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31 Things You Want To Have Successfully Done When You Look Back on Life

“No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.” — Dr. Dale Turner

I think one of the best realizations I ever had is that every single day is filled with possibilities.

Looking back, I can say this reality was not something I focused on earlier in life and I definitely didn’t take advantage of all the possibilities that I should have.

But, you live and learn — right?

So, now I am all about the Possibilities of Today and making sure that I am seeing them, choosing them and most importantly taking advantage of the right ones. Each day we literally get a new set of 24 hours and a new set of possibilities.

The decision is always ours as to what we are going to do with the day and if we will choose to take advantage of the possibilities that are just there waiting for us.

When we look back on life, we want to be able to say that although it may have taken us awhile to get started, when all was said and done, we took advantage of all the possibilities we should have. We lived up to our potential.

Here’s a list of 31 things I definitely want to say I have done. Join me?

31 Things You Want To Say You Have Successfully Done

1.  Learned how to really live in the moment.

2.  Learned more from your experiences than you regretted about your experiences.

3.  Truly Loved someone with all your heart.

4.  Realized the difference between “real love” and infatuation (It’s the only way to really satisfy #3 above).

5.  Laughed more than you cried.

6.  Lived more than you existed.

7.  Loved more than you hated.

8.  Tamed and controlled the Negative Committee in your mind.

9.  Figured out how to see the good in people -even if you had to really, really search for it.

10. Tapped into and lived from your Extraordinary Side.

11. Forgave anyone and everyone for anything and everything.

12. Successfully used your ability to create and shape your future.

13. Broke all your bad habits.

14. Learned how to trust yourself and follow your intuition.

15. Got comfortable with being out of your comfort zone.

16. Took tons of baby steps and several quantum leaps along the way.

17. Found at least one amazing song that instantly takes you to “that place”.

18. Discovered how to be at your best and kind to just about anyone.

19. Walked – then tried running — then discovered you could fly.

20. Got over proving to other people that you were right.

21. Figured out how to consistently do some sort of exercise.

22. Overcame your fears.

23. Found the quickest route to your center and took it every time you realized you strayed too far.

24. Mastered dealing with challenging people.

25. Enjoyed plenty of silence.

26. Read at least 10 amazing books – 5 of which you know changed you for the better.

27. Figured out how to keep your peace of mind regardless of the nonsense happening around you.

28. Realized that there’s way more to life than “just doing”.

29. Did what made you happy.

30. Discovered who you truly are.

31. And of course — Lived Today Better than Yesterday.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

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