Improve all your relationships

“I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.”
— Maya Angelou

Take the high road and send love

My friend and I were on a Zoom call the other day catching up. She was telling me about one of her co-workers that was being so rude and driving her crazy. She said her new practice was to take the high road and send her co-worker love. What a great practice…but, of course it’s not always the easiest thing to do.

Have you ever come across someone that tests your patience and tolerance because they can’t seem to behave appropriately? It really can push you to your limits if you let it.

Tell me about it

That’s why this golden nugget of wisdom from Maya Angelou to choose to respond with an open heart, is such a good reminder.

It’s easy to fall into the trap where we let challenging people pull us down to their level. Before we even realize it, we can get worked up and feel the impact of getting sucked into other people’s negativity and bad behavior.

But, there's a better way

This week’s wisdom serves as a good reminder that every time we respond with an open heart, we end up in a much better place.

And, this wisdom applies to so many other situations. We can count on experiencing benefits each and every time we choose to respond with an open heart.

When else are there benefits?

When we keep our heart open and believe in our dreams instead of listening to the Chief Negativity Officer in our mind, its doubts, and limiting beliefs. 

When we make the little decisions and the big decisions with an open heart. We let our faith and trust outshine our fears. 

When we listen to others and respond with an open heart and compassion, even if we disagree and think they’re wrong. 

Every single time you let your heart lead the way, the benefits are enormous…even if it takes some time to see them.

But, are there really benefits?

Yes, whenever you decide something with an open heart…

You end up making the wisest decisions that create the best results. You’re able to stay grounded and maintain your peace of mind.

Kindness, compassion and empathy naturally increase and you experience the benefits of staying in touch with who you really are.

Life flows better.

Choose the Change

Since many of us have already signed up to Choose the change this month, integrating this wisdom is really helpful.

We don’t want any negativity, frustration, anger or any other negative emotions to get in the way of our next chapter and what’s possible. You’re accomplishing big things this year and taking significant steps forward.

Lean into the practice of letting your open heart be your True North.

The Practice of the Day

(1) Morning Alignment. Take 3-5 minutes every morning and remind yourself before you start the day that you’re choosing to respond to everything with an open heart. 

(2) Your #1 Focus. Make it a top priority to respond to all situations and people with an open heart. Keep it top of mind and decide it’s going to be something you focus on practicing and doing every single day.

(3) Amplify Love. Throughout the day, continually say the word “Love” to yourself quietly. It’s amazing how repeating this word over and over again keeps your best energy flowing. It also helps you stay anchored in the best mindset and makes it much easier and natural to let your heart lead the way.

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