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How You Can Finally Get Rid of Your “I’ll Do It Later” Mentality and Never Procrastinate

“If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.” ~Olin Miller

Do you ever wonder why there are certain things that you know you need to do and take care of, but for one reason or another you just don’t do them?

The task that has been on your “to do” list since the beginning of time

The assignment at work that you soooo need to complete

The little projects you’ve been meaning to handle at home for at least 2 months

Seriously, why is it that sometimes we let these things go undone day after day? We know we are eventually going to have to do them, but we keep putting them off.

I can’t even begin to tell you the crazy number of things (both big things and even small, easy to do things) that used to be on my “I’ll Do It Later List”.

I would continue moving them to the bottom of my priority list and then convince myself that I would just do them later. It literally used to take me forever to do certain tasks that for one reason or another I couldn’t seem to prioritize.

And, the weird things was that I would still be handling other things.

It’s not like I was completely unproductive and not handling anything … I was just not handling those particular things that had found their way to my “I’ll Do It Later List”.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you’ll be glad to know:

(1) It’s totally not our fault. It’s understandable that people fall into the procrastination trap. We have so much going on all the time and it’s an easy trap to fall into when you are trying to keep a lot of balls up in the air.


(2) I have stumbled into a solution (that of course I am going to share) and its something you can change TODAY.

So, the problem I had was that I really didn’t have a process for handling all the stuff on my “I’ll Do It Later List”.

When things found their way to that list, it was as if they had been dropped into a deep black hole and there was no telling when I would actually come back to rescue them.

So, I changed things up a little … and it totally worked.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are still things that for one reason or another I don’t handle as quickly as I should (hey, I am human), but 99% of the things that I need to do, I take care of and they don’t stick around longer than they should.

how to make sure you stop procrastinating:

1. Organize Your Day to Include Doing It. Decide exactly when and for how long you are going to work on your “I’ll Do It Later List”. Don’t tell yourself that you will do it when you have some “down time” or when you remember. That rarely works. You need to plan a time every single day to take care of things on your “I’ll Do It Later List”. For me, the best time is every morning at 9:00 am and when that time comes, I know I need to turn my attention to my “I’ll Do It Later” list and start doing the things on my list.

2. Remind Yourself The Best Way Out is Through. You are going to need to do everything on your “I’ll Do It Later List” at some point so remind yourself that you really just need to handle whatever it is.  Commit to getting it done as soon as humanly possible. You are so much better off to not just let things linger and you will feel great when you finally complete the things you need to.

3. Just start it. It’s amazing how things just get moving when you take the first step. Even if you can’t complete something in one day, just begin the process and start working at it.

4. Make Yourself Take Another Look at the Task. Our minds can make things so much bigger than they really are. If there’s something you have decided is “too big to be done easily” chances are it’s going on your “I’ll Do It Later List” and possibly not getting completed for some time. Don’t let that happen. Take another look at whatever it is and figure out how to break it into more manageable pieces that you can tackle one day at a time. It usually is never as big as you may think it is at first. Do it 10 minutes at a time. It’s amazing how much progress you can make when you do something every single day for 10 minutes.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

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