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11 Things You Really Want to Stop Doing Today

“If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.” – Unknown

Have you ever heard of the concept of a “Stop Doing” list?

The Stop Doing List was created by Jim Collins and the goal is to create a list of the things you are no longer going to do because they drain your positive energy and provide very little, if any, benefits.

How cool is that? I really love that concept and the first list I created included all sorts of things that I was literally going to stop immediately doing.

    • No more going to events just because it was “politically correct” to be seen at them. If I didn’t really have a desire to go, I wasn’t going.
    • No more overcommitting myself and trying to do way too much during the day.
    • No more saying “yes”, when I really felt that the right answer was “no”.

I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable it was for me to stop doing the things that were on the list. So, I thought I would take it one step further and create another list of things that I should stop doing.

This time I decided to focus on the things that were a little more intangible, but definitely were a huge energy drain and provided absolutely no benefits.

You know those things that you know you shouldn’t do, but for some reason you aren’t paying enough attention and you mindlessly allow them to continue?

Well, Today is the day to put a stop to all of them.

It really is so true that if you want to take advantage of all the possibilities of today you can’t let things you can “stop doing” weigh you down. It’s time to fly.

11 Things to stop doing TODAY:

  1. Stop focusing on obstacles … focus on possibilities.
  2. Stop getting frustrated when things don’t easily come together … be patient and realize there is so much value in what you learn along the way.
  3. Stop worrying that people will think you are just a dreamer … dream bigger and bigger; you will be amazed at what comes true.
  4. Stop thinking you have to run through the day in order to get everything done … understand there is so much value in turning off the autopilot and thoughtfully moving through the day.
  5. Stop resenting the things that went wrong … just figure out what you were supposed to learn so you don’t need to get the same lesson again.
  6. Stop thinking you have to know exactly what you are doing before trying … realize this is what it means to do things out of your comfort zone.
  7. Stop believing you have to always be “thinking” or “doing” … because oftentimes the best thing “to do” is be silent and slow down.
  8. Stop worrying about what could possibly happen … and realize you are so much better off to believe that things will work out just as you want (even if you end up wrong in the end).
  9. Stop thinking you have to always take quantum leaps … and realize the baby steps are just as impressive and important.
  10. Stop being afraid to fail … and know that oftentimes the only path to success is through failure.
  11. Stop thinking you are crazy for being bold and taking a chance … because that is usually when you learn the most and life gets really, really good.
Live Today Better than Yesterday.