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Are You Moving Forward Quickly Enough? Here’s How You Can Easily Do It


 “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” – Unknown

Are you good at quickly changing up your routine? If you find a new and improved way of doing something, are you the type of person that immediately makes whatever changes are necessary and integrates the new routine into your day?

I have always been open minded when it comes to making changes and realizing there may be a better way of doing things than what I have been doing. But, I can’t say that I always moved quickly enough when it came to actually changing things up.

I didn’t really realize how important it is to move quickly until I came across some information on “Speed of Implementation”. But, now that I know, it is something I am continually focused on — because speed really matters.

It’s All About “Speed of Implementation”

Have you heard of “Speed of Implementation”? “Speed of Implementation” is the distance between the time you learn of an improved way of doing anything and the time it takes you to put what you have learned into action.

And, I really would like you to consider joining me and adopting Speed of Implementation as your new operating procedure because there are so many benefits, including the major one of increasing the likelihood of your success at accomplishing anything you want. Who wouldn’t want to do that — right?

Also, it’s worth noting that Speed of Implementation has already been tested and proven — this isn’t just some crazy idea I have thought up. Harvard did a study of really successful people and found that the one trait they all had in common was Speed of Implementation. According to the research, when successful people come across a new and improved way of doing things, they integrate the change into their routine right away. They don’t hesitate or delay. They take action and put whatever they discovered to use immediately.

So, I have committed to Speed of Implementation as my new modus operandi and anytime I come across anything that I know is a better way — the Stop Doing List, Choosing the Best Mood, Taming my negative committee or anything else, I make sure I immediately make the necessary changes to integrate the new thing into my day.

We are committed to making more and more big things happen in our life and of course Living Today Better than Yesterday. Why not accelerate our success by using Speed of Implementation? I promise you it will be one of the best changes you have ever made. Join me?

The Possibility of Today

1. Commit Today: Commit to become a person that implements new ideas quickly. It doesn’t mean that you make rash decisions or jump into things too quickly. But, when you come across a better way of doing things, you should take action right away and change up your routine.

2. Start Today: Think about anything you have recently come across that you know is  a new and better way of doing things (i.e. Reeling in the Negative Committee) and integrate that new thing into your routine right now. Change whatever you need to in order to adopt the new thing you discovered.

3. Keep it Top of Mind. Anytime you notice yourself making an excuse or not moving quickly enough, remind yourself of the importance of Speed of Implementation. It’s time to go.

Live Today Better Than Yesterday.