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3 Things To Do Set Yourself Up For A Rich, Fulfilled & Successful 2016


This quote was one of the most popular quotes on Facebook last week. I’m sure it’s because so many people agree that 2015 was a year filled with lessons. Phew, I know it was definitely a year of lessons for me.

Now it’s time for 2016 … and a fresh new year filled with so many possibilities.

That means it’s also time to do three important things so we can make sure we’re recharged, inspired and ready to keep moving forward with the best perspective.

3 Things To Do Set Yourself Up For A Rich, Fulfilled & Successful 2016

1. Remember How Far You’ve Come
If you’ve been pushing day after day for a long time but there is still more road to travel, it’s important to have a “positive reality check” with yourself. It’s easy to fall into the trap of overlooking all the things you’ve already done and successfully pushed through.

The Chief Negativity Officer in our mind is notorious for overlooking progress.

It will try to keep you focused on what hasn’t happened or what hasn’t fallen into place yet. Before you know it, you’re caught in an endless loop of worrying and asking yourself the same questions over and over again…When are things going to work out? Why does it have to be so hard? How am I going to get through all of this?

But, here’s the Truth:

You’ve learned so much this last year. You understand how strong you really are. Think about how many steps forward you’ve already taken. Even if there are still more steps to take, you’re doing it step by step and managing through it all. Don’t let your mind get in the way.

2. Take Advantage of All The Lessons You’ve Learned
If you learned that there is a better way to handle things, make sure you’re choosing to do things differently going forward. There’s no need for any repeat mistakes or lessons.

If you worried too much, or you let your doubts get in the way, or you were too moody, or procrastinated, or spent too much money, or were too judgmental, or anything else … be honest with yourself.

But, then let it go. It’s time to move on.

You’ve learned the lesson and you’re going to do it better moving forward. There’s no need for regrets or wishing you had done things differently. That type of thinking does nothing good for you. And, it’s your Chief Negativity Officer at work again giving you a hard time. It’s like that great quote reminds us …

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” Jack Kornfield

3. Dream, Hope And Keep Believing
It’s time to dream again and figure out what feels right for this next year. Regardless of what happened or didn’t last year, it’s officially a new year. That means it’s time for more progress and time for more things to fall into place.

It doesn’t mean you need to set tons of goals or try to over control your life. Life has its way of unfolding perfectly and that’s something we’re meant to trust. But, you do want to do your part and help shape your future by determining what feels most right for you so you can take steps in that direction.

We all have desires and things we want for our life. Write them down. Think about your best next steps and start taking them one day at a time.

Even if you were let down in the past, you’ve got to be willing to commit again, hope and believe in your dreams. Get rid of any thoughts that try to convince you to not get your hopes up because you don’t want to set yourself up to be disappointed again.

Your dreams need your hope and confidence in order to come alive.

When there’s something that you can feel deep down is right for you, there’s always a path to it. It’s like that timeless piece of wisdom remind us…

“With love and patience nothing is impossible.” Daisaku Ikeda

Here’s to an amazing 2016. Looking forward to continuing our journey together.