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Stressed or Overwhelmed: One Important Thing To Do Today

Lifeis101200628“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” ~Charles Swindoll

You know those times when you’ve been pushing and pushing for what feels like a very long time?

You’ve been handling a lot—taking care of problems, searching for answers, and trying your best to not feel stressed or overwhelmed. Maybe today is one of those times when so much is going on in your life. I know it is for me.

Well, if you’re like me, there are still more things you need to work through and a lot that still needs to fall in place before you can let out a sigh of a relief.

So, how do you keep going? This is what I asked myself: What’s the best way to find the strength to push forward?

I had the most interesting experience the other day that gave me the perfect answer. I was reminded me of one very important thing that immediately helped me see things in a better light. If you’ve also had a lot you’ve been pushing through, I think you’ll really appreciate this message I received while on a plane ride.

When A “Stranger” On A Plane Says Exactly What You Need To Hear

I’m sitting on a plane on my way to Roanoke, Virginia for a business trip reading a book and waiting for people to finish boarding. A gentleman, probably in his early sixties, sits down next to me. Pastor Lee is a minister on his way back home to Roanoke. After completing his studies at Duke Divinity School – a spiritual center founded in 1926- he moved to Roanoke and has been a minister in Virginia for over 39 years.

“I’m so tired,” he says when he sits down. “I’ve been traveling for ten days and it’s time to get home. So, what takes you to Roanoke?” he asks me.

I could have easily answered his question and quickly returned to reading my book, but something about that didn’t feel right. Not only did Pastor Lee seem like that friendly person you want to talk to on a plane ride, I also had the distinct feeling I was meant to have a conversation with him that day. The voice of my Extraordinary Side was loud in my head. Stop reading. Enjoy this conversation instead. You’ll have plenty of time to read later.

Isn’t it interesting how the right people come your way at the right time with the right messages? Pastor Lee had so many for me that day.

The first had to do with Joy Sutton. Joy Sutton is a journalist and the host of her own talk show. It also turns out that Pastor Lee knows her well because she had attended his church.

Well, guess what specific business took me to Roanoke? Joy Sutton’s television show.

She was interviewing me for an upcoming episode about how giving up complaining has created a positive ripple effect throughout my life. So, out of all the other passengers on the plane, Pastor Lee is the exact person I needed to sit next to that day. He knew all about Joy Sutton’s show and helped prepare me for the recording the next day.

Seriously, sometimes life is so synchronistic that it almost feels crazy to me, but at this point, I’ve seen so many synchronicities in my life and other people’s lives that I simply take a deep breath and say “thank you.”

It then dawns on me that it’s Saturday and tomorrow Pastor Lee will be giving a sermon. “What’s your sermon about tomorrow?” I ask inquisitively.

It turns out his sermon is the message I needed to hear that day. In fact, the topic of his sermon is also the very same topic I was writing a blog post on. The blog post was about the daily practice of settling into your Extraordinary Side and letting it lead and guide you through any issues or problems that may come up. As long as you do that, you can work through anything that comes your way. You just must remember to trust your Extraordinary Side and keep walking until you reach the other side of whatever you’re working through.

Pastor Lee explained it as remembering you have a hand filled with trump cards.

One Powerful Message To Remember Today

An excerpt from Pastor Lee’s Sermon:

“Imagine that you have a hand of cards. In your hand, you have the Jack, the Queen, the King and the Ace.

These are the highest cards in the deck and they are the only cards you need. All you have to do is stay calm, realize you have the highest cards and play them when the time comes. You will eventually win because no other cards can beat them.

This is no different from your life today because you also have the highest cards in your hand right now. They are all within you. You can handle whatever problems or issues you’re working through today. You have been given every single card you will ever need.

The problem is that it’s easy to forget you already have everything you need. So, it’s important to remind yourself that you have the trump cards. You have the winning hand.

You’ve got to alway trust your hand and keep on playing.”

Everything Happens At The Perfect Time

Pastor Lee’s message that day really hit home. When you have a lot going on – issues to work through or problems to handle, it is easy to forget and lose sight of the truth. But, one important thing to remind yourself as you move through the day is that everything you truly need will come at the perfect time. You have all the cards you need.

Today, on the surface, it may look like you have a lot of issues and too much to work through, but what is actually happening is that your life is rearranging to give you exactly what you need. Things are changing, shifting, and even if you can’t see it yet, improving.

So, that means you have to let go of your ideas about how you think everything must happen and trust the path in front of you that is unfolding perfectly.

Life shapes us as much as we create our lives. You have to be open to the process working both ways and be willing to learn, grow and do whatever is needed Today.

Trust and keep walking with confidence. The pieces are falling into place.

The Possibility of Today – Remembering Your Extraordinary Side Has The Highest Cards

1. When you wake up in the morning, focus your mind on the right thoughts. It helps you recharge and get ready for the day. Remind yourself to approach every problem or issue as your Extraordinary Side and that you have all the cards you need. You will successfully reach the other side of what you’re working through.

2. Grab a piece of paper and write this down “Everything you need will come at the perfect time. Keep going. Be patient.” Put the paper in your pocket or purse so you can pull it out and reset your mind anytime you start getting anxious or feeling stressed. It’s easy to forget the truth, but there’s something about seeing it on paper that resets your mind and makes you remember.

3. Take 3 Time In(s): Take 3 mini-meditations (2-3 minutes to yourself and just breathe deeply) today – one when you wake up, the next one after lunch and one before you go to bed. This will help you release tension and reset.

Live Today Better Than Yesterday.