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How You Trust The Journey Even When Things Get Tough

Don'tletwhathappens.jpgHave you ever been working for awhile (maybe even for years) to get something you really wanted? Maybe there was something you were trying to accomplish or maybe you realized certain things needed to improve in your life?

Do you know what has always been interesting to me about these times when we’ve been doing our best to get the pieces to fall into place?

When things finally do fall into place … there will be something else. There are always more possibilities and even more things we are going to want, regardless of what we accomplish.

After you finally get the dream job, then it’s going to be about getting a promotion or the next job.

After you find the right person, then it’s going to be about creating a healthy relationship with that person.

After you finish writing the book and get it published, then it’s going to be about the next book.

There will always be something else. [Read more…]

Radio Show Episode: Interview with Kirra Sherman: Living life, love, relationships, managing your negative thoughts … and so much more


On today’s show, Kirra Sherman, an author, speaker and truth mentor shares her stories about life, love and how she handles those times when her fears, doubts and negative thoughts surface. If you’ve ever wondered how to live in the moment and be who you really are or if you want a great approach to handle those times when you’re upset or stressed, you’ll find it on today’s show.

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5 Important Things To Remember When Any Challenges Come Your Way

Have you ever come across the quote by Paulo Coelho?

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.”

I feel like that quote totally applies to life right now, especially the part about there being so much happening all at once. It seems like challenge after challenge keeps popping up and there are so many things to handle and deal with.

Do you agree? Have you also had a lot going on lately?

Sometimes it just helps to know that you’re not the only one working through things and to also be reminded that everything will work out like you need it. It actually brings to mind another one of my favorite quotes …

“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.”

Yes, things can be really challenging and push us harder than we may think is necessary. But, what I have finally realized, and what makes these times so much easier to walk through, is the understanding that they do happen for a reason. In one way or another there is always something that comes out of them that we need (even if it doesn’t feel like it or we have no idea what that could possibly be).

So, one of the best things we can do while we are walking through these times is remind ourselves of that Truth, recenter when necessary by settling into our Extraordinary Side, and keep taking steps in the direction that feels most right.

We’ve got to make sure we keep moving forward every single day and not let everything that is going on weigh us down or make us feel stuck because we think we can’t handle it all.

All the things we want for our life are on the other side of all the things we are working through. And, as one of my favorite quotes of all time reminds us … “So many more good things are coming down the road … just keep walking”.

Reassurance Always Come When You’re Listening

Also, haven’t you noticed that as we are working through these times, we get little reminders and reassurance to trust the way things are unfolding? Maybe someone will say something reassuring or maybe we will read something or come across a profound quote. 

I used to overlook and dismiss many of the reassurances that were coming my way. I thought they were just “feel good” sentiments and that I couldn’t really count on what they promised. There were even times that I thought it would be crazy to believe in any reassurances because very little seemed to be working out or falling into place. But, you live and learn. And, now I realize that my lack of complete belief was actually what was working against me the most.

It’s not crazy to believe in the messages and reassurances that come our way … It’s crazy not to believe.

The reassurances are coming for a reason. They are meant to point us in the direction of our inner voice. It’s why they catch our attention and why the messages resonate. We are meant to listen, let them strengthen our belief even more and provide us with some additional inspiration to keep going. They are our True North.

5 Simple But Powerful Truths to Keep Top Of Mind.

#1) “Don’t let what happens or what doesn’t happen bother you. Life has a way of rearranging perfectly so what you truly need can come together.”


#2) “What is coming is better than what is gone.” Arabic Proverb


#3) “Just because the past didn’t turn out like you wanted it to, doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you’ve ever imagined.”


#4) “Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time.”


#5)” So many more good things are coming down the road … just keep walking.”


Live Today Better Than Yesterday.

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What To Do When You Have Too Much To Do

It'snottheload.050Is it just me or have you also had a lot going on? Challenges left and right, handling so much at work, at home and then don’t forget about trying to make progress when it comes to the other things we also want for our life.

So much to do … never enough time.

How do we handle it all and keep our peace of mind (which we know is so important)?

Well, I remembered something that I finally learned after so many years (decades) of moving through busy times like these the wrong way.

In the past, when I felt like I had too much to do, it used to bother me. I let myself get stressed out and always felt like I hadn’t done enough. I resented a lot of things I felt I had to do because they were weighing me down and getting in the way of the things I really wanted.

The Chief Negativity Officer in my mind would take over and the negative mind chatter would start …

“It’s just too much. I am never going to be able to do all of this.”

“If I didn’t have to worry about dealing with (_________), then maybe I would be able to handle all the other things I really want to finish.”

“Why do I have to handle everything? It always falls on me.”

Listening to my Chief Negativity Officer never did anything but made me feel worse and less productive. I finally realized the problem wasn’t all “the stuff” I had to handle or all the “issues” I needed to work through. Yes, it was a lot, but it wasn’t causing the real problem. It’s like that great quote by Lena Horne reminds us …

“It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it.”

I absolutely was not carrying my load the right way. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and why it is actually a good thing that so much is going on.

Although on the surface, it just looks like we have a lot of issues and too much to do, what is actually happening is that life is rearranging perfectly to give us exactly what we need and what we have asked for.

Things are changing, moving, shifting and of course that means we have to be a part of the process and help them change, move and shift, but every single thing we are doing in one way or another is lining up to eventually benefit us.

And when I realized that … everything changed.
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How You Stay Inspired And Keep Moving Toward What You Want

Everythingyouneed.025Do you want to know something that finally dawned on me? It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to not know exactly “how” something is going to happen or “how” things will actually come together… and still completely believe everything will work out.

For so many years, I thought it was enough if I just took steps in the right direction and “hoped for the best”.

And, you hear people say things like this all the time …

“I don’t know if it will work out, but I am trying and hoping for the best.” “Only time will tell, but I am giving it everything I have and staying positive.”

That used to be the way I thought about things too.

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One Important Question To Ask Yourself Today

Imagineanewstory2“Imagine a new story for your life and start living it.” Paulo Coelho

Have you heard that from time to time you should ask yourself a thoughtful and inquisitive question and see what your honest answer is?

Well, according to the research and what a lot of people have found to be true, if we ask ourselves the right questions, we can figure out what we truly want, discover what we’re meant to do; and asking the right questions will even lead to “aha moments” where something clicks and we realize our best steps forward.

If you think about it, it really does make sense. I mean so often we are moving from one thing to the next – taking care of work, our family, or the many other things we need to handle. But, when we stop and give ourselves the time and space to figure out what’s most important to us and those things we are truly meant to do, it really can change everything.

So, when I came across this suggestion and all the benefits from asking ourselves thoughtful and inquisitive questions, I went searching for the perfect question.

One Important Question We Should Ask Ourselves

I came across this great TED speech by Regina Dugan and she said that a very important question we should all ask ourselves is …

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

What would you choose to go after if you knew that no matter what it was you chose, you would absolutely be able to take steps in the right direction and then the day would come where you were successful?

It’s a pretty big question isn’t it? The answer could be anything – maybe something you’ve always wanted to accomplish? Or, maybe something you feel you’re meant to do?

Now, if you’re questioning whether you can really not worry about failing and choose anything, the answer is “yes”. This is something I had to push myself to do, but the reality is that if there is something you genuinely want or feel you were meant to do, there is a path to it. (This is actually the topic of the latest Possibility of Today Podcast if you want to check it out.)

You wouldn’t have something that you feel you were meant to do or that you’re genuinely passionate about without also being given a way to make it happen. That’s just not the way things work.

That’s also why you can’t let the idea of failure prevent you from going after what you truly want. It’s like Regina Dugan said in her TED speech, “when you remove the idea of failure, impossible things suddenly become possible.” And, it really is true and why I love this question so much. It immediately opens up a new way of looking at your options and the things you want for your life.

So, after you’ve figured out what you truly want and what you would attempt to do, then the next and most important question is…

What are you doing today to take a step toward it?

It’s not that you have to make drastic changes. But, we should always be taking a step every day toward those things we want for our life. It’s the way we continually make progress and avoid falling into the trap where we are settling for things being less than what we know they can be.

It’s like one of my favorite quotes by Nelson Mandela reminds us –

“There is no passion in playing small or settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” 

The Possibility of Today: Asking Yourself the Right Question

1. Take time today and find your answer to the question: What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

2. Align your day with your answer. Figure out what you can do today (and every today that follows) to take another step toward what you truly want. It doesn’t have to be big … baby steps taken consistently every day will get you there. “It doesn’t matter how slow you go… as long as you go.”

Live Today Better Than Yesterday.

Check out the latest radio episode of Possibility of Today: One Important Question to Ask Yourself Today

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5 Simple But Powerful Things To Keep Top Of Mind Today (Part #14)

“It might take a year. It might take a day. But, what’s meant to be will always find a way.”

Haven’t you noticed that sometimes the simplest things can catch our attention and leave us with the perfect takeaway message we needed to hear? Something in us shifts and we have a moment of clarity. We recognize our Truth and know we are meant to believe and trust in what we’ve always felt deep down.

It’s not that we didn’t know … it’s just that we needed a reminder.

If we are open and listening, the perfect messages always come at the perfect time. They guide us in the direction we need to go and provide us with any reassurances we may be looking for.

Although our individual experiences are different, there is a common Truth we share. So, oftentimes there are similar messages we are meant to hear. Here are 5 messages that have recently come my way and reminded me of what I needed to hear. Maybe one or all of them will also be helpful to you. [Read more…]

37 Things That Are “Okay To Do” Even If Other People Tell You They Are Wrong


Have you noticed how sometimes you can doubt yourself or someone will say something that makes you question a decision you’ve made?

It’s easy to let the things other people say cast a shadow of doubt on decisions and things we know deep down are really right for us. 

In the past, there were too many times I reconsidered or decided not to do something just because of what other people said. There were even other times where I got in my own way and convinced myself to not go after something because of my own doubts.

But, you live and learn …

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How You Get The Things You Want To Fall Into Place

Itmighttakeayear2 “It might take a year. It might take a day. But, what’s meant to be will always find a way.”

Don’t you agree with this quote and that if something is really meant to be, somehow or someway it will happen? Of course it might take some time, but if there is something we are meant to accomplish or something we are meant to have in our lives, then wouldn’t you say it’s true that at some point we will find the way to it?

I think this is something we believe deep down and know to be true. But, the sticking point and the questions that may surface in our minds are “What if what I want isn’t really what is meant to be?” It’s so easy to fall into the trap of doubting and questioning if the things we want for our life are really going to happen. We think to ourselves, “Maybe I am just wanting something that I am never going to have” or “If it really is meant to be, then why aren’t things falling into place?” [Read more…]

4 Simple But Powerful Steps To Make It Through Challenges Much Easier

Ihavealways“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.” Herman Hesse

Have you ever felt like no matter which way you turned, there was another challenge or some other issue to deal with? You finally make some progress, but before you know it, another issue comes up, and another, and another.

Well, the reason I ask is because lately it seems like so many people (myself definitely included) are experiencing lots of challenges. [Read more…]