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Why You Need to Stop, Take A Break, And Reach Out

 “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Do other people really like you? Do they say you are a good person? Do you enjoy getting to know new people? Do you invest a significant amount of your time in building real, genuine and lasting friendships? Do you speak and smile at strangers?

Why do I ask?

Because as I am sure you already know, meeting new people and building real friendships are some of the most important things we can do. It’s something I have really been focusing on lately and have been loving every minute of it.

Now, don’t worry, I am not going to start singing “That’s What Friends are For” or suggest you go buy a bunch of friendship bracelets to send out.

I just think developing great relationships and being friendly, even with people we don’t know, is something worth prioritizing.

It helps us make certain we are going that extra mile and reaching out to people in a genuine way.

There is just something so great that happens when you are really interested in other people and when you take some time out of your busy day to give someone else your attention, even if it is only a couple of minutes.

The key is that you have to honestly be interested and genuinely care.

It can’t be about an agenda or that you are trying to get other people to do something for you. People can smell “fake” from 10 miles away and understandably, they usually don’t like what they smell.

But, when people can feel that you really care and are interested in them, they will always appreciate your efforts and 99 times out of 100 they will usually be receptive.

I have noticed though it is easy to fall into the trap of living only in “your own world”.

We all have so much going on and that gives us good excuses as to why we don’t have the time to reach out to other people. It can feel like one more thing we have to do.

But, once you actually get over that hump and start reaching out regularly to people, it will be more than obvious that it is not burdensome. In fact, the positive energy that you will get in return will motivate you to reach out to more and more people.

If this isn’t something you are already and consistently doing, please trust me that it is absolutely something you want to start integrating into your days.


  1. Practice with me. Send me a message at Ask me a question. You can ask me anything you want to or just say hello. Yes, I am really being serious. I always love to hear from people. Come on. It will only take you a couple of minutes.
  2. Call at least 2 of your friends today. Do you really have the time to do this? Of course you do. You don’t have to speak to them for hours on end, but at least say hello and let them know you have been thinking of them.
  3. Reach out to 3 people by e-mail or text to just say hello. Send an e-mail to say hello to 3 people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Just say hello and check in.
  4. Speak to someone you don’t ordinarily speak to. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Start up a conversation with a stranger. Smile and say hello to people as you move through the day.
  5. Make it a habit. Make it a part of your daily routine to speak to new people and reach out to your friends. Put it on your “to do” list.
Live Today Better than Yesterday.