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5 Simple But Powerful Thoughts To Have Today

Ifwearefacing“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” Buddhist Proverb

You know those times when you’re waiting on something you really want to happen? You’ve been doing your best to figure things out and push forward day after day, but you’re still waiting on things to completely smooth out and finally fall into place. Actually, maybe today is one of those times? I know it is for me. For what feels like a very long time, I’ve been working and waiting for certain things to fall into place in my life and with my work.

Well, something important dawned on me the other day about these times. Actually, one of my favorite quotes of all time popped into my mind. It’s a great Truth to remember when you’re doing everything you can, but you’re still waiting on things to fall into place.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Of course, we’ve heard over and over again the importance of continuing to believe and hope. That’s not really anything new. But, what struck me was something else and so I reminded myself…

You’ve got to surrender while you also keep holding onto what you want and hoping.

I am a big believer that we’re meant to trust the way things unfold. Or, as many people say, surrender to whatever happens, knowing that somehow it’s for your highest good. When I look back on my life, I can see all the times that surrendering and trusting whatever happened, no matter how terrible things seemed, was what lead me exactly where I was supposed to be. The countless rejections. The failed relationships. The many doors that closed. Every single time I felt crushed or disappointed, but then surrendered and trusted it, in the end I was guided to something even better. I couldn’t always see it at the time, but looking back now, it’s pretty easy to see.

So, what dawned on me the other day is how you actually let go and trust what happens while you still hold on to what you want. 

Well, what you let go of are your expectations that things happen a certain way or at a certain time. But, when it comes to those things you feel deep down are meant for you, you don’t let go. That’s one thing you stay focused on and you hold onto your hope with all your strength. That means you’ve got to be willing to accept and manage through any disappointment one moment … and then rebound and start hoping all over again the next moment. As that famous quote explains, “Never lose infinite hope.”

Even though the Chief Negativity Officer in your mind may keep saying, “Don’t get your hopes up too high because every time you do that you end up being disappointed.” You choose to do the exact opposite. Every single day you choose to do the things that strengthen your hope.

Because hope not only recharges you and keeps you moving forward toward what you want, it’s also an essential element for things finally falling into place. It’s like another great quote by Laini Taylor explains,

“Hope is a powerful force. When you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen.” 

So, if you’re still working and waiting for something to fall into place, remind yourself to have “Infinite hope”, even on days when you have to dig deep to find it. Strengthen your hope throughout the entire day. Remind yourself of the things that have already fallen into place and say “thank you”. Search for the Light in everything that happens, even the challenges and closed doors. Keep following the Light. It always takes you where you want to be. Here are 5 simple but powerful thoughts to have Today.

5 Simple But Powerful Thoughts To Have Today










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