reason I know this is because I also had misunderstood what it really meant to have courage.

When I used to think of courage, I always assumed it meant you were fearless and that you had absolute confidence in your ability.

In fact, if you look up the word “courage” in Wiki, the synonyms it gives are “boldness” and “fearlessness”. So, based on the wrong definition I had, I didn’t really rise to the level of being courageous.

Of course that was unfortunate, because courage is also always described as one of those traits that is essential if you want to do just about anything.

If you are interested in …

following your dreams

going after something you really want

confronting challenges

letting go of something important

moving on

facing problems

taking a stance

following your truth

you need courage.

I noticed people around me doing things I would never do (or thought I never could do) and just assumed they were way more courageous than I was.

In my mind, they really were fearless and had something I didn’t have so I shouldn’t try to do some of the things I saw them successfully doing. I felt certain things were beyond my level of courage.

But, then the light came on.

Even the people that I knew were absolutely courageous also had some fears in the back of their minds.

There were days they doubted themselves. There were moments when they questioned if they really could achieve what they wanted. There were even times when they wanted to give up and quit because they didn’t feel like they were going to be successful.

And, that is when I realized that being courageous doesn’t have to mean you are completely fearless. It doesn’t mean that from time-to-time you will not question yourself and what you are doing.

It just means that regardless of the fears that may be trying to work against you or the other things holding you back, you continually choose to move forward day after day toward what you want.

You allow your passion for what you want or what you believe in overshadow any doubts.

You keep going even when the challenges seem too big and you give things the time they need to unfold perfectly.

It really was a great realization for me.

You can have fears, but still take steps forward. You can move in the direction you want to go, even if you aren’t fearless. You can push through any doubts … and after you do this continually day after day, the doubts will start melting away one by one and transform into confidence.

So, if you have ever thought you were not courageous enough to do something, realize that nothing could be farther from the truth.

Courage is not about being fearless, its just about being willing to lean in the direction you want to go and knowing that any fears or doubts will drop by the wayside one by one.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.