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One Simple Thing You Can Do To Get What You Really Want

Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass. ~Paul J. Meyer

When there is something you really want to happen, are you ever afraid to get your hopes up too high? Do you allow yourself to really believe things will work out or do you hold back a little because you don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment?

I used to be the type of person that was careful to not get my hopes too high and I would even continually remind myself of all the reasons why I shouldn’t be confident that things would work out.

Don’t get your hopes up too high because you will just be even more disappointed in the end if things don’t work out.

Until it actually happens, there’s always something that could go wrong. Don’t be too confident about things working out the way you want. You will jinx things.

Things like this rarely end up going my way so it’s better to not expect things to work out. Just see what happens.

These were the type of thoughts that were consistently running through my mind — but then one day, it clicked, and I realized these thoughts were limiting beliefs and actually working against me.

Don’t Work Against Yourself

While it is true that you can never predict exactly how things will unfold, it is also true that you can allow your limiting beliefs and doubts to get in the way and prevent something really good from happening. You can absolutely create the wrong energy and end up working against yourself and blocking the things you want.

It’s like one of my favorite quotes explains –

“If you decide that something you want is unlikely and possibly not going to happen, it will most likely live up to your expectation.”

So, that’s why I have done a complete turn around when it comes to the things I want. I now choose to believe they are going to happen. I remind myself if I do my part then things will unfold perfectly just as they are meant to.

And, of course I want you to join me and adopt this way of thinking because it really does work. When you look at things this way, it not only opens the pathway so that things can come together, it also keeps you energized and motivated to do your part.

It’s amazing what happens when you really believe in the things you want and often times even more than you ever dreamed of or expected ends up happening. So, don’t hold back. Get your hopes up for the future. Be confident. Create all the right energy to really enjoy today and working toward what you want.

If you do all of that, there’s no need to worry about being disappointed in the end because you will not be. The tomorrow you want will already be on it’s way.

The Possibility of Today

1. Catch yourself when your mind starts with limiting beliefs or any other negative thoughts that work against you. Let the negative thoughts rise to the surface and evaporate by reminding yourself that what you want is going to happen.

2. When you understand and believe that what you want is on its way you keep the positive energy flowing. Pour that positive energy into today and the things you are doing that are moving you closer to what you want.

3. Replace all your negative statements with statements that keep you focused on the right type of thoughts. Stop saying, I really hope it’s going to work out … Start saying, it’s already on its way.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

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