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3 Simple But Powerful Steps You Can Take And Improve Today

Everythingyouneed.025“Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time”.

Doesn’t it feel like even though 2014 has just begun, there is already a lot to manage through? Maybe you have had a lot going on or issues that need to be resolved. Or, maybe you are managing through some changes or personal challenges.

Whatever the case may be, haven’t you felt like there is a lot to work through? I know I personally have been managing through so much lately.

Haven’t you also noticed how easy it is to feel overwhelmed or get lost in worry? Our minds can continually focus on worse case scenarios and make things feel ten times worse than they really are.

It’s times like these when I realize even more why it’s so important to continually strengthen our ability to recenter and maintain the best peace of mind possible. To stay connected with the feelings of our Extraordinary Side or Higher Self.

Because when we don’t, it is too easy to lose touch with the Side of ourselves that is calming, reassuring and knows that everything will work out just as we need it to.

It’s All Going to Unfold Perfectly

No matter how things may appear or how much your mind may try to convince you otherwise, the truth is that everything you need really will come at the perfect time and things will unfold perfectly. That is one thing we can absolutely count on.

It’s like that quote explains,

“Trust the process. Everything is coming to you in perfect timing.” Sue Krebs

Of course, a lot of times that is easier said than done because the fears, doubts and worries continually creep up and shake our confidence. That’s okay though. We’re human and so there may be times when we have to work through waves of doubt and uncertainty.

But, we are absolutely meant to manage through each wave and bring the Light of our Extraordinary Side to it. When we bring the strength of our Extraordinary Side to anything we are working through, not only do the worries melt away, but the wisdom of our Extraordinary Side shines and points us in the right direction. We are able to stay calm. We can see our best next steps forward.

And, the Truth is that we are much bigger and stronger than any wave, challenge or anything else that might come our way. We always will find the way through when we rise up to the challenge.

I included the three steps I have been using to manage through challenges. You might want to print it out and have it with you as you move through the day. It makes it easier to manage through the waves when you have these steps top of mind. Of course, feel free to e-mail me with any questions ( I always love hearing from you.

I will check in with you next week on how everything is going. I also am going to share something else I want you join me in doing very soon. It’s time to take some big strides forward in 2014. But, for now, let’s focus on managing through whatever is in front of us Today as our Extraordinary Side.

The Possibility of Today: Bringing the Light of Your Extraordinary Side to Challenges

1. Manage Through The Waves. Anytime fears, or doubts creep up in your mind, take three deep breaths and then remind yourself that even if you can’t see how, everything will work out. Settle in and feel the strength of your Extraordinary Side. Each time you do this you get better at it and the waves will start passing quicker and eventually go away completely.

2. Do More of The Things You Enjoy. This is the time to really spoil yourself. Do more of the things that you enjoy and that relax you. Go on long walks, meditate, spend time in nature, read, or do anything else you enjoy.

3. Push through any Fear and Doubts. Decide you’re going to be strong and confident even if you’re just pretending in the beginning. Eventually, those feelings will take hold and overshadow any fears or doubts.

Live Today Better Than Yesterday.

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  1. 1

    This is a great reading! It’s take the worry out of everyone’s lives with the hope that there really is something better around the corner!
    LOVE your readings Sibyl! Keep up the tremendous work!!!

    Edmonton, Canada

  2. 3

    Hi Sibyl,
    I agree with you about a lot of things getting in the way of self. I have been trusting in the holy spirit
    to help me to be silent and listen.
    Breathing in and out is my way of blowing the clogged feelings away from me.
    Redirecting my thought pattern has been very helpful, however sometimes other people try to influence the thought pattern to what seems more distracting.
    I will continue to listen and follow the holy spirit to reduce what is blocking my path and to receive the many blessing I have to come.

  3. 5

    “With each cautious step closer to the deep, there is a anxious undertow rushing into our hearts, but the crashing waves deter our full trust. The pulse of the undertow, the heartbeat of care, the unseen warm pull of hope, the grace that tugs you, no matter who you think you are or what you think you have done. The crashing waves remind us to trust love daily, to face the endless trials that consistently crash, but slowly love earns our precious trust and we release the white-knuckled grip of fear and the doubt attached to our broken lives. With each step closer, we realize love was with us on the shore, in the walk into the waves, in the air we breathe, in the love we share, in our spirit of which we are most alive, and it’s presence is the ocean in which we live. Many will spend their lives on the shore, never to know the depths of love, except those joyful souls who dare to come cautiously closer to the deep.” – LG

  4. 7

    Boy, did I need to be reminded today that my Extraordinary Side is always accessible! The new year was ushered in with what seems to be insurmountable challenges. An elderly parent whose house just burned down is not how I wanted to do 2014. After your encouraging words, I have been able to reflect on how things are working they way they should (and they really are!) and have regained my wavering confidence to deal this unfortunate event. The timing of this post does not escape my notice. I am learning that being aware of the infinite and tiny miracles in each day will embolden your Extraordinary Side to go into action and reveal the possibilities of today. As always, thank you Sibyl!

    • 8

      Oohhh…I love what you said. “I am learning that being aware of the infinite and tiny miracles in each day will embolden your Extraordinary Side to go into action and reveal the possibilities of today.” That is so true and such an amazing way to explain it. One moment and one day at a time. We bring our Extraordinary Side to the day and it all unfolds perfectly:) So glad you liked the article. xoxo

  5. 9
    Mary Jane Buchan says:

    I enjoy these reading alot~~very meaningful to me!!!!!

  6. 11

    This is very similar to your number 2, but I would also say, “learn to say no” or give yourself more time.

    • 12

      Hey Davis:) How are you? I know I totally owe you an e-mail. I am going there today to take care of it:) Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

  7. 13

    God, everything you say on this post I already learned from God, The Bible, His Perfect Timing!

  8. 15
    Taratou Dolan says:

    This is absolutely brilliant, couldn’t have come at a better time, I really thank you and your theories are really working, right now I’m in some kind of cross road, but with God on my side, and your well abled self, I know everything’s gonna be OK,by the special grace of God,

    Finally I thank God for the wisdom He’s given you to come up with such wonderful counceling, may you remain blessed and continue to assist people like me on how to manage our daily struggles, heartaches, confussion and pain. I really appreciate you.
    I am so overwhelmed because the three steps are really encouraging, I love it and will certainly put it to practice, by the next time i write, it wud be a different story, cos I believe everything’s gonna be fine.
    Warm Regards,
    Tara Dolan

    • 16

      Tara thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the time to comment. I am so glad you found the article and the 3 steps helpful. Please keep me updated on how your practice goes:)

  9. 17

    Hello Sibyl! I don’t own a printer so I hand copied the info down so I can put it up. But what’s confusing for me is why I had to deal with the same problems & circumstances for 70 years & now I’m finding out through the Bible & other info that I should have been living a lot better then what I am now. If things are going to unfold perfectly & in due time then why did I have to live the life I’m living before anything gets better for me? That part I don’t understand. Is it because I didn’t seek God out when I was just starting to live my life on my own? I hope someone can make that part more clearer. Have a great day!

    • 18

      Hi Renee – Thanks for the comment and dropping by. One of the most important things I have learned is to learn from our past experiences, but there is no need to have any regrets. I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason and so its important for us to trust that. Whatever happened is already over. You learned from it and you grew and now you’re in the best position to take advantage of all that you know and move forward better. So, what I always ask myself is how can I do it differently now that I know I can do it better and I turn my attention to today and the moment in front of me. It’s never too late to do it better:) Hope that helps. xoxox

  10. 19

    I am meeting my Fitness and Exercise Goals for 2014. Actually I started around Halloween October 2013 and have been going strong with the calisthenics since then. I have also declared 2014 Year of the Husband. I finally decided I’d like to have a soul mate, a life partner to share a journey together with a kind, loving, godly, thoughtful, man. In order to do this I know I have to do something beside go from work to home and back again. I had the good fortune during the Holiday season to be invited to many parties. Many of my friends were born either in November or December and of course Christmas time is Party Central. Enjoyed dancing, eating and socializing. Now I plan to attend activities, hobbies and social events that will put me in contact with a like-minded gentleman. Yesterday I met a guy at the Frick Museum here in New York. We chatted but since he was working there and I did not want to distract him from his job, I invited him to my workplace which is also a famous New York museum. I forgot to give him my phone number but I’ve asked God/Universe to allow us to reconnect. 2014 is also the Year of Fun, Joy and Happiness!

    • 20

      Hi DeBorah. Happy New Year. So glad you had a great holiday season. I 100% agree that 2014 is the year for fun, joy and happiness:) Let’s enjoy it.

  11. 21
    Annanias Shivolo says:

    This i really interesting, I’ve got a feeling that this is gona help reach my goes, since i already started working on it i believe that with this inspiration is just another little push! This is what i need to hear everyday….

  12. 23

    Thank you so much for being the conduit of the Universe that you are.

  13. 25

    Great points! It’s all unfolding perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

  14. 27
    Priscilla says:

    You are right that all comes to us at the perfect time and in the perfect way. Due to that fact, it doesn’t take that much effort. We don’t have to “manage” or “push”/force anything. We simply need to stay in the moment, observe, reach for the next better-feeling thought, word, and/or action, and allow. Struggle is not necessary.

  15. 28
    xnavygal (jen) says:

    Sibyl, Great read most definetly. And it definetly is a process, (thank God)….Embarking on this journey of learning a new way to live takes time. I am an addict name jen, in recovery for six years and heavily involved in a 12-step program. When I read your writings they correlate so well with these 12 Steps. However, writing the answers to the questions on paper is is only thru understanding AND application that they work. Today I trust the process and believe in the progress. I have had to walk thru that fear and get to the other side and no, it’s not always easy. It is hard and painful but neccessary. Fear is at the root of my disease. I’m not where I used to be, not yet where I would like to be, but today I just want to be the best “me” I can be, and that’s okay and it’s enough. Stay Blessed, jen