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One of the Most Important Realizations You Can Ever Have

It’s impossible … said pride. It’s risky … said experience. It’s pointless … said reason. Give it a try … whispered the heart.

Do you believe it’s really possible to live the life you’ve always imagined for yourself? Seriously, take a couple of seconds and just think about that question …

Do you believe you absolutely can have all those things you want – the best relationship, an amazing family, the ideal career, financial success, continual happiness – and anything else you desire?

I always believed it was possible to have these things — of course that also made it frustrating because I was very aware I didn’t have many of the things I wanted.

I can remember thinking …

Why does it have to be so hard for me when it seems so much easier for other people?

Will I ever really be continually happy day after day?

When am I going to finally get to where I really want to be?

How long am I going to have to wait for all of these great things to happen to me?

I prayed, I worked, I sacrificed, I begged, and I even pleaded at times. I was willing to do just about anything to find my way to living the life I always longed for.

But, life has a way of giving you the lessons and the things you actually need at the perfect time … and not a moment sooner.

Although it didn’t feel like it at the time, everything unfolded perfectly. Because, while I was working and waiting for more and more things to unfold, I was learning one of the most valuable lessons of my entire life – The Possibility of Today.

When you don’t have all those things you want or when times feel challenging, one of the greatest comforts is to rest in the belief that what you want is possible and to just focus on living the day in front of you in the best way possible.

So, that’s what I did.

I focused on experiencing and enjoying the day in front of me as best I could regardless of what was happening or what I thought I was missing in my life. I realized there was so much Possibility in Today and if I could somehow bring my Extraordinary Side – my highest self – to every moment and use the day the right way – to grow, or to learn, or to take a step forward, or to work through whatever had come my way – I would always feel better.

And, that simple practice of believing in possibility and just focusing on living the day in front of me in the best way, didn’t just help me feel better. It also allowed me to find my way to the things I wanted for my life.

That’s why I am always talking about the Possibility of Today and asking you to join me. Because when we choose to live in this different way, we feel our best and so many great possibilities continually open up all around us that are ours for the taking.

The Possibility of Today

1. Realize that there is so much possibility in today (and every today that follows).

2. Choose to live differently. Take advantage of the Possibility of Today. Bring your Extraordinary Side to every moment you experience. Quiet the Chief Negativity Officer in your mind. Go after the things you want. Work through your challenges. Take small steps forward everyday. Enjoy and love the people around you. Keep all your positive energy continually flowing.

Introducing Our Possibility of Today Community

So many of you have already joined in and become a possibilitarian or have always been a possibilitarian. I am going to be featuring your stories from time to time.

If you have a great story about how you took advantage of the Possibility of Today, send it to me. It’s always great to hear and be inspired by other people’s stories, so please share yours with us (e-mail me: Here’s the first story …

Rebecca HulseIntroducing Rebecca Hulse and Her Story of Possibility

Everybody has dreams, big dreams, unthinkable dreams they have no idea if they can ever really achieve.

At age 11, I wanted to be the first New Zealander in the Russian only Bolshoi Ballet.
At age 16, I wanted to be a Prima Ballerina in an American Ballet Company.

But, at age 18 my ballet dreams were crushed and I was devastated.

I had been rejected from a ballet program which I always believed was the only way to living the life I really wanted to live. After all that time and all that hard work, I had to do the unthinkable and let go of a dream I had held onto for so long that I thought was meant for me.

But, of course, I didn’t want people to know I had failed so I created a cover-up story. I told people I lost the passion for ballet and was expanding my options and looking for other ways to dance.

I felt like a fraud the first time I said it. I could hear the voice of my little inner Miss Perfect yelling at the top of her lungs …

You are a liar. You are totally lying through the skin of your teeth. You just didn’t make it and everyone knows it.

I knew the voice of my little inner Miss Perfect was reaping havoc on my life. I knew she was the reason I doubted myself and that I had let her chip away at my confidence for way too long.

So, I worked on strengthening my confidence. I got better at being lovingly deaf and paying attention instead to the reality I was choosing to create – my own paradise.

I have to be honest, for a while Miss Perfect got the better of me, but I kept working at it and reminding myself that I really could accomplish the things I wanted. After some time, I had finally strengthened my confidence enough and so I went after something HUGE… I went back after that dream I had given up on earlier.

I used all the tools in my toolbox. I followed my intuition. I envisioned what I wanted. I worked really hard. I quieted the voice of Miss Perfect … and the dreams I had always wanted – to become a professional dancer – finally came true.

So, right now I am writing to you from the middle of the Caribbean Ocean on the Jewel of the Seas after a standing ovation in tonight’s show. I am living my dream.

And, my question to you, is what is your dream? Are you working toward what you really want? If I can do it, then you can absolutely do it too. You’ve just got to be willing to go after what you want, quiet the voice of Miss Perfect, work at it everyday and most importantly believe.

Rebecca Hulse is a dream believer, life coach, laughter yoga teacher and professional dancer. You can find more inspiration and her ebook Fresh Up! for free at

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

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