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How You Stay Inspired And Keep Moving Toward What You Want

Everythingyouneed.025Do you want to know something that finally dawned on me? It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to not know exactly “how” something is going to happen or “how” things will actually come together… and still completely believe everything will work out.

For so many years, I thought it was enough if I just took steps in the right direction and “hoped for the best”.

And, you hear people say things like this all the time …

“I don’t know if it will work out, but I am trying and hoping for the best.” “Only time will tell, but I am giving it everything I have and staying positive.”

That used to be the way I thought about things too.

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One Important Question To Ask Yourself Today

Imagineanewstory2“Imagine a new story for your life and start living it.” Paulo Coelho

Have you heard that from time to time you should ask yourself a thoughtful and inquisitive question and see what your honest answer is?

Well, according to the research and what a lot of people have found to be true, if we ask ourselves the right questions, we can figure out what we truly want, discover what we’re meant to do; and asking the right questions will even lead to “aha moments” where something clicks and we realize our best steps forward.

If you think about it, it really does make sense. I mean so often we are moving from one thing to the next – taking care of work, our family, or the many other things we need to handle. But, when we stop and give ourselves the time and space to figure out what’s most important to us and those things we are truly meant to do, it really can change everything.

So, when I came across this suggestion and all the benefits from asking ourselves thoughtful and inquisitive questions, I went searching for the perfect question.

One Important Question We Should Ask Ourselves

I came across this great TED speech by Regina Dugan and she said that a very important question we should all ask ourselves is …

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

What would you choose to go after if you knew that no matter what it was you chose, you would absolutely be able to take steps in the right direction and then the day would come where you were successful?

It’s a pretty big question isn’t it? The answer could be anything – maybe something you’ve always wanted to accomplish? Or, maybe something you feel you’re meant to do?

Now, if you’re questioning whether you can really not worry about failing and choose anything, the answer is “yes”. This is something I had to push myself to do, but the reality is that if there is something you genuinely want or feel you were meant to do, there is a path to it. (This is actually the topic of the latest Possibility of Today Podcast if you want to check it out.)

You wouldn’t have something that you feel you were meant to do or that you’re genuinely passionate about without also being given a way to make it happen. That’s just not the way things work.

That’s also why you can’t let the idea of failure prevent you from going after what you truly want. It’s like Regina Dugan said in her TED speech, “when you remove the idea of failure, impossible things suddenly become possible.” And, it really is true and why I love this question so much. It immediately opens up a new way of looking at your options and the things you want for your life.

So, after you’ve figured out what you truly want and what you would attempt to do, then the next and most important question is…

What are you doing today to take a step toward it?

It’s not that you have to make drastic changes. But, we should always be taking a step every day toward those things we want for our life. It’s the way we continually make progress and avoid falling into the trap where we are settling for things being less than what we know they can be.

It’s like one of my favorite quotes by Nelson Mandela reminds us -

“There is no passion in playing small or settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” 

The Possibility of Today: Asking Yourself the Right Question

1. Take time today and find your answer to the question: What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

2. Align your day with your answer. Figure out what you can do today (and every today that follows) to take another step toward what you truly want. It doesn’t have to be big … baby steps taken consistently every day will get you there. “It doesn’t matter how slow you go… as long as you go.”

Live Today Better Than Yesterday.

Check out the latest radio episode of Possibility of Today: One Important Question to Ask Yourself Today

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5 Simple But Powerful Things To Keep Top Of Mind Today (Part #14)

“It might take a year. It might take a day. But, what’s meant to be will always find a way.”

Haven’t you noticed that sometimes the simplest things can catch our attention and leave us with the perfect takeaway message we needed to hear? Something in us shifts and we have a moment of clarity. We recognize our Truth and know we are meant to believe and trust in what we’ve always felt deep down.

It’s not that we didn’t know … it’s just that we needed a reminder.

If we are open and listening, the perfect messages always come at the perfect time. They guide us in the direction we need to go and provide us with any reassurances we may be looking for.

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37 Things That Are “Okay To Do” Even If Other People Tell You They Are Wrong


Have you noticed how sometimes you can doubt yourself or someone will say something that makes you question a decision you’ve made?

It’s easy to let the things other people say cast a shadow of doubt on decisions and things we know deep down are really right for us. 

In the past, there were too many times I reconsidered or decided not to do something just because of what other people said. There were even other times where I got in my own way and convinced myself to not go after something because of my own doubts.

But, you live and learn …

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