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What We Must Know For Sure – Certainty #3 Sometimes You Should Just Let Go

This is part 3 of a series of posts entitled “What We Must Know For Sure”

There are certain things that we must know for sure. Once we realize and find our way to these truths, our life unfolds in the most amazing ways.

We are empowered by our knowledge of these truths and are able to rely on what “we know for sure” to guide our decisions and actions. Although there are many, each and every one of these truths is an important piece of our puzzle of knowledge and allows us to live our best life.  One thing that we must know for sure …

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And, another one of the most important things we must know for sure …

Certainty #3 – Sometimes You Should Just Let Go

Think about the last time you had something that just fell apart on you.

Perhaps it was a relationship, a job, or maybe things were just going well in general, and then one day you looked up, and everything seemed to be falling apart. Things can be going great one day and then change just like that.

And, who wants to watch as things go wrong? There really is never any fun in that and it can be upsetting. We may be emotional or disturbed we are losing something we once had.

It can be hard to let go of something, especially if we were attached to what we had. We may even try to hold onto it, even though it is more than obvious that it really is slipping away.

The possibility of Today:

The best thing we can do if we notice something is slipping away or falling apart is to not resist what is happening and find a way to be open to things changing.

This is not to say that you just totally give up the minute an issue or a challenge arises, but rather that if things are continually changing and moving in a certain direction, you let them go in the direction they are naturally flowing.

Although it can be difficult to realize at the time, everything really does happen for a reason and we are far better off to accept that change instead of resisting and fighting against it.

Not in every single situation, but in many situations, our lesson is to learn to let go and allow things to flow the way they are meant to. It can be one of the toughest lessons to go through, but it is also one of the most important things we can learn.

If we are able to keep at the forefront of our mind that everything really does happen for a reason and really trust in that truism, it will make letting go a lot easier.

And, the most important thing to realize is a piece of wisdom I came across the other day…

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe

Live Today Better than Yesterday.

30 Tips For A Great Relationship

Have you ever had a great relationship? If you have, then you most likely remember how great and exciting it was in the early stages of your relationship.

Many people often refer to the first several months of a relationship as the “honeymoon” stage. That is because early on in a relationship everything is wonderful and things are just clicking. You get butterflies every time you are with the other person, you get excited just at the thought of them, and you just have an amazing time every single time you are together..

But, the reality is that despite how easy and great any relationship is in the beginning, it is always necessary to invest in your relationship and be willing to do things that will allow it to flourish.

However, it is easy to overlook the importance of having a strategy that will allow you to continually give all you can to your relationship and make sure you are doing those things that will allow it to be a great, long lasting and amazing relationship.

Just like we have an approach for pursuing our goals, our careers and the other things we want, we need to make certain we also have an approach for maintaining great relationships in our life.

That means we have to be open and willing to do things that will be beneficial for our relationship and also be willing to invest all we can into our relationships. There are definitely many things you can do, but the most important thing is that you decide you are going to have an approach you keep top of mind. Your approach should include great things you can do daily to sustain and help your relationship flourish.

Here are 30 Tips to Consider to include as a part of your approach:

1.     Prioritize being kind over being right

2.     Every morning, remind yourself of one great thing about your significant other

3.     Be affectionate and loving

4.     Always be on the lookout for great things your significant other does to appreciate

5.     Realize that you have idiosyncrasies too

6.     Start and end every day telling your significant other “I love you”.

7.     Have “Talk Night” for at least a ½ hour every week where you turn off the tv and eliminate any other distractions so you can just focus on having a great conversation with each other

8.    Compliment your significant other every single time you notice something great about them

9.     Have consistent conversations about things other than kids, money, work and issues

10. See your relationship as an opportunity to learn from each other and be willing to change those things about yourself that are working against you

11. Talk about your dreams and desires

12. Be willing to do things your significant other enjoys doing, even if they are not necessarily your favorite things to do

13. Make sure you reserve time for date nights and special outings

14. Eat dinner together as often as possible

15. Talk calmly about any issues or concerns

16. Think about and do one great thing for your significant other every single day …  it can be something big or small

17. Laugh together

18. Always be willing to meet half way and compromise when appropriate

19. Support your significant other’s dreams and desires

20. Send texts and friendly messages throughout the day that show you are thinking about them

21. Be a great apologizer when you are wrong

22. Alone time is good, but make sure you are also spending as much time as you can together

23. Come home with little surprise gifts from time to time

24. Be open and over communicate

25. Talk to each other at least once during the day, no matter how busy you are

26. Be willing to see things from your significant other’s perspective

27. Be gentle, kind and pleasant

28. Always assume the best of your significant other until they give you a good reason to believe otherwise

29. Be an amazing listener

30. Love and Learn