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How To Make Sure You Are Focusing On The Right Things Today

“About 90% of the things in our life are right. Make sure you don’t overlook the 90% that is right because you are focusing on the 10% that isn’t.”   Dale Carnegie

This is a great piece of advice that I am so taking to heart today (and every Today that follows). I am committing to not allowing anything overshadow the things that are working and going right. And, of course I want you to join me and make the same commitment.


Because we’ve got great things we are committed to doing and we don’t want anything unnecessarily weighing on us and holding us back. We know we want to live a fulfilled life, be happy and continually have great things flowing our way.

So, that means we’ve got to always make sure we are looking at everything from the right perspective. We can’t let the “negative committee” in our minds convince us to primarily focus on those things that are “heavy” and are perhaps not currently working out as we would like.

It’s not that we should brush over serious issues or pretend they don’t exist. We should do our best to find a resolution and deal with whatever it is that we don’t feel is working. However, we can’t allow “what’s not working” to be our dominant focus and overshadow everything else that is working. That will never get us to where we want to be.

Recognize What’s Already Working

You’ve already got so many things that are going well for you. If you don’t think so — then you probably should think about it again. There are things you have accomplished. There are good people in your life. There are things you are currently doing really well. And, there are absolutely even better things coming your way. Don’t overlook that reality or minimize what’s working.

If I didn’t know any better, I would believe our brains are hardwired to primarily focus on those things that aren’t working or the things that are currently weighing on our minds. Those things seem to quickly rise to the surface and can absolutely monopolize our attention.

But, the reality is that our brains are not hardwired wrong — we’ve just got to choose what we focus on and how we frame things in our minds. This takes intent and a commitment to not allow the wrong type of thoughts to continually run through our minds uncontrolled.

Today is the day to commit to controlling our thoughts and always have the best mindset possible.

The Possibility of Today

1. Create Your “What’s Working Today List”: Create a list that you can update everyday with the things that are working in your life today. Don’t overlook anything – the little things definitely count. Create a new list every single day so that you can assure that everything that is working will be at the forefront of your mind. This is easy to do and will only take you about 3 minutes. It’s amazing how doing something this simple just gets your mind instantly focused on the right things.

2. Take a “Time In” to focus on what’s working: If you start feeling discouraged or are in need of a “pick me up”, take a “Time In” for 60 seconds and reflect on all the things that are working today. Take 60 seconds to yourself and read your “What’s Working Today List” to get your mind focused on the right types of thoughts again.

3. Recognize that your mind plays games. Once you realize that your mind plays games and is always ready and willing to focus on “what’s not working” you will be less apt to fall into the trap. Catch yourself every time your “negative committee” starts acting up and reel it in.

Live Today Better than Yesterday

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