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How to Know and Take the Chances You Should

“If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be”. – Anonymous

Do you take the right chances? Are you willing to do things beyond your comfort zone?

I used to not be so great … actually, absolutely terrible at taking chances.

I would look at other people taking what I thought were crazy chances and think to myself, “Are they seriously going to do that?”

I knew someone who got married relatively quickly, packed up all her things, left her family and friends, and went abroad to live with her new husband. (Uhhhh sure, that makes perfect sense??? I guess you should go for it.)

And then there were the countless people I knew of that were leaving their jobs to risk everything and start their own businesses. (Who does that? Especially, in this economy???)

The list really goes on and on.

There were so many people around me taking chances and I just didn’t understand how they convinced themselves what they were doing was a good idea.

I had always believed in being somewhat risk averse and doing things where you are pretty much guaranteed a positive outcome.

But, after some time and a lot of reflection, I can say I honestly see the value in taking chances.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. There are still some chances I think are way too “wild” to take and can be taken for all the wrong reasons.

I believe you have to really think things through, ask yourself important questions about your motives, and make certain you are taking the right chances for the right reasons.

But, I do recognize that if you are too conservative and you continually do only what you have always done and stay within your comfort zone, you will not take the chances you should or accomplish all the extraordinary things you really are capable of.

One of the best things about life is that it is filled with opportunities and potential.

So much is ours for the taking, but in order to take advantage of all that is being offered, we do have to sign up to take some risk and move beyond our comfort zone.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of being too conservative when it comes to taking chances. The majority of the time those gift boxes that contain the greatest opportunities are wrapped in and surrounded by some of our greatest fears.

That means we have to tear through and get rid of our fears in order to get to the great opportunity that’s waiting for us inside.

Even though we want to feel 100% safe and for things to be guaranteed before we sign up to take any real chances, a lot of times that’s just not the way things are meant to happen.

Opportunities exist beyond our comfort zones and are surrounded by our fears for a reason.

Our fears need to be worked through and overcome and once we can finally do that, the success of the opportunity is the reward.

But, to get there, we have to “jump” despite the uncertainty, and fears that may be weighing us down; and despite the fact that we don’t want other people to see us fail and also don’t want to feel disappointed ourselves.

When it comes to the best opportunities, a lot of the time many things are uncertain. But, it really is okay to not know.

“There is wisdom in uncertainty.” Deepak Chopra

In fact, it may even be ideal because when things are unknown it forces you to let go a little of controlling every single thing and that’s when your wisdom and creativity can really take over and guide you in the right direction.

So, from here on out, I am signing up to get rid of any fears and take those chances I should.

I am not saying I will take every chance that comes my way, but when the right ones come along, and I think through things and they feel right to me deep down, I am going to work through any fears and “jump”.

Will you join me?

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

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