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Do you agree with this quote? “How you treat me is Your Karma. How I react is Mine.”

Let’s learn from each other. Share your comments and wisdom on this quote below.

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    Yes, absolutely. That’s so common out there. How we react to things is how we make our future. Have you see saints and people like them who simply don’t react sometimes. They sit quite and just take things in. They don’t want to display a reaction that is understandable in any way that annoys. Staying out of reacting is also sometimes a way out of situations.

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      Thanks Jaky for sharing your wisdom here. I really appreciate it and agree with you — how we react to things really does help to shape our future.

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    I too don’t believe in karma, but I definitely agree that how you treat me says something about you, and how I react says something about me.
    Thanks for sharing!

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      Very true Osayi. I agree with you that the most important takeaway message is how you are treating other people. Thanks for sharing your wisdom here:)

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    In the vernacular: What goes around, comes around.
    You–Me–We–Me–You. That’s it in a nutshell. :-)

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    Very important to keep in mind!! We usually avoid our own responsibility on our feelings blaming others for our own reactions.

    By the way, very nice site! Congratulations!

    Thank you!

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    Yes, I totally agree. You can’t ever control control how other people behave and it’s never your fault. But dropping down to their level and acting in the same way is your fault and your responsibility.

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      It really is so true what you said Anne-Sophie. You can always choose your highest and best response and I’ve learned that it is sooooo much better when you are able to take that higher road:) Thanks so much for the comment and for dropping by.

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    Amish mistry says:

    yeh…..always helps to be proactive than to be reactive…’s all about doing the best with what is within one’s means….what one gets is not within one’s means….but how one takes is definitely a choice within one’s own means…:)))….BTW a very Enlightening Site…Thanks for the good work

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      Thanks Amish for the comment and for dropping by. Thank you also for the kind words about the site. I really appreciate it.

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    Yes I agree with this Quote its probably one of the most critical lesson a person can learn if life. How not to react negatively despite what is said to you or how you are treated. I have to learn to master this I must admit… But I realize that a person’s reaction can actually be a choice. You can choose to take the higher road and react in a way that reflects the best of you. Reactions as, Jaky before me said make our future and shape our lives. The hard part is making a habit of reacting not out of emotions but from kindness and self-awareness. Karma is the circle, what you give out and the true nature of it, no matter as a response or as an action is going to come back to you in the same form as you as you gave it out. Hard work given returns to you quality of results; kindness begets kindness somehow and in someway whether you react to negative treatment with the kindness to forgive the time may be delayed but it will be returned to you eventually. Reacting to a situation or person should be carefully crafted to create the best you. Eventually nothing that happens to you can get you down if you learn to react with good character. I also think the highest most enlightened person is one who can exhibit kindness to all and learn to forgive all who have wronged them. Its the higher road. Karma, that which you give out returns to you. Think before acting. So yes, your reaction is your of your own and only affects your Karma. You have a choice.

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      gobluechavis says:

      Hi Vesper. Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment and sharing your insights here. I really appreciate you taking the time. I think you are so right about one of the best things is when you have the ability to forgive all those who have wronged you and exhibit true kindness. Thank you again for dropping by and taking the time to share your thoughts.

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    Another Quote that is going into my book that I carry….Everytime my attitude or thought process goes in a negative direction I pull out the book and read them and one of them will instantly pull me right back to positive…..I love quotes They are a quick way to remind me that I am a product of who choose to be regarless of how others act say or feel and continue to live by example.