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How You Continue Taking Steps Forward Day After Day

“Seasons of waiting are designed to prepare you, stretch your faith, and get you ready for everything that’s coming next.” -Mandy Hale

Have you been hoping and waiting for certain things in your life to fall into place? I know I have. Do you also feel like it has been a very long time and a very long road?

Of course, everything we’ve gone through has been an important part of our journey. And yes, it’s all happened for a very good reason. We can and should have faith in that Truth. It’s like that great quote by Satchidananda reminds us:

“Though we can’t always see it at the time, things always happen for our best interests. We are always being guided in a way better than we know ourselves.” 

But, have you noticed how feeling at peace while you’re waiting on things to fall into place isn’t the easiest thing to do? You’re doing your best to faithfully take steps forward but then new problems come up or the same old problems linger. You may even still have some doubts about if or when things will finally come together.

Well, here’s the good news…

Right now, life is rearranging perfectly to give you everything you need. How do you know that for sure? Because you’ve been doing all you could to take steps forward. You’ve followed your heart and you’ve done your best to listen to your inner voice. When you live this way, life unfolds just as you need it to. That is something you can always count on.

And now, it’s time for all the good things that are coming next.

So, you’ve got to continue to move forward faithfully and take those remaining steps. How you feel as you take these final steps matters. It really matters. Because when you feel at peace and work with whatever the present moment puts in front of you, that helps things finally fall into place.

Work With The Present Moment And Trust Whatever Arises

Regardless of what you see or don’t see, your life is rearranging, shifting and coming together perfectly. Don’t worry if certain things go “wrong” because it just means you’re being pointed in a better direction.

In one way or another, everything that happens is leading you exactly where you need to be. When you trust that and then choose to work with the present moment, things will flow naturally and more smoothly.

It’s like that great quote by Eckhart Tolle explains:

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it. Always work with it, not against it…This will miraculously transform your whole life.”

The path is opening a little more with each step you take. Continue to faithfully take steps forward and work with whatever arises in the present moment. Know that you’ve found the way. It’s time for you to experience all the good things that are coming next.

 The Possibility of Today: Taking Your Remaining Steps Faithfully

How You Feel Matters. A lot of times when we have challenges or problems to work through, life can feel “heavy”. But, it never helps anything if you’re worried, stressed out, or having negative thoughts about the things you’re working through. So, everyday you’ve got to make it a top priority to relax, recharge and keep your good energy flowing.

3 Things To Make Sure You Do Daily: 

1. Correct Negative Thoughts. Don’t let any negative thoughts linger in your mind or go uncorrected. Anytime the Chief Negativity Officer in your mind says, “This isn’t working” “I can’t handle this anymore” or any other negative thought, remind yourself of the Truth. If you just work through whatever arises in the present moment calmly and thoughtfully, things will fall into place as you need them to.

2. Start The Day Right.  Every morning meditate, go on a walk or do anything that allows you to quiet your mind. Then take at least 10 minutes to focus on and appreciate the things that have already fallen into place. What small wins have you had? Who in your life do you appreciate? Who has been supporting and helping you?

3. Recharge Continually. Take Time In(s) or mini-meditations throughout the day. Whenever you have a couple of free minutes (i.e. sitting at a traffic light, waiting on the elevator, standing in a line, etc.) take time to yourself and just focus on relaxing and taking deep breaths.  This will help you recharge and settle your mind continually throughout the day.

Live Today Better than Yesterday.