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One Simple Thought You Really Want to Have Today

“Always believe something wonderful is coming your way.”

Do you truly believe that something wonderful is coming your way? Can you say without a doubt that there are amazing things in store for you?

I used to be one of those people that wanted to believe in all that was possible, but I also didn’t want to be overconfident that things would work out and either “jinx” or set myself up to be disappointed if things didn’t go as planned.

But, not anymore. I have abandoned all that type of thinking that requires you to downplay or doubt that great things are coming your way.

“Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worse.” — Gone

“Don’t expect anything and you don’t get disappointed.” — Gone

Because thinking like that not only taints what really is possible, it also doesn’t allow you to be as enthusiastic as you should be and have the best energy flowing that will really inspire you to do great things today.

Be quiet “Negative Committee”

I have finally realized (better late than never) that it’s in our best interest to continually remind ourselves that great things really are coming our way and that more and more things will fall in place.

Because the majority of us are very familiar with the negative committee in our minds and know that it often needs to be reeled in. We’ve got to overshadow the nonsense that our negative committee would love for us to believe.

And, one of the best ways to do that is to remind yourself of everything you really are capable of and all the great things that are going to continue to come your way.

It may be hard to believe that something as simple as that could dramatically and positively impact how you feel throughout the day and continually remind you to rethink what’s possible — but it does.

Life is Supposed to Get Better and Better

Even though everything may not always go exactly as we planned, life is not meant to be filled with disappointments. We are meant to get better and better at looking at things from a different perspective and know there is always a bigger picture (even if we can’t see it).

Your life is supposed to and is going to get better and better.

You are going to understand more and gain more clarity. You are going to know more about how to navigate through the world and more and more amazing things are continually going to come your way.

Living a fulfilled life, accomplishing your goals and watching your dreams become a reality — that is what is promised to you and is the way your life will unfold.

But, you’ve got to do your part. You’ve got to believe it and go for it.

It’s Okay to Want and Expect Amazing Things

And, its okay to want and expect to live an amazing life. You aren’t going to jinx anything. You aren’t going to set yourself up to be disappointed.

In fact, its just the opposite, if you are expecting and knowing amazing things will come your way, and you’re doing what you know needs to be done — that is really how you get things continually moving in the right direction today (and every Today that follows).

The Possibility of Today:

1. Today — Love it. Live it. Pour all your passion and energy into whatever is in front of you Today. No matter what comes your way today (work, errands, cleaning, etc.) do it in a thoughtful way. The key to having great things come your way tomorrow is to love and appreciate exactly where you are today (even if your long term goals are to do something else).

2. Tomorrow — Look forward to it. Remind yourself that wonderful things are coming your way. Don’t obsess about tomorrow, but have a quiet confidence that things will go your way and will unfold perfectly. Let it be a silent force in the background that makes you love Today more and more.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

Did you like this post? Do you relate? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Get your Live Today Better Bonus Kit today! Learn to live today better than yesterday.


  1. 1

    Hi Sibyl,
    I love your message. I have positive expectations and believe the world is plotting to us good today!

  2. 3

    Thank you for a beautiful reminder, Sibyl. I constantly remind myself to look for the good in life. Not only has this helped me to attract amazing people and opportunities, it has helped me to make it through some of the toughest times imaginable without losing the smile in my heart. What we repeatedly expect is what we eventually get, so the advice you’ve given here is top of the line.

    • 4

      Hey Nea … I think what you said about not losing the smile in your heart is what it is all about:) Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  3. 5

    Thankyou Sibyl,
    be good to yourself

  4. 7
    Manoj Narayan says:

    Thanks Sibyl for this wonderful Positive thinking blog. You have brought Trust in Self to the fore of Man’s perception of tomorrow. As rightly pointed out, the Negative Committee always come with a rider clause which allows Man to Procrastinate using Fear of the Unknown , ie Tomorrow as a Limiting factor. Living Today by believing yourself and trusting that Life is Simply Different and all have a better Tomorrow, can tweek the negativism and Bring in Happiness and peace in Oneself and rid yourself of all Doubts and sorrows too

    • 8

      Thanks Manoj for the kind words. I am so glad that you liked the post and I appreciate you taking the time to comment and let me know:) I love what you said about the rider clause … so true:) Thanks again for dropping by.

  5. 9

    Hi Sibyl,

    Awesome message! Expect good things and they will come to you! What a great outlook to have :-)

  6. 11

    What we think about today creates our tomorrow. Tempering our excitement and expectations about tomorrow ensures that greatness will evade us. Knowing that it will happen draws it closer and allows us to be excited about what we have now. I love how you describe all of this! Great post Sibyl!

    • 12

      Thanks Paige:) I really appreciate your feedback and that you took the time to comment and let me know. I really do believe there are so many great things coming our way … we just have to open our minds and hearts to them. Thanks again for dropping by.

  7. 13

    Sibyl, it’s a very important post here. You know… someone who thinks well will always ask this question of him/her self: what is life? what the meaning of existence? why are we all here? I felt better about what we are doing here on earth when I heard this:

    • 14

      Thanks Giles for the comment and for stopping by. I really appreciate it and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will have to check out that link:) Thanks for sharing it.

  8. 15

    “Always believe something wonderful is coming your way.” – YES! The entire universe is conspiring to make me happy. :-) I love your “negative commtitee” concept!

  9. 16

    Hi Sibyl,
    wonderful article. I feel excited about what’s happening in my life but I do still have a negative voice, it is tucked away and pushed aside but I think today’s the day for kicking it out for good! Thanks for the reminder.

    • 17

      Ciara: I know exactly what you are talking about in terms of the negative voice that you know is tucked away, but still there somewhere. I totally agree with you that Today is definitely the day to get control of it:) Thanks so much for the comment and for dropping by.

  10. 18

    Love your post Sibyl. Truthfully, have a hard time leaning into it. Perhaps the negative cttee is too strong in my world or maybe far too many setbacks have left me to fear hoping. talk about an oxymoron “frear and hope” side by side in a sentence. I will follow your advice and that of another commentor…not to loose the smile in my heart.

    • 19

      I think it is all about taking it one day at a time Nadia and reprogramming your mind. For me the key was not to just let the negative committee control my mind. Once you realize what is happening, you really can take control:) Thanks for the comment and for dropping by.

  11. 20

    Sybil….I always wake up feeling that each day is a mystery and adventure….anything can happen. Once I look out the window at nature, have my first cup of coffee, do my spiritual reading, and meditate…I am ready for an absolutely spectacular day. Thanks for being the voice of possibility. Fran

    • 21

      I love that morning routine Fran:) Thanks for sharing it here. There really is nothing better than starting the day off right and opening yourself up to amazing possibilities:) Thanks so much for the comment and for dropping by.

  12. 22

    Hi Sibyl,

    I love your inspiring post! I do believe happiness and success go hand in hand, so believing that we will expect to live an amazing life goes a long way to making it happen. Thanks for sharing.

    • 23

      Hey Cathy: Thanks so much for stopping by. I am so glad that you liked the post and I agree with you that happiness and success really do go hand in hand:) Thanks for the comment Cathy. Always appreciated.

  13. 24

    I really needed this motivational blessing. I am committed to change my negative thoughts into positive ones. I love this site!

    • 25

      I am so glad you liked the post Kisha:) Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to let me know. I really appreciate it.

  14. 26

    This is a great post. If we try for success while having a cushy backup plan, then we are less likely to succeed. It’s better to remove all doubt of failure and just go balls to the wall.

    • 27

      Hey Alex: I totally agree with you. Sometimes it is just about going “all chips in” :) Thanks so much for the comment and for dropping by.

  15. 28

    We find what we seek. If we are anticipating the worst, we will miss the best right in front of us. This is a powerful post with deep wisdom. Thank you!

    • 29

      Galen: Thanks so much for the comment and for dropping by. I am so glad that you liked the post and I totally agree that we find what we seek. Thanks again for the comment.

  16. 30

    This was really beautiful I had been irritable and negative for a couple of weeks. Nothing seemed to go right although things were working out in the best way ever. I had failed to see the positive. However, your page rally helped me see things differently. Even as I am writing this, i can feel a positive energy inside me.

    • 31

      Yeah:) I am so glad Amina. Thanks so much for the kind words and for stopping by. I really appreciate it and am happy that you like what you found here.

  17. 32

    What is happiness? If we mean by it a state of fulfillment, when everything is going our way, in terms of results as well as efforts (which requires a providential combination of pluck and luck), then it cannot simply be willed; it is partly, if not largely, a gift of fate.–

    • 33

      Hmmmm…Great comment and question. I would say that happiness is a mindset and that we choose to find our way there by looking at whatever happens to us from the right perspective. At least, that’s been my experience:)

  18. 34

    Thank you! I’ve pinned this on my Pinterest board!