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One Powerful Question To Ask Yourself Today

Whatyoudotoday(1200628)Have you heard that only 8% of people accomplish the goals and resolutions they set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year?

8% … that’s it.

So, if you’ve ever had a year when you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted, know that you’re not alone.

But, it does raise an important question. Is there something we should be aware of when it comes to these 8% of people that are continually accomplishing what they want for their life? Are they doing something special?

This topic has always been really interesting to me. In fact, for years I’ve been taking a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes.

Well, there are a lot of different factors and it’s important to not oversimplify, but there is one thing that is consistent with these 8% of people that are continually succeeding year after year.

There is a way they go about things. There is a consistent approach.
And, one of the key factors is alignment.

The “8% ers” are making sure each day that they’re in alignment.

When you’re in alignment during the day what that means is that you’re intentionally choosing to spend your time — your moments — in a way that is consistent and aligned with what you want for your life.

This doesn’t just happen automatically. You must be very intentional and make sure you’re using the day the right way.

When it comes to the “8% ers”, they have a laser focus on the day and they’re taking advantage of the moments in front of them in the best way. It’s not that every day is perfect, but on most days, they’re in alignment with the things they want for their life.

They’re not letting negative thoughts, worries or doubts linger in their mind. They’re not lost in drama or bothered by things that haven’t fallen into place yet. They’re not caught up in things that happened in the past or overly focused on the future.

They’re honest with themselves, open to advice, willing to let go, move on, forgive people (including themselves), learn from mistakes, and most importantly take everything one step and one present moment at a time.

They’re in alignment and taking advantage of the ability we all have to use the moments of the day in the best way. It’s like that quote says.

“We have the power to shape the present and future by what we do moment to moment.” Thanissaro Bikkhu

When it comes to how we’re spending the time we have each day, one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves …

“Are you in alignment today with what you want for your life?”

Are the things you’re doing today,
the choices you’re making,
the thoughts you’re having,
the information you’re consuming,
the work you’re doing,
the mood you’re in,
the way you’re treating others,
the chances you’re taking,
the people you’re spending time with,
the steps you’re taking,

helping you move closer toward what you want for your life?

It’s easy to fall into the trappings of the day and not take advantage of your ability to use the day in the best way. I know it happened to me for far too many years, so I get it. Repeating bad habits and staying stuck in the same patterns that aren’t working can happen without us even really realizing it.

But, if we heighten our attention and focus it on the day and moments in front of us, we’ll be directed to the right perspectives, lessons and the best steps to take to accomplish whatever is most important to us.

We just have to make sure we’re listening, learning and using the day in front of us in the best way we can. So, start asking yourself this one question every day,

Are you in alignment today with what you want for your life?”

Be honest with yourself. Be willing to make changes. If you realize there’s a better way, choose differently. It’s like one of best quotes of all time reminds us …

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”
-Ralph Marston


Live Today Better Than Yesterday.