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One Simple Thing You Can Stop Doing Today That Will Improve Everything This Year

Theonlything.030“What we think determines how we feel. What we focus on we accomplish. What we don’t focus on enough eventually fades away.”

Have you ever made a small change that ended up having a ripple effect throughout your entire life? Well, this may sound unbelievable, but I challenged myself to stop complaining for 40 days and it literally changed the course of my life.

Honestly, there are still so many days that I am amazed at how everything has unfolded. And, I had no idea – absolutely no clue- that making a simple commitment to just stop complaining for 40 days would end up freeing my mind from so much negativity that I didn’t even realize was there. But, I now can clearly see that my bad habit of complaining was clogging my mind, affecting the way I felt everyday and even distracting me from being able to accomplish the things that I wanted for my life.

It’s like that quote by Charles Haanel explains …

You can not entertain weak, harmful, and negative thoughts and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions.

And, I didn’t even think I had an issue with complaining. I knew I complained from time to time, but I had no idea just how much time I was wasting complaining everyday. According to research done by UCLA, the average person has 70,000 thoughts a day and an easy trap to fall into is to waste too many of those thoughts on complaints.

On any given day, the circumstances we experience (our job, weather, money issues, etc.) and/or the actions of the people around us – (significant other, kids, co-worker, bad drivers, etc.) – may be something we complain about without even really realizing (“I don’t feel like going to work today.” “I am sick of not having enough money.” “It’s so cold.” “He drives me crazy.” “Why is she so moody?” “Why is he so rude?”).

That was the exact trap I fell into and a large chunk of my thoughts were complaints. But, once I started really paying attention to what I was saying, I realized something needed to change. Essentially my mind looked like the picture below on the left filled with complaints.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 9.33.17 PM


And, once I stopped wasting my thoughts on complaining, not only did I just feel better because I had released a lot of negativity, but I also started seeing possibilities and opportunities that I had overlooked when my thoughts were preoccupied with complaints. My mind began to look like the picture above on the right without complaints and it created a positive ripple effect throughout every area of my life.

To think all of this began simply because I stopped complaining for 40 days. If I only had realized this a little earlier. But, you live and learn right? And, now I get it. It’s just like another great quote reminds us …

“Beautiful things happen once you distant yourself from negativity.”


3 Simple Things You Can Do To Have An Amazing Thanksgiving Day

“Every moment you get is a gift. Why waste it by dwelling on things that make you unhappy. Spend it doing the things you love and be with the people you enjoy.”

Have you always had the best Thanksgiving days? I was thinking about some of my past Thanksgivings and I realized I didn’t do Thanksgiving “the right way”. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the day and feel grateful for all my family and friends. But, there were so many years I was kind of going through the motions or distracted by all the thoughts running through my mind. I definitely didn’t experience and enjoy the true depth of each moment.

Have you ever noticed all the thoughts, specifically on Thanksgiving day, that can run through your mind and take your attention away from just enjoying and experiencing the moment in front of you?

“Why does she always say rude things?” 

“I am really hungry.”

“Why do I always end up doing all the work?”

“I wonder if I can sneak away and watch football.”

“I hope he doesn’t say anything crazy.”

 or any of the other countless thoughts that may run through our mind. [Read more…]

5 Things You Want To Stop Doing To Yourself Today

My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but simply to be better than I used to be. Wayne Dyer

Wouldn’t you say it is much easier to know what you should do than it is to actually do it? We know we should stop worrying, forgive people, look at challenges from the right perspective, break bad habits, believe in ourselves, overshadow our fears with faith … and so many other things that deep down we just know are right for us.

The problem I had was that although I knew exactly what I should have been doing, there were times (and plenty of them) when I wasn’t doing what I knew.

I was holding grudges and letting people push my buttons. I was complaining and getting frustrated at things I should have been “letting go”. I had doubts. I was letting my worries about tomorrow pull my attention away from Today and the moment in front of me.

But, then I realized I could choose to do it all differently.

The reality is that often times the things we know don’t automatically flow into our actions, our thoughts and how we choose to handle situations. But, we can use each day to practice and it is by all means one of those times where practice makes perfect. Eventually, we are able to better resolve situations, help soften tense interactions, and we chip away at the fears, doubts and anything else that may have been weighing us down and distorting our view. [Read more…]

One Important Thing To Do If You’re Ever Worried About How Things Will Work Out

Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering and doubting and know that what’s meant to be will always find its way. 


Have you ever felt uncertain about the future and how things were going to work out? Maybe there’s something really important to you, but you’re just not sure when or if everything is going to work out.

Wouldn’t you agree that these times of uncertainty can feel really uncomfortable? We do our best to stay confident and strong, but the doubts linger in the back of our minds waiting for any opportunity to creep up and cast a shadow over the day.

When we find ourselves surrounded by so much uncertainty, oftentimes we think that we’ve got to take more control and come up with “the ideal plan”. We do everything we can think of. We work and push day after day, but for whatever reason we continually find ourselves smack dab in the middle of uncertainty … now what?

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