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How You Can Make Sure that You Are Living Today Better than Yesterday


“Live Today Better than Yesterday.”

The one thing I am always reminding myself of is to make sure that I am “Living Today Better than Yesterday”.

I try to make sure I am growing, improving, learning from the experiences that come my way, and doing things that will allow me to take steps in the right direction day after day.

I can’t say that I always get it right 100% of the time, but having this goal has definitely helped me make continual progress and grow.

And, I know I need to always remind myself to “Live Today Better than Yesterday” because there were too many years that I just wasn’t doing it. I was a little too complacent. I accepted the status quo. I got caught up in my ways. I was comfortable doing things the way I always had.

It’s not that things weren’t working or falling into place in my life, but I can honestly admit that I wasn’t “growing” as much as I could have been.

But, you live and learn … right?

life really is all about growth

I am not sure exactly when it dawned on me, but one day I woke up and realized that life really is supposed to be about growth.

Our relationships are supposed to grow and deepen. We are supposed to make progress when it comes to our goals and dreams. We are supposed to understand more and have more clarity on who we are and what our purpose is.

We are not supposed to be caught up in holding patterns and we are definitely not supposed to move backwards when it comes to any aspects of our life.

Essentially, we are supposed to get better and better at “living”. That’s the object of the game.

living today better than yesterday

So, “Living Today Better than Yesterday”, is my new measuring stick for every single thing in my life.

Am I doing things better today than I did yesterday? Am I further along this year than I was last year? Am I moving in the right direction?

And, I am so hoping you will join me and also commit to “Living Today Better than Yesterday”.

Because this is really how we are going to make those things we want happen. It is also how we can stay focused on doing those things we know we should be doing when it comes to our relationships, our careers, our goals, and all the other things in our lives.

It sets us up to continually make progress day after day and to always be on the lookout for anything in our life that isn’t satisfying that standard.

the possibility of today:

Remind yourself today that every aspect of life is supposed to continually improve and get better. Granted things may not always go the way we planned, but in one way or another everything should be progressing and moving you forward.

Don’t set your bar too low. Don’t settle.

If you feel like you aren’t moving forward in a particular area, it is time to do something about it.  Don’t run on the hamster wheel of life (it doesn’t matter how fast you are going if you aren’t going anywhere).

how do you do it?

1. Don’t let life just happen: Take the time and clearly define your vision for the things that are important to you? What do you ultimately want to accomplish in each area of your life? You get to decide, so make sure that you do.

2. Commit & GO: Make a commitment to yourself that you will pursue and make progress in every area that is important to you.What are the steps you can take? Start taking them Today.

3.  No Excuses:  Realize the time is now…not tomorrow, not a year from now.  Don’t make any excuses or overlook the importance of moving forward. It is time to go.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

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  1. 1

    Nice post. I was checking about this post on internet and found yours. Very interesting and informative.

  2. 2

    Very nice post to make things Happen.. Today is a gift , thats why its known as “PRESENT”. We are too busy in measuring are past failures that we miss the present.And the time when we realise ,its already gone. Thanks Sibyl for making realise the value of time .

    • 3

      Clare: Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it and totally agree with you that Today is such a gift:) I am so glad that you enjoyed the post and thank you for stopping by.

  3. 4

    Siobyl, I just wanted to let you know how much your positive thoughts have helped me esp ,with chronic pain, spinal spain and Fibromyalgia. I am a disbled nurse that can do longer work d/t spinal spain;can barely walk. Your inspiration help me so much an make a difference in my life. I am also a born again Christian so God helps me too. I save every pic that you talk about. Looking forward to today.
    Love ya,
    Marla Jo Eshleman Winner

  4. 5

    Sibyl, I just wanted to let you know how much your positive thoughts have helped me esp ,with chronic pain, spinal spain and Fibromyalgia. I am a disbled nurse that can do longer work d/t spinal spain;can barely walk. Your inspiration help me so much an make a difference in my life. I am also a born again Christian so God helps me too. I save every pic that you talk about. Looking forward to today.
    Love ya,
    Marla Jo Eshleman Winner

    • 6

      Marla: Thank you so much for the kind words and for stopping by. I am so happy that you are finding the articles helpful. I think you embody exactly what the Possibility of Today is all about. It’s about digging deep, even those times when you aren’t feeling great and lifting your head up enough to see the light. I am so glad that is what you are doing everyday:) Thanks so much for the comment and thanks again for dropping by. Love you too:)

  5. 7
    KImberly says:

    Excellent advice, profound and succint and in my case, as with likely the rest of humanity very timely. Sometimes , although we know what to do or should be done, hearing it or reading it reinforces things.
    Thank you.

    • 8

      So glad you liked the article and I totally agree with you. Sometimes we just need a little reminder:) Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment Kimberly. I really appreciate it.

  6. 9
    C. Scott says:

    Wow. I think the only public figure on Earth who comes close to 100% of Peaceful Thought is the Dali Lama. Still, it’s something everyone can be learning to do. To master one’s mind releases the heart.
    Thanks for sharing Sibyl. There are hucksters at every corner of the internet, and 2 suckers born every minute. If you have something to share do so for a smile, if you can, and not the cash.

    • 10

      Thanks Scott for the comment. There is nothing better than getting a smile in return:) Have a great day and thanks for dropping by. Namaste

  7. 11
    Vicki Schilling says:

    Thank you! The teacher comes when the student is ready! Today was my time! I am enjoying this site and information.

  8. 12
    Jammie Morgan says:

    I really find your message refreshing to my heart, I would really love to communicate and talk about somethings that I’m going thru in my life. Thank you for all the possibilities.
    Jammie Morgan

    • 13

      Thanks for the comment Jammie. So glad you enjoyed the article. Feel free to e-mail me:) I would love to help you out in anyway I can (

  9. 14

    I love your thoughts and seeing a woman who was doing what I am and know it can change just makesmy heart happy ! I will be following and trying all your tips! TY so much Carol

    • 15

      Thanks Carol so much for the comment and for dropping by. I really appreciate your kind words and you can definitely change it up however it feels right:) Thanks again for the comment.

  10. 16
    Karmen Smith IX says:

    I am really looking forward to the journey…paradigm shifts in progress…onward march!

    • 17

      Let’s do it Karmen:) So glad you are looking forward to the journey. Thanks so much for the comment and dropping by.

      • 18

        Life brings a change,in the worse way sometimes, because when someone passes that is so dear to you ,it,s so hard to continue the journey. But like i was told,it is up to me to move foward to the best of my abilities. Now i need to stop cause the TEARS ARE FLOWIN.

        • 19

          Oh Bonita – so sorry, I didn’t mean to make the tears flow. I know it really can be so hard to manage through those big changes – especially if they are unexpected. Just take it one day at a time and keep reminding yourself that everything will absolutely be okay. I’ve noticed that when I focus on the light – in time it just really helps. Thanks so much for the comment and for dropping by.

          • 20

            thanks SIBYL,for the kind words they really helped. Movin on is really hard but i will look forward for that light because as of now it’s dim.I will continue to looks for the up lifting words thanks again.

  11. 21
    Jenifer winkler says:

    I love your positive energy!! Please let me know how I can receive your positive thoughts each day!


    • 22

      Hey Jennifer:) Thanks so much for the kind words and taking the time to drop by. You can join my page on FB or also sign up for the online magazine:) I am so glad you want to join. It’s great to have you here.

  12. 23
    smita srivastava says:

    Hi Sibyl!
    Congratulations for putting up a wonderful collection showing others how one can live without complaining.
    Keep it up!

  13. 25
    shimelis says:

    thanks very much, it is very interesting and mind refreshing advice, i am happy to get as such empowering ideas

    • 26

      So glad you liked it and found the article interesting. Thank you for taking the time to drop by and share your thoughts. Always appreciated:)

  14. 27

    Thanks dear for such a shooting inspiration, atimes we get off track our focuse cos of pressure and maybe influences, buh if we can come across such inspiring blog den it gets one back on track and with more courage and drive. I do apreciate dis, God bless u.

    • 28

      Morgan – Thank you for the comment and the kind words. I really appreciate it and am glad you stopped by:)

  15. 29
    Angel Ray says:

    I just found your wonderful website today and I love it. My best friend and I have set out on a mission to eliminate as much of the negative as we can from our lives and to live authentically. I posted a post on facebook and gave everyone a challenge to only post positive things and to live in the love and the light. So finding this was a little ironic. Funny how things appear when you least expect them.

    • 30

      Hi Angel – Thanks for the comment and for dropping by. I love that mission you and your best friend are doing. That’s such a great idea. Isn’t it funny how things come to you and just cement your plans and confirm you’re moving in the right direction. I love when that happens:) Thanks for the message and for dropping by.

  16. 31

    Everything starts as a thought SO developing our thought process is key in having the SERENITY too except what we can’t change /OTHERS ,COURAGE to change what we can OURSELVES and the WISDOM to KNOW the difference………. And practice what we know

    • 32

      Totally agree Teresa … It all begins with thought and belief. Thanks so much for the comment and for dropping by.

  17. 33

    Great words of encouragement sibyl. So many people live day by day, doing the same old things and complaining about how unhappy or okay things are. Your life can be great if you know what inspires you, what your passionate about, the people in your iife that make you feel good. Do more of the things that empower you and less of what makes you weak and unfulfilled.