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Some Simple Pieces of Wisdom You Really Want to Know

Regardless of our differences, we all live our lives around the same questions. Lori Deschene

Possibility of Today TV: Interview with Lori Deschene – Tiny Buddha

Isn’t it true that we are more alike than we are different? Granted we have our differences and are having varied experiences as we move through life. But, when it comes right down to it, we have more things in common than we have that are different.

The majority of us know:

How it feels to be in a great relationship that is working — and we also know how it feels to have your heart broken.

We have experienced the sweet taste of success — and know exactly how it can feel when things don’t work out as planned.

We have all had our ups, our sideways and even our downs.

I just don’t think it’s a coincidence that I can have one experience and you can have a completely different experience, but we still have the exact same feelings that need to be worked through.

We are all meant to share our wisdom — what has helped us get through those tough times, what has worked to get us ahead, and especially what hasn’t.  We are able to learn not only from our own lives, but also from the things other people have gone through.

It’s what Lori Deschene and the Tiny community focus on doing everyday. Lori is the founder of Tiny Buddha, a site that has emerged as a leading resource for peace and happiness, with more than 15 million views to date. The site is centered around reflecting on simple wisdom and learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives.

Lori is also the author of the book, Tiny Buddha, Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard Questions and has shared some pearls of wisdom in the latest episode of Possibility of Today TV. Please check out the video above.

Also, if you are looking for an amazing book, you should check out Tiny Buddha, Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard Questions.

It’s the first book of it’s kind. Lori asked 200,000 + of her twitter followers a number of the most challenging questions in life, like: Why is there suffering in the world? What’s the meaning of life? What does it take to be happy? Why are relationships hard? She received many insightful responses which she has shared in the book along with her own insights.

The book is jam packed with wisdom that you can start applying to your own life today. Click Here to check it out.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

Please share your thoughts about this latest episode of Possibility of Today in the comment section below. And, if there’s anything you think I can help with, please e-mail me at

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  1. 1

    Thanks Lori so much for taking the time to answer some questions and share your words of wisdom. I really love everything you shared and am a huge fan of your latest book. Thanks for taking the time to be on Possibility of Today TV:)

  2. 3

    Hi Sibyl,

    I must confess; you’ve asked the most important questions in life in this single post- “Why is there suffering in the world? What’s the meaning of life? What does it take to be happy? Why are relationships hard?” Yes, we are all connected in every way, but it is really perplexing how the majority of people are ignorant of this truth, and don’t even ask these really important questions; because if they did, they would be forced to seek answers. Seeking answers will definitely lead them to the discovery many facts- they can become wiser and more enlightened. Then, there will be less homicides, poverty, suicides, corruption, conflicts, and prejudice that are all endemic on our planet today. If Lori’s new book sheds some light on the mystery of our existence, then it’s well worth getting.
    I love this post. Thanks for sharing.

    • 4

      Hey Giles: So glad you liked the post. Thanks for dropping by and I can assure you that Lori’s book is definitely one you will want to check out:)

    • 5

      Thanks so much Giles! I think it’s more important to ask ourselves the right questions than it is to have all the answers. Sometimes there aren’t any answers; there’s just what feels right to us, in a given moment, and what we choose to do with it.

  3. 6

    Hi Sibyl,

    Tiny Buddha is an amazing site and it was great to learn more about Lori from your interview. The idea that we are not the enemy is one that will stick with me. We are often so hard on ourselves, and yet we are all human and mistakes are part of life. Thanks for sharing your wonderful video.

  4. 9

    Great interview! I, too, struggle with balancing living my life to the fullest and simply enjoying my day. I often feel like life is short and that I have so much that I want to accomplish so I have to pack as much as I can in each day. Unfortunately, when I do this, I miss the beautiful little thing that make life so precious. Remembering to slow down and enjoy every wonderful thing in my life is part of my daily practice.

    Thanks so much for highlighting Lori’s book. It’s awesome!

    • 10

      Thank you Paige! It can be tough to find a balance. One thing I’ve been starting to recognize is that there are a lot of things I’ve always thought I *should* want that I really don’t. I still have ambitions, but some of my deepest joys in life are really quite simple. I’ve found the little things are the big things!

  5. 11

    Hi Lori and Sibyl,

    What a great interview. You’re so AUTHENTIC Lori and GENUINE! Sibyl, you’re videos are so wonderful like you. If it sounds like I’m gushing, I am. Way to go you two. I’m going to go take care of myself now! I’m so happy that on the gigantic enormous internet that I CONNECTED to both of you. xoxo

  6. 13

    Thank you for all wisdom and life coaching and comments you have.I need all I can get so that I can deal with life.It’s tough when you have an addiction and sometimes its just unbearable.