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33 Excuses You Want to Avoid Making In 2015


Happy New Year. We have officially made it through 2014. Was last year as crazy of a year for you as it was for me? It was filled with challenging times, good times, ups, downs and so many curve balls. But, that’s the way life goes, isn’t it?

We go through it all. The experiences we have stretch us and make us dig deep into our inner strength. However, when you step back and look at things from the right perspective, you can see that even though certain times may have been really tough, you have been strengthened and prepared to live even better moving forward. It’s like that great quote by Rikki Rogers explains,

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

And now we have a brand new year in front of us filled with so many possibilities. We get to choose to use our moments each day in the best way and take steps forward to get where we really want to be. Actually, later on this month I’m going to be sending you an invitation to take steps together. So, stay tuned for the information on the upcoming Live Today Better Program. But today, I wanted to pass along a list I think you’ll find helpful.

2015 Is Here – Free Yourself From Any & All Excuses

Every year I put together a list of excuses that I want to avoid making. I recommend putting one of these lists together for yourself or you can use my list. It helps you avoid the trap of listening to the Chief Negativity Officer in your mind that will always be ready and willing to make the same old excuses and keep you from accomplishing what you’re meant to. Here’s a list of 33 excuses to be on the lookout for.

33 Excuses To Avoid In 2015

1. I don’t have enough time.
2. It’s too late.
3. I already did everything I could.
4. I don’t want to try and end up being disappointed again.
5. It’s not realistic.
6. It’s not the right time.
7. It’s going to be so hard.
8. Every time I try, it never works out.
9. I’m not ready yet.
10. My friends don’t think it will work.
11. I don’t have the right people that will support or help me.
12. It’s too risky.
13. It will take so long.
14. I’m too old.
15. I’m too young.
16. It’s too big.
17. I’m too scared.
18. I’m not smart enough.
19. It’s impossible
20. I don’t have the willpower.
21. I am not motivated enough.
22. I will be so embarrassed if it doesn’t work out.
23. I just can’t do it anymore.
24. Things like that never work out for me.
25. I can’t figure it out.
26. It’s too hard to change.
27. I don’t know where to begin.
28. I never have been good at finishing things.
29. I can’t go any further.
30. It’s never going to happen.
31. No one will ever give me a chance.
32. I can’t focus.
33. It’s not possible.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.