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“About 90% of the things in our life are right. Make sure you don’t overlook the 90% of things that are right because you are focusing on the 10% of things that aren’t. ” Dale Carnegie  

Do you want to know one of the most important things I have ever learned? No matter what I thought was”wrong” or “wasn’t working out” in my life … if I was willing to step back and look at things objectively, there were always things going right.

Each and every time I felt frustrated, overwhelmed or upset about things that either were or weren’t happening, the mistake I was making was that I was allowing all the things I didn’t like to overshadow all the things that had fallen into place and were already working.

And, you want to know what else I realized? If I would just stop focusing on what was bothering me for 10 seconds (yes, that’s right, only 10 seconds) and instead focus on the things in my life that were working, it would immediately elevate my mood and make me feel better.

It would allow me to put everything into perspective and not overlook all the good things already surrounding me. It’s like one of my favorite quote explains –

“Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.”

Focusing on what was already working always melts away some of the heaviness and any disappointment you may feel. When you stop the Chief Negativity Officer in your mind from repeating its negative thought patterns and instead turn your attention to all the things you do have (the big things and especially the small things you may normally overlook), it just makes you feel better.

It’s not that the problems or issues we are working through instantly disappear, but by reminding ourselves of all the things in our life that we appreciate, we lift our mood and get in a better state of mind to actually work through whatever needs to be dealt with.

So after I realized that, I am sure you can imagine I started using this approach as a regular everyday practice. No matter what I have going on, I know I can instantly lift my mood and improve the day just by taking 10 seconds to remind myself of all the things I have in my life that I appreciate.

And, even when I am feeling great and not working through any challenges, I use this practice regularly to keep all the good vibes flowing.

If you are a part of the Possibility of Today Facebook community, you’ve probably seen the routine we do where we focus our minds on what’s already working in our life and what we appreciate. We share it with all 47,000 + people in the Facebook Community and it feels great. Take a look at some of what people have shared recently.

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What You Focus On Expands

The reality is that whatever you focus on expands. So, ask yourself this question – Why not focus on those things that you want more and more of in your life? You get to choose where you direct your attention. And, when you focus on what’s already working, whatever is bothering you is much easier to put into perspective and work through.

It’s not that you ignore it or never deal with it, but rather, you appreciate all that you do have and you realize the importance of being in the right frame of mind so that you can find your way to any solution you may need.

The Possibility of Today:

1. Take 10 seconds right now. Stop whatever you are doing and leave a comment about what’s already working for you in the comment section under this article. Share with us one great thing you appreciate about today? When you really focus on what’s working and share it with people, it elevates whatever mood you’re in. Test it out right now and you will see how great it works.

2. Go Tell Someone how much you appreciate them. Send them an e-mail or text – right now that says: “Hey ________, just a quick note to say hello. I want you to know how much I appreciate having you in my life. Enjoy the rest of your day.” Is this a cheesy and overly sensitive thing to do? I don’t think so – and honestly, who cares? Being sensitive is the new cool. And, it’s amazing how much these random acts of appreciation will elevate your mood instantly and the mood of whoever you send them to. Give someone a nice surprise right now.

3. Pass it on. Share this post with someone so they can get their good vibes flowing. Help other people instantly improve their moods today.

Live today Better Than Yesterday.

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