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How You Trust The Journey Even When Things Get Tough

Don'tletwhathappens.jpgHave you ever been working for awhile (maybe even for years) to get something you really wanted? Maybe there was something you were trying to accomplish or maybe you realized certain things needed to improve in your life?

Do you know what has always been interesting to me about these times when we’ve been doing our best to get the pieces to fall into place?

When things finally do fall into place … there will be something else. There are always more possibilities and even more things we are going to want, regardless of what we accomplish.

After you finally get the dream job, then it’s going to be about getting a promotion or the next job.

After you find the right person, then it’s going to be about creating a healthy relationship with that person.

After you finish writing the book and get it published, then it’s going to be about the next book.

There will always be something else.

Understanding that helps me keep everything in perspective (especially when I am still working and waiting for things to fall into place). It drives home the point that it can’t just be about reaching a particular destination because that destination will continually change.

Once we finally reach the top of the mountain we’ve been climbing, yes, it’s going to feel really good. We will celebrate, let out a sigh of relief, appreciate how far we’ve come … and then we are going to notice there is yet another mountain we should climb.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe we are meant to climb mountains and accomplish those things that are truly important to us. But, as we’ve heard time and time again, the most important thing is to enjoy the journey.

It’s how we feel every single day while we are moving in the direction we want to go that matters most.

But, how do you enjoy the journey when things get tough?

Let’s be real, sometimes enjoying the journey is not the easiest thing to do. There are so many things that happen as we journey up what I call the Possibility Spiral – the path we travel to get from wherever we are to where we want to be.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.29.41 PMI think what bothered me the most was being on the backside of the Spiral. Of course I loved the times when I was on the front side of the Spiral and I could see things falling into place. But, I used to get shaken up and bothered when I would hit a backside of a Spiral. I was tired from working so hard, frustrated when challenges came up, and worried that everything wasn’t going to fall into place.

“Enjoy” felt like a distant feeling from how I really felt, even though I would do my best to pretend everything was okay. But, it dawned on me, that I didn’t need to pretend to be enjoying the journey if that wasn’t true.

Depending on what we’re working through, “enjoying the journey” may be challenging to do. But, it’s more than okay to aim instead for “trusting the journey”.

You choose to turn your attention to trusting whatever is happening and settle into the understanding that somehow life is rearranging perfectly to give you exactly what you need.

And, what’s great about turning our attention to trusting the journey is that we no longer have to try to answer questions we usually don’t have the answers to …

How much longer do I have to wait for things to fall into place?

Why do things have to be so hard?

 Why do I have to deal with this now?

There are certain questions we may never have the answers to and when we focus on them that is when our fears and doubts cast a shadow on the day.

But, when we use our days to focus on trusting the journey, even the challenging days get easier. The fog of negativity lifts. We settle into the truth that everything we need will come at the perfect time and before we know it we are ready to get back to enjoying the journey.

The Possibility of Today: Settling into Trusting the Journey

Step #1 – Notice any doubts or other negative thoughts running through your mind.

Step #2- Comfort your doubts. Say, “I know it may be hard right now. Everything really is going to be okay, but, you’ve got to let go of these negative thoughts though because they work against you. Negative thought, get out of my mind now.”

Step #3– Take 3 deep breaths and then visualize everything working out.

Step #4- End with gratitude. Appreciate that the doubts surfaced because you need to work through them in order to get where you want to be.

Print this process out and keep it close. You might find that you only need to do it once a day. Other days you might need to do it every other minute. The key is to repeat the process until you feel better and are settled back into trusting the journey. Also, if you want to take steps forward together, you can check out the Live Today Better Program. This is the program I created to work with people and help them move up their Possibility Spirals.

Live Today Better Than Yesterday.

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  1. 1
    MikeWalker says:

    This is Great! I’m living this tough scenario right now and it seems as if this was written to help me right here, right now. Thank you. Awareness, non-resistance (let it in and let it be); see it as I want it to be and be grateful for it being as I want it. I felt when I awaken this morning that all I needed to do was to hang in there and something would reveal itself to me as an answer and this certainly is it. Thank you for sharing

    • 2

      Hi Mike –

      I am so glad that you liked the article and that it helped you. I loved what you said about Awareness, non-resistance and let it in and let it be … very powerful words. Thank you for sharing them here. And, I know you know, but it’s always good to hear again and again … everything you need will come at the perfect time. Just keep believing and trusting that:) xoxo

  2. 3

    Thank you for your message this day. It, as I am sure falls right where I need. I feel that I am banging my head up against the wall. trying to get my life back together after an illness. Things are not coming together. Mentally hurt so much. So much promise, so little fulfillment.

    • 4

      Hi Anthony –

      I am so glad you found the message helpful. I know illness is a lot to manage through. I have always been a believer that sometimes the best way forward is to just take it one day at a time and try to focus on living the moments in front of you in the best way you can. I know that is easier said than done sometimes. But, what I have also noticed is that when we work to do our best with each moment, what eventually happens is that we string enough “good moments” together and the heaviness starts lifting. Thank you again for dropping by and taking the time to comment. xoxo, Sibyl

  3. 5

    Being present and seeing good now helps me trust the journey. Great tips Sibyl!

    • 6

      Oh yeah…I think you hit the nail on the head with that comment. There’s nothing better than being present:) Thanks Ryan for the comment and for dropping by.

  4. 7

    “After you finish writing the book and get it published, then it’s going to be about the next book”

    I love this, because it is so true. There is always something next that we say “when I get this I will finally be happy.” Of course it never comes because there is always more. But you seem to offer a solution: Step #4- End with gratitude. :)

    • 8

      Hey Davis –

      When I was writing this article, I think what you said really dawned on me even more since I am smack dab in the middle of my book:) And, as you also said, it’s always about gratitude. That seems to always melt away any negativity. Thanks so much for the comment and for dropping by Davis. xoxo

  5. 9

    Hi Sibyl!

    It’s really hard to enjoy the “journey” when each month you’re dealing with no groceries in your place cause your income reflects what’s going on with why u have your troubles. Yes I’m working towards bettering my life but I can’t make it happen myself, that’s the trick to that problem or I wouldn’t be mentioning it to u. I quit praying cause nothing I tell God is helping with my problems. So I decided to keep quiet & joint down my worries & issues in my journal. You have a great Summer which is just around the corner:) Take care & lots of Love!!!!!

  6. 10

    This was a useful post. I liked your four steps. I like to write my stuff out rather than visualize because I am not a very visual person. It also allows me to make it all real by writing it down and getting it outside of myself. I also think doubts are there for a reason. We will always have doubts. The key is to not let them control us.

  7. 11

    When ever lifes burdens oppress me, I call on God to strengthen my weaknesses, He will give me his power and grace. Thank you Sibyl, your post are so inspirational keep up the good workd.

  8. 12

    This article is wonderful words of encouragement. I believe that the hardest times in our lives, lead us to our greatest moments. A “Test turned into a Testimony,” and a “Trial turn into a Triumph.” In some of our most difficult situations where we feel caught between a rock, and a hard place, it is hard to believe that growth is taking place. We feel lifeless and drained. Yet, in the mist of those hard places, we are blossoming.

  9. 13

    Sibyl! This was perfect! You must have a second sense or a minds eye and just know! I was so not trusting the journey as nothing is falling into place according to plan! I just forgot to trust/enjoy the journey cause the destination WILL change! Thank you for this reminder! Thank you!

  10. 14
    Maggie Lemons says:

    I love all the articles. But today’s article is bitter, sweet, because I am standing on that hill and looking across to where I want to be. I must pass thru the valley below. Long way to go but I will not give up.

  11. 15

    Great tips Sybil!

    When things get tough, I remind myself that what I desire is already waiting for me, I’m just going through the process of unwrapping it. The visualization of me delighting in unwrapping a present sets me back on the trail of enjoyment:-)

  12. 16
    Patti Bour says:

    Thank you, I needed to see this my journey has been tough! It’s an everyday worry! But I feel this is ment for me! Thank you

  13. 17

    I love it it was written for me and situations that im going thru right now .I just wonder if you have something written about mr Right how to identify him or how to find out. Its wrong i will be wonderful if its supported by the scriptures. Blessings and Thank u .

  14. 18
    jennifer says:

    Thank you for this. I really needed to see this right now.

  15. 19

    This really made me feel happy. I was just thinking about the list of goals on my plate, it is never ending. There is so many thongs to be donbe today and i am perplexed. But your thought ‘enjoy the jourrney’ made me realise that we should always live in the present and do a little as much possible to achieve our goals and be happy while doing it. Thanks!