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How You Can Really Enjoy And Experience Today In The Best Way

“Enjoy things exactly as they are even while working toward what could be.” Lori Deschene

I can honestly say after 35 years I have finally realized that those are so words to live by …”Enjoy things exactly as they are.”

If you are like me (and many other people) … there is definitely something you are either trying to change about yourself or there is something you are trying to make happen.

Maybe you are trying to:

shed some weight

get better at just relaxing and enjoying life

find the perfect relationship

boost your self confidence

get a promotion at work

learn how to stop worrying and calm your mind

make something happen you have wanted for a long time … or

all of the above

The list goes on and on and the reality is that 95% of us are trying to accomplish, do or change something the majority of the time, even if we don’t really realize it.

Life is all about living, learning and growing so there is by no means anything wrong with wanting to improve or accomplish something.

I am a big time believer in Living Today Better than Yesterday (as you know) and continually taking steps in the right direction.

It’s just that if we want to be successful and make the things we want happen in the future, we’ve got to create the right type of mindset TODAY.

And, that is where it can really get challenging.

We know where we want to go and we look forward to that future time when we have accomplished what we wanted. We think about how great it will be and we tell ourselves that “Today” is okay but “Tomorrow” is going to be so much better.

Is there anything wrong with looking forward to the future?

Not really, as long as we have found that perfect balance between looking forward to the future and being happy with where we are right now.

You’ve got to find a way to enjoy TODAY and experience it in the best way even though you want something different for yourself in the future.

Never overlook what’s here for you Today … all of the possibilities you have Today to really live and be awake.

And that’s the trap that is so easy to fall into.

I know I fell into it and slipped into “autopilot” mode for a while. But, I finally realized that the only way to guarantee that the “tomorrow” we want will come, is by really enjoying, living and experiencing “Today” in the best way possible.

Our “Tomorrows” are connected to our “Todays”.

how do you actually do it TODAY:

  1. No more autopilot. Don’t just run through your day. Continually work on pouring your passion and positive energy into whatever it is you are doing. Pay attention. Don’t just “do”. Do things with the utmost quality and give every single thing the attention it deserves. Reduce and if possible eliminate multitasking.
  2. Appreciate exactly where you are Right Now. No matter where you want to go or how great you have decided it will be, find your way to loving and appreciating this moment in time. Experience it in the best way.
  3. Prioritize TODAY.  As you go through your day, remind yourself that there is nothing more important than how you feel and how you experience TODAY … not tomorrow, not all the things you still need to do, not any of the things feel you need to worry about. How you feel and experience TODAY  really matters. Don’t let anything else get in the way.
Live Today Better than Yesterday.

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