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How You Can Really “Take Your Fear and Shove It” – Interview with Tess Marshall

“Courage is innate.” Tess Marshall

I used to think I didn’t really have courage … or at least enough courage to take chances. I would look at other people taking what I thought were “wild chances” and think to myself,

“I would soooooo never do that.”

“I am just too risk averse to take big chances”.

But, there was a large part of me that really wanted to have enough courage to take the chances I should. I didn’t want to look up one day and ever think, “if only” …

So, I knew I had to change things up a little.

I was going to need to push myself out of my comfort zone and start working on getting more “courage” (I guess I should have grabbed, Dorothy, Toto, the tin man and the scarecrow and started looking for the “yellow brick road”).

Looking back now, I realize that I was looking for something I already had.

Courage isn’t something you have or don’t have. As Tess explains, it’s innate. We’ve all got it in us and sometimes it just has to be uncovered.

I’ve always believed that we can learn so much from other people and the experiences and lessons they share from their lives. And, there is no one better to learn from than Tess Marshall.

Tess Marshall is the amazing mind behind  The Bold Life. She is focused on inspiring her readers to follow their hearts, be bold, and create a peaceful life filled with love. In this interview, Tess shares so many nuggets of wisdom about fears and courage.

She has also recently created a really great course that provides all the tools and techniques you need to push fear aside and live a life of more beauty, humor, playfulness, and meaning. Who on earth wouldn’t want to do that … right?

If you are looking TODAY to take chances, be bold, live life to the fullest, get rid of your fears or all of the above, you’ve gotta check out her course, Take Your Fear and Shove It and also take a look at her interview.

Click here to watch Tess’s Interview.


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  1. 1

    It’s great to see Tess on video:)
    And such a significant topic–and course–because we all have fear, it is what we choose to do with it that determines the quality of our life.
    I’m “walking into my greatness”–thank you both for all that you share, it continues to inspire me to “keep walking”.

  2. 4

    Your the best! I love how you put this together. We rock! xo

  3. 6

    I loved seeing the both of you together!
    Great interview Sibyl and great info from Tess!
    To wake up and appreciate each day – what a gift, right?

  4. 8

    Wow, Sybil, I really enjoyed that interview. I am so excited I was one of the lucky winners of a giveaway of Tess’s course. Of course I’ve followed her inspiring blog for a long time now. I remember mentioning Tess and her blog in the 500th post on my own blog, almost a year ago.

    Tess is so right about the fear of rejection holding us back from some of our most important accomplishments. I loved the inspiring quotes interspersed through the video!

    Thank you, this is such a treat! You both look wonderful on video – and it makes me feel closer! I loved seeing your gorgeous smiles and laughter!

  5. 12

    Love the video interview format! I feel like I know both of you a little better now.

    Tess, thank you for working hard to help so many others demonstrate their awesome-ness. We all have courage and everything else we need inside of us. Like you said, it’s just a matter of uncovering what’s there.

  6. 15

    Great interview and fantastic lessons to keep in mind!
    I can completely relate to the fears that rise when you write an eBook, but the reward of conquering our fears and continuing on our path is incredible. I think that the more often we overcome our fears the easier it gets because we get more self-confident and we begin to believe in ourselves.

    • 16

      I love your name. I’m sure you know Sophie means wise. And my best childhood friend was Ann. Writing on fear brought everything up and doing a big launch was amazing. I am blessed to have had and continue to have good results. Over all it’s the best thing I’ve done in 2011-2012!

    • 17

      Hey Anne-Sophie. Thanks so much for the comment and for dropping by. I totally agree with you about it getting easier and easier to overcome fears. That really is such great wisdom. Thanks for sharing it here.

  7. 18

    Tess and Sybil…
    Fantastic job!! Sybil, you’re a natural interviewer, asking good questions and just being you.

    OH TESS! Am I ever proud of you. You actually don’t seem nervous to me once you get going. You’e inclusive, authentic, and authoritative …in a very good way.

    You inpsire..xxooo-Fran

  8. 21

    Hi Sibyl,

    You have definitely taken your blog to another level. You really stepped up your game. I am inspired by the courage it took to take that leap of faith. Thank you for bringing yourself and your guest into our space for an intimate “chat”. Looking forward to more of the same.


  9. 24

    Hi Sibyl and Tess,

    Wow what an amazing interview. Loved seeing you both live. Tess, your course sounds great and will help many.

  10. 26

    Hi Ladies, terrific job
    be good to yourselves

  11. 27
    Megan Bord says:

    Tess! Watching this video got me so excited and I wanted it to be longer! You were eloquent, fun to watch and listen to, and (as always) genuinely inspirational. You’re successful and your posts/advice so believable because you LIVE THIS STUFF; it’s your way. Talk about innate!

    I could go on and on raving about how much I loved watching this video… More like it please!

    And on that note, Sybil: your format and interview techniques are stupendous! I’m new to your site as of today, but I plan to subscribe. I like everything I saw of you through this. Really well done.

    • 28

      Hey Megan: So glad that you stopped by and that you liked the video. Isn’t Tess just so inspiring? I totally agree with you that its one thing to say it and another to LIVE it and Tess is such an amazing example of living it. Thanks so much for the kind words about the video and thanks for stopping by.

  12. 29

    Sibyl and Tess,
    So, so, so great to SEE and hear both of you today!!

    Mmmm….that idea of “fear of rejection”…now there’s one that (as much as I want to say it’s not there) is there… Reminds me, as I listened, that taking those steps into that fear, anyway, can yield some pretty wonderful things (even when we are rejected, in the classical sense of that).

    So awesome to see both of you!!!

  13. 33

    Great interview ladies! It was nice getting to know you both better. Breaking through our fear barriers is a major first step to transformation. Hope to see more video interviews in the future!

  14. 36

    Oh, how fun to see you and HEAR you! Tess, I thought the interview was fantastic….loved the two questions at the end.
    I am discovering Sibyl for the first time with this interview with you. Now I can’t wait to read more of her blog. What a poised young woman. I didn’t have that where-with-all when I had a 5 yr. old and a 1 yr. old.
    Onto those fears…never too late, right?

    • 37

      :) Thanks for the kind words Linda. I appreciate it and am so glad you stopped by. Didn’t Tess do great? She is so inspiring … and, as you said, onto those fears … it really is never too late:) Thanks again for the comment and for stopping by.

  15. 38

    Awesome ladies. I love the skype version where I can see both of you! Both of you rock!

  16. 40

    I love Both of you to pieces and to see you talking to each other on this video. How did I miss this? Tess, you rock on video. That one video you did, I told you how I felt about that …. you have a great voice! And Sibyl, great job on the interview. Fearless living: I am right there with you!!!

  17. 41

    This was a great interview! It’s great to actually put a visual picture behind these two great masterminds, Tess and Sibyl. You two are amazing! Recently I’ve put myself out in areas where I’m conquering certain fears. Areas where there can easily be rejection, criticism, and discouragement, but I’m determined to stick to it until I overcome these fears. I’m going to take this fear and shove it, like the headline says. :) Thanks for sharing!

    • 42

      Hey Jarrod:) Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind words. So glad that you enjoyed the video. Here’s to taking fear and shoving it:)