Get your Live Today Better Bonus Kit today! Learn to live today better than yesterday.

Sibyl ChavisI'm Sibyl Chavis. One day I decided to give up complaining for 40 days. 40 days turned into 5 years and I’ve never looked back. Since then I’ve held a one-way ticket to living each day better than the last.

Harvard Law School and 10 years in corporate America kept me running through the day reacting to all the “stuff of life” that was continually thrown my way. Ironically, even though I was doing a lot, I felt like I wasn't accomplishing everything I was really capable of.

Sound familiar? Well, there is a different way to live.

We can take control of Today (and every today that follows) simply by living intentionally and not just letting the day happen to us.

Each day we are given a new set of 24 hours and a new set of possibilities. We get to decide how to use those 24 hours … what we do, what we feel, the chances we take, what we think, how we behave.

By taking advantage of all the possibilities of today, we open up a new world and a different way of living. We find all the success we have been looking for and live up to our absolute potential all while slowing down enough to enjoy the journey and have a great peace of mind.

It’s all about choosing to create the life you really want and committing to Live Today Better than Yesterday. Will you join me?