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It’s All Preparation For Better Things

A couple of days ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and noticed this quote was an extremely popular post:


I think this quote resonated with a lot of people (myself definitely included) because it’s something we can always benefit from being reminded of.

Every single situation you’re working through today is preparing you for better things … including the problems, challenges or anything else.

The situations we’re dealing with, in one way or another, are preparing us for something better – something we asked for, hoped for and wanted for our life.

It’s that simple. It’s that clear.

But, it’s easy to forget, especially if we’re still waiting for certain things to work out. We can get so caught up in finding solutions and trying to handle everything that we overlook all the steps forward we’ve already taken.

You can even forget to appreciate all the ways that you’re being Perfectly Strengthened and Divinely Prepared for what you’ve been asking for.

But, as is always the case, when we stop and take a couple of moments to reflect on what we’ve been through and what we’ve learned, it’s much easier to see things from the right perspective.

You’ve been working so hard. Even if things aren’t perfect today, there have been times when you could clearly see things moving in the right direction. You can see things slowly, but surely falling into place. Deep down you know this is something you always can and should trust.

How To Patiently Wait For “The Better Things”

Anytime we’re waiting for something important to work out, we’re being asked day after day to take another leap of faith and patiently wait while more things settle and fall into place.

This means we also have to settle our minds so we can keep our thoughts in line with what we’re working so hard for. This is how we stay inspired to keep taking our best next steps every day and finally reach the better things we’re being prepared for.

It happens one step and one good thought at a time.

Taking It One Step & One Good Thought At A Time

Even though it might sound too simple to be true, feelings of gratitude settle the mind, recharge us and make sure we’re focused on the right things. This allows us to keep our hopes up, belief strong and feeling at our best while we move forward.

You set in motion high energy thoughts and emotions when you take time (even just a couple of minutes) to focus on gratitude. Or, as the latest scientific studies explain, gratitude energizes, expands optimism, and makes you more likely to accomplish what’s most important to you.

The Simple Tip & Practice For Today:

Integrate a couple of Gratitude Refreshers into your day. Take a minute to take the 4 steps below and feel an instant boost of gratitude.

Also, during the day, when you have any downtime (i.e. sitting at a traffic light, waiting on the elevator, walking to the bathroom, etc.) give yourself another boost of gratitude.

Daily Gratitude Refresher:

Step # 1: Who are you grateful to have in your life?
Step # 2: What are you grateful for today?
Step # 3: What steps forward have you already taken that you’re grateful for?
Step # 4: Say, “Thank You”.

Remember, any situations we’re working through today are preparation. Life is continually rearranging, shifting and preparing us for better things, which is yet another thing to say thank you for =).

It’s like another one of my favorite quotes reminds us …

“You haven’t been brought this far to only get this far.”

Live Today Better Than Yesterday.


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